How to inexpensively make a fence from pallets with your own hands

How to inexpensively make a fence from pallets with your own handsHow to inexpensively make a fence from pallets with your own hands

There are a lot of options on how to build fences in a private house. You can make a high-quality fence for a country house with your own hands, and at the same time, it does not require huge financial investments at all, and because of this, there is always a chance to choose material at more affordable prices.

For example, it can be pallets or pallets, which, as a rule, are used to transport large and heavy loads.

As a rule, they are made from larch, which is a reliable and durable type of wood, which makes pallets much more attractive as a material for building a wood fence. So, let’s take a closer look at how to make a fence from pallets with your own hands.

Advantages of wooden pallet fences

If compared with analogues, then a fence made of pallets or pallets does not yet have any tangible drawbacks, but there are a lot of advantages:

  1. Wooden pallets, which will be used as the main material in construction, are produced in accordance with GOST, which, with the right choice, guarantees their long service life, which has been tested for reliability and environmental safety.
  2. If you protect the fence from decay and other aggressive environmental factors, then such a design is very reliable and durable.
  3. A small level of budget, which will be important in order to make a high-quality fence from pallets with your own hands. Pallets are sometimes even made for free, but even if you need to buy them, the price of such material is very low.
  4. The lack of specialized skills, knowledge and skills will not become a hindrance, and therefore such a pallet fence, or pallet-type fences, is easy to build according to the appropriate instructions, which will be given below. It only requires your desire to build something with your own hands.
  5. To make such a design for a country house from pallets, you do not need to put in a lot of work, and the time spent will also be minimal.
  6. Pallets are made according to certain standards, and therefore, despite the fact that their dimensions can sometimes differ, they will not go beyond the marked ones, which will simplify the required calculations during the construction process.

Next, let’s talk about how to choose the material for the fence.


How to choose the right material for manufacturing

The price of such a fence made of pallets will directly depend only on the dimensions of the suburban area. Depending on this, it is required to make a choice of wooden material that will be used to build such a fence with your own hands. The pallet structure can be made using pallets of the following sizes:

  • 0.8*1*0.15 meters.
  • 0.8*1.2*0.15 meters.
  • 1*1.2*0.15 meters.
  • 1.2*1.6*0.15 meters.
  • 1.2*1.8*0.15 meters.

Consider the preparation process.

Preparatory stage

Before starting the construction of a pallet fence, it is required to prepare all the necessary materials and tools.

For the construction of a country fence you will need:

  1. If you protect the fence from decay and other aggressive environmental factorsDirectly wooden pallets, which will act as the main building material.
  2. Beams for support — in their role, you can use massive poles made of wood with a rectangular section of 10 * 10 cm. It is important that the selected beams are strong and can also withstand the structural mass.
  3. Concrete mortar — to create a mortar with your own hands, you need to stock up on cement and sand.
  4. Screws and self-tapping screws.
  5. Screwdrivers or screwdriver.
  6. Building level to check the horizontalness of the constructed structure.
  7. Crushed stone, which is required in order to give strength to the constructed fence.
  8. Depending on the specifics and features of the proposed design, a saw may be needed during construction.
  9. A special antiseptic, which is important to cover the finished fence in order to protect it from the aggressive effects of adverse weather conditions.
  10. A paintwork material that will be the same as that of an antiseptic, and in addition to that, it gives the fence a pleasant and well-groomed look.

Move on to the construction phase.

Fence erection

Let’s see how to make a wooden pallet fence. When all the preparatory work is completed and all the required materials are prepared, you can go directly to the construction process:

  • First you need to place the perimeter along which the fence will be erected.
  • It is required to mark all the places on the ground where the installation of supporting pillars for the fence will be made.
  • Depending on the soil characteristics on the site, even auxiliary measures may be needed to give the structure strength, and also to increase the service life. For example, if the soil is mostly clay, then you will need to carefully consider the arrangement of the drainage ditch.
  • In places that are marked for the installation of support type poles, holes must be dug for their installation. At the bottom of the resulting hole, pour crushed stone.
  • Laying waterproofing is optional, but it is prudent to do it anyway in order to avoid direct contact between the soil and the material, which after a while can cause rotting and damage to the tree. It is required to place a roofing material at the bottom, and also wrap it around the supporting part that will be in the ground.
  • Using the building level, you need to make sure that all the pillars of the supports have been placed exactly. If this is confirmed, then it will be possible to start concrete pillars.
  • After 100% hardening of the concrete pour, it is desirable to additionally strengthen the support beams again with crushed stone.
  • After that, you can proceed directly to the stacking of pallets. It is recommended to place pallets in a checkerboard pattern on opposite sides of the support-type beams. Fastening is best done with self-tapping screws or even screws.
  • Next, you need to check if moisture gets inside the support beams. If the fears are confirmed, then this fence will stand for 1-2 years at best, since after the first cold weather the water inside will begin to freeze and destroy the pillars. To avoid this, the pillars should be covered with something from above. The role of the simplest protection can be a metal can from under the paintwork material, dressed on a pole. But using your own imagination and capabilities, you can find other, better ways to protect the support from destruction.
  • When the fence is ready, it needs to be treated with special antiseptics of a water-repellent type, which reliably protects the structure from moisture.
  • After drying, the structure can be left in this form, and you can also additionally paint sections and fence posts using sprayers and brushes.

It should be remembered that pallets are able to withstand a load of 1 ton. For this reason, it should be taken into account that if not new pallets are used during construction, but previously used pallets, then the degree of load that they can withstand will be much less. Your attention is presented to the most common and popular method of building from pallets, but there is another, alternative, for which a slightly different technology is used.

You know how to make a fence out of pallets with your own hands, but at the expense of changes, they will only touch on the first stages at which the support pillars will be installed, but it will consist in the fact that you will not need to dig holes, but a trench around the entire perimeter of the house. If you make a choice in favor of this method, then when installing the pallets, they need to be placed not in a checkerboard pattern, but close to each other, and for reliability, additionally fastened with self-tapping screws or screws.

Decorative design of the fence

When painting a fence, you can give complete freedom to your imagination. The fence does not have to be painted in one color at all, you can make a multi-color or two-color structure. At the moment, there are many decorative ornaments or stencils that can still be used to turn a do-it-yourself fence into not just a protective type structure, but also into a beautiful design element on the site. A pallet fence has a certain nuance — it will be somewhat problematic to make such a design visually beautiful even with a wide range of decorative elements and a competent approach to such a process.

For site owners who pay a lot of attention to the elegance of buildings and the aesthetic type component, there is another construction option. It will take more effort and time spent, but this fence will look much more beautiful outwardly. In this case, build not from solid pallets, but from such elements.

Step by step it looks like this:

  1. Pallets made of wood, which will be used as the main material in the constructionPallets must be disassembled very carefully so that the boards are not damaged. To do this, it is best to use nail pullers when separating the boards from the crossbars.
  2. If, due to the technical features of the nails used to create pallets, it will be difficult to cope with a nail puller, then an angle grinder will come to the rescue, with which you can simply cut nails. For this, an ax is also used, through which special “checkers” are split, which fasten the main pallets and flooring. It is the upper part of the pallet design, and it is it that is used for the construction of the described fence.
  3. The blanks received from the pallet are laid vertically, and horizontally they will be fastened with boards using nails. So, one section of the fence is obtained, and this order must be repeated until the required number of sections is ready.
  4. Support beams are made and installed in the same way as for non-separable type pallet fences.
  5. Prepared sections are fixed with self-tapping screws to the support beams.
  6. After the installation of the fence is completed, it can be covered with an antiseptic and painted.

Studying both detailed instructions, we can conclude that the installation of such fences is not just a creative solution, an unusual choice, but also an excellent way to save a lot on the construction of a solid fence for a summer cottage.