How to get a building plan?

How to get a building plan?

How to get a building plan?Construction involves not only the construction of a building object from scratch, but also its reconstruction, extension or superstructure. Both in the case of an extension and a superstructure, the useful area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe building and its volume increase. The only difference is that with the add-on, the construction area of ​​the building also increases (that is, we additionally occupy some part of the land), and with the add-on, it remains unchanged. It should be noted that if you are interested in the technical plan of the building, we recommend visiting the following site —

Local plan or building conditions

When we decide to expand a home, the first step is to determine if the community has a Local Spatial Development Plan (MPZP) covering the lot where the building is located. If this is so, it is a simple matter, because it is the local plan that contains the conditions for the formation of buildings, including the possibility of increasing the house.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply to the commune for an extract and an extract from the local development plan. The administrative body is not entitled to refuse to issue them, regardless of the purpose for which the applicant intends to use the document.

If there is no local development plan in the area of ​​interest to us, we must apply to the commune for a decision on the development conditions. Typically, municipal offices provide templates for such applications on their websites, which can be supplemented with a description of the planned expansion and indication of the parameters of the target house.

Expansion project

Once the commune has determined the development conditions (or reviewed the local plan), you can proceed to the next step, i.e. preparing the expansion project. The project must be carried out by a person who has a building qualification for design and is listed as a member of the chamber of professional self-government. He must adapt the new solutions to the existing structure of the building and the planning requirements of the commune.

The technical description, which is an integral part of the project, must be accompanied by a so-called geotechnical report describing the soil conditions at the site and the possibility of laying the object, and, if necessary, the corresponding technical expertise with the results of engineering and geological surveys. This need is due to the fact that due to the intensive development of infrastructure, we often deal with the laying of objects in areas with unfavorable engineering and geological conditions.