How to choose a model for the types of pools?

How to choose a model for the types of pools?

How to choose a model for the types of pools?Having evaluated the ready-made solution for a pool water treatment project, when choosing, comparing the proposed standard assembly options installed in open, closed areas, it is important to remember that this type of structure can be both a skimmer (with an upper intake of a water layer) and an overflow type.

If you need to choose from the current range of catalogs, using the updated company portfolio form, the best assembly option for a particular object, it is essential to call a measurer in advance. Having discussed with the master the most advantageous configuration options, specifying the dimensions of the bowl on a turnkey basis, it is worth deciding on the timing of the execution of a specific application, decor.

What to pay attention to first of all?

In order not to miscalculate in a particular case, experts in an operational solution, comprehensive preparation for the construction of an ergonomic pool advise:

  1. Clarify the location of the receptacle — on the street, indoors.
  2. Decide on the optimal volume, acceptable shape, because you can order not only a rectangular, round configuration, but also more complex design and construction solutions in arranging playgrounds for children and adults.
  3. Specify in the parameters the dimensions of the model, including the maximum / minimum depth.
  4. Keep a specific focus on the preferences of the owner of the commercial or private site, as well as specific requests for the selection of barriers for the installation of a waterproofing / protection layer.
  5. Take into account the peculiarities of the landscape design of the adjacent territory in order to fit into the environment as harmoniously as possible, without causing an unpleasant feeling of discomfort or inappropriateness of the structures under construction.

In addition to the fact that the heating of cool water to supply volume to the bowl can be carried out using electric heaters, when arranging the pool, it is also customary to use mounted heat exchangers (from the boiler).

Specifics of pool finishing and equipment used

According to the type of standard surface finish, which is used as a stylish surface design, it is customary to distinguish by materials:

  • mosaic;
  • tile;
  • film.

Depending on the limited budget for the construction of this kind of water tanks, it is possible to use not only ladders to board and spot / general lighting, but also universal systems / stations: dosing, filtration, ozonation, water treatment / purification of volumes.

Among the additional equipment, not only blinds, underwater simulators are used, but also waterproof ones: speakers, slides, jump boards, waterfalls, hydro massagers, countercurrents and artificial geysers.

For the active operation of public, private facilities, it is ideal to use models with built-in water filters. It will be justified to order the construction of a swimming pool online from reliable companies with a full turnkey cycle of work, from design to construction with delivery.