How to build a pond with your own hands — All about repair

How to build a pond with your own hands

How to build a pond with your own hands


  1. Reservoir options
  2. Pond from the finished mold
  3. PVC film pond
  4. Pond Care

Home improvement should be fun. The most beautiful place in the garden can be a small pond with a variety of plants around. Many gardeners dream of a small pond, because the water has a calming effect. So, how to build a pond with your own hands?

To begin with, a place is selected for the pond: it should be a well-lit area, but at the same time not be in the open sun all day and not be constantly under the shade of trees. Trees located in close proximity to the pond being installed can also harm: the roots of the trees to the bottom of the pond, and the leaves to clog the pond itself. And you also need to rely on the fact that the pond will consist of several levels: shallow water (for coastal plants), medium depth (for plants growing in water), and main depth (for fish).

Reservoir options

Currently, there are two options for installing a pond on the site. The first option is a finished form made of plastic or fiberglass. This is the easiest option. The second option is more labor-intensive and requires more effort; it is constructed using a PVC film.

Pond from the finished mold

First you need to dig a pit in which the finished pond will be installed. The resulting empty space between the pit and the mold must be covered with sand or earth.

Plants are then planted in levels and around the pond, and only after that the pond is filled with water.

PVC film pond

First, the boundaries of the pond on the ground are outlined. A pit is dug, taking into account all levels, and a trench around the pit, for laying and fixing a film in it. Between the trench and the pond, you can make a small embankment and thus raise the coastal line so that the earth does not crumble into the pond in the future. Sand is laid on the bottom and levels, carefully compacted. Ruberoid is carefully laid on the sand, and only after that the PVC film is laid.

The laying of the film is carried out freely so that when filled with water it can stretch over the entire surface of the pit. The ends of the film on the shore are fixed with stones. The pond is filled with water and settled for 24 hours.

After the expiration of the day, the cut of the film is laid in a trench and covered with rubble, if necessary, cut off a little. From above, crushed stone is laid with decorative stones. At the levels of the pond, prepared plants are displayed, which must be planted in special containers. Plants are also planted around the pond. The pond is ready.

Pond Care

— it is necessary to remove the leaves from the trees that have fallen into it;

— add water;

— transfer plants from the pond to the house for the winter, and also remove drying leaves during the summer;

— to clean the pond from the formed silt, it is easier to do in winter (the ice breaks and is taken out along with the silt).

Building a pond is not an easy task, but it is quite doable. You can learn everything by trial and error, and as a result, build a heavenly place where you can gain strength and energy to implement other conceived ideas and plans.