Garden swing — not childish entertainment


Swings in the garden are not necessarily child’s play. Measured swaying under the canopy of trees relaxes, calms and immerses adults in the house into a state of peace of mind.

And with the modern rhythm of life, such a simple element of achieving quick relaxation in the yard is simply necessary.

It is worth noting that there are a lot of options for garden swings: from single planks, familiar to us from childhood, to two or three-seat benches with comfortable armrests and backs.

Actually, the design of the swing itself is far of secondary importance, but the design, or rather its proportions, are paramount. For ease of perception, I will consider specific examples and “take apart in parts” their advantages and disadvantages.


For a playground in the garden, the good old version of the plank on two ropes is quite suitable. It is important to make reliable supports and choose a strong cable. Although there are mobile variations with A-pillars, I recommend sticking with two poles dug into the ground.

In order for such a swing to serve for a long time and “grow” with your children, select a beam with a section of 150 x 150 mm and bury it in the ground by ¼ of the length, but not less than 80 cm. That is, if the height of the swing in finished form, for example, 210 cm, then you should order a beam with a length of 210 +80 = 290 cm.

For the longest time, a pillar made of larch, oak, mulberry, and acacia will stand in the ground. But rather dense plum wood, alas, will rot faster than much less dense pine. And birch is not at all suitable for such purposes.

How to make a protective treatment of wood you can read in this article.

The next important point is the fastening of the cable to the crossbar. You can just make loops, but this option is more suitable for adult swings with low swing loads (read: “friction”). For children’s swings, through fastenings on carabiners or rings are more reliable.

If we talk about the swing from the top photo, then everything is correctly “worked out”. Including the fastening of the horizontal crossbar to the vertical posts. In cross section, it looks like the diagram on the right.


Well, now back from childhood to the realities of adulthood. These swings have slightly different requirements. Since the swing amplitude here is quite small, the supports may well be less monumental, for example, A-shaped posts made of wooden beams or metal pipes. Another good option is to attach cables to a horizontally located tree branch, if its thickness inspires a sense of security 🙂

The second distinguishing feature is the presence of a back and armrests, which creates comfort for the vacationer.

In garden swings for adults, one of the most important points is ROPE FASTENING to the seat. Despite the fact that the photo on the right looks pretty and tempting, resting on such a hanging bench is rather doubtful.

No, it’s not about the comfort of the seat (a heap of soft pillows levels out all the «hard» moments), the problem is the improper fastening of the cables. Look carefully: they are simply threaded through the rings attached to the bottom of the seat. Now imagine that you sat down on such a bench and leaned on the back. In the next second, according to all the inexorable laws of physics, the swing seat will simply tip over.

To avoid this, each rope separately must be rigidly fixed to the ring. And one more thing: given the large weight of the seat itself, the height of its backrest and the mass of vacationers, the rear cables should be fixed at least to the upper point of the backrest and, preferably, in the lower part of the seat at the same time.

CABLE choose yacht, it can be found in the relevant departments of building supermarkets. Reliable carabiners and other attachments can be found in the same department.

More decorativecertainly, looks Manila rope is thick and twisted, but should be periodically inspected for abrasion.

You can also use a metal chain as a cable. This option will give the garden swing a more modern sound.

BOARD THICKNESS for seating 30 mm. This is enough to maintain structural rigidity and ease of assembly. This thickness will allow you to assemble the bench without additional intermediate fastening elements — only a board, a screwdriver and self-tapping screws.

Wood species — any available, because it will be painted, which means it will be protected from external factors.


You can make this option out of wood by reducing the size of the large seats to a single seat. Therefore, we will not repeat ourselves and consider another option based on a metal frame.

The presence of a welding machine and the ability to handle it will help you do something similar to what is shown in the photo side.

In this case, this is a forged version, but forging can be simulated with a bent rod with a section of 8 mm.

Decorative elements can be purchased ready-made — all that remains is to connect them.

A more comfortable and wider seat is made from one rim (photo on the left).

It is necessary to order (weld) a circle (diameter 90-110 cm) from reinforcement (section 15 mm).

Chains are welded to it in four places.

And then it’s up to skillful hands who have the skills of weaving macrame.

And even if you don’t know how to “pervert” over the rope like that, you can get by with a decorative manila rope. It is enough just to weld the ears under it.

In the design, it is important to correctly distribute the load, clarify the attachment points and make the base grid for a round mattress.

Schematically, everything looks like this:

The fastening of the cables in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe seat is done at a distance of about 65-75 cm (this is more than enough to comfortably accommodate a vacationer between them).

The cables in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe «back» are fixed at a distance of 40-50 cm and the length of the rope is chosen 50-60 centimeters shorter.

In order to minimize the load on the attachment points of the mattress to the rim, a frame mesh is made under it from two or three wide crossed ribbons, fixed to each other at the intersections.

Such a chair will be comfortable only if the braid of the frame sags and will not be able to move along the ring. Therefore, the attachment points of the strips are located immediately above the attachment points of the ropes.

But on the supports for the hammock it is worth focusing your attention. They must be super stable:

  • a hammock is placed between two trees,
  • between the vertical posts (roof supports) of the veranda,
  • between two pillars, securely and deeply dug into the ground.
The distance between the supports should create a sufficient degree of sagging of the floorotna, which means to be 1/5 -1/4 less than its length from one mounting ring to another. When there is no suitable size, the hammock is “lengthened” with an additional rope (see photo below).


Among us lives a whole cohort of lovers to take a nap under the open sky. And it is for them that swing beds were invented.

Actually, nothing new was invented — these are the same swing-board, only with the dimensions of a berth.

A distinctive feature of this design is the minimum swing amplitude. and therefore, the upper fastening of the ropes is bred as far as possible.

Such an impromptu bed can rest on a thick branch, beams under the roof of the terrace, and even on four pillars.

Primary requirements:

  • the support must be designed for the expected load (weight of the bed and sleepers),
  • the fastening of the ropes to the bed is preferably through to the lowest load-bearing elements (beams on which the board is laid),
  • board thickness not less than 30 mm.


These swings are nestled under the roof of the terrace.

The best place for a short break is not worth looking for…

Pillows and blankets will always be protected from rain, however, like vacationers 🙂

The photo on the right shows the same “story” as at the beginning of the article: if the rope closest to the back is not additionally fixed at the top point of the side rack, then the bench may tip over.

As for the design, white against the background of garden greenery is a proven and effective solution for a garden in any style.

The photo shows a home version of a swing that plays the role of a sofa. but why not move this «furniture» into the garden?

Swings, very similar to those benches that stand in our parks. Well, so what? But a very comfortable and reliable design.

Two rings, four ropes, macrame — and vo-a-la, a comfortable swing chair is ready.

The photo above shows half a hammock, or rather a small hammock, tied to only one plank.

And here you can better see how this design is made.

A familiar construction from a ring, only the ropes are covered with a tent and their length is almost the same.

Lovers of «domesticating» everything bought will love this idea of ​​​​a quick and easy transformation of a hammock into an open-air summer bedroom: a light crochet bedspread. a couple of pillows and, as they say, pleasant dreams …

And this is a much more comfortable place for an afternoon nap. And the place for him is the most suitable — under the roof of the terrace, and the size is what you need 🙂

Another hammock that is extremely easy to make yourself: two strong solid wood slats, two holes on each edge and a canvas with a double drawstring. The double option was chosen for a reason: this minimizes the contraction of the canvas along the rope to the center.

And for the execution of these wooden swings, you will need moisture-resistant plywood and three templates: arched (two sizes) with grooves for fastening and omega-shaped (also with grooves).

The assembly is carried out without a single nail, the main thing is that the grooves are sawn accurately and fit tightly together.

The principle of the «lock» operation is the same as in the design of the compost bin in the photo on the right, except that the grooves are cut deeper.

Well, a very beautiful version of a garden swing: A metal frame and a basket of vines. Such a cozy nest…

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