How to build a cellar with your own hands

How to build a cellar with your own hands

Build a cellar with your own hands

The cellar is considered a mandatory building for every owner of a piece of land. Here, the necessary temperature regime is kept for a whole year to preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables, canned preparations. Everyone can build a cellar with their own hands, even professional knowledge and skills are not required.

How to build a cellar with your own hands.

It is necessary to evaluate the selected area for construction. It is best to place the future building on an elevated site: a hill, a hillock. Ground water will pass far enough from the surface of the earth. Also, falling into the cellar of natural precipitation is reduced. You can save a lot on the purchase of additional materials for waterproofing.

Often a cellar is built next to the house so that it can be easily reached in bad weather.

For the construction of the cellar, you will need the following tools and building materials:

  1. Ruberoid;
  2. Rack sand;
  3. Lattice for reinforcement;
  4. Crushed stone, gravel;
  5. Clay solution;
  6. Concrete;
  7. Cement;
  8. Bitumen;
  9. bricks;
  10. Wooden boards for framing.

The construction of a cellar with a recessed base begins with digging a hole. Clear the area of ​​all stones, construction debris, plants. Apply markings in the corners, then dig a pit. With a shovel, level the walls of the pit, scrape off excess earth so that they are even. Tamp the bottom tightly, fill with a mixture of sand and gravel.

Build a cellar with your own hands

Use a clay solution to screed the floor. In order to increase the strength of the foundation, and ensure good insulation of the building from groundwater, the bin is additionally strengthened with concrete. Prepare a solution of sand and concrete in advance in the correct proportions. When the clay foundation dries, it can be poured with a mixture of concrete with a volume of 50 mm. Level the surface, leave to harden.

Construction and waterproofing of cellar walls

Prepare the base of the cellar for masonry. Leave to dry.

It is better to build walls from the corner where the door will be provided. It is better to place the bricks in a checkerboard pattern. When laying, each brick should be tapped with a trowel handle to get rid of excess mortar, adhesion of materials.

Build a cellar with your own hands

Each new row is checked for evenness using a professional level.

The resulting cracks between the brickwork and the wall can be filled with a clay solution. The walls of the cellar should dry, harden in a week.

Waterproofing for cellar walls can be made of roll insulators, bituminous mastic.

Then install a concrete floor and wait another week.

Install an air ventilation system in the cellar, conduct electricity.

When all the installation work on the construction of the cellar is completed, you can proceed to the internal arrangement.

Own cellar allows you to keep vegetables and fruits fresh and healthy for a long time.

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