How to make a country house with an attic and a veranda with your own hands? Project ideas +Video

Two-storey country houseThe desire to reduce the expenditure of the family budget on building a house, land owners choose universal country houses with an attic. Firstly, it allows you to save space, and secondly, to make the building more presentable in appearance. The remaining area near the house can be decorated at your discretion. There are many ways to do this, landscape design is considered the most popular.

The attic has a number of advantages over a full-fledged second floor, which make it such an attractive structural element of the building. Thus, you can save money on heating, reduce spending on building materials.

This will save you from having to build an attic above the second floor, since the attic can also perform this function.

Building materials for the attic

Country houses are built from various building materials, but the most popular in our time are:

Designing a house with an attic in the country

The superstructure in the form of an attic does not belong to a separate floor, in connection with this, projects of houses on a summer cottage are created with one or two floors. Most often, preference is given to one-story houses over which there is an attic with a sloping roof. It is used for various purposes. Here you can place a rest room, a warehouse for various tools, a dressing room, etc. given that the attic is not considered the second floor, such houses are registered as one-story

The structural features of the attic make it possible to start construction not simultaneously with the first floor, but much later, if necessary. This is explained by the fact that in order to begin the construction of a full-fledged second floor, it is necessary to carry out additional calculations of the load on the foundation in order to understand whether it will withstand or not. In the case of a dacha project with an attic, it is necessary to make an additional blind area, since the hay at home will have a greater load than before.

Staircase to the atticThe entire construction process will come down to converting the attic floor into a floor, sheathing it with waterproofing material, stuffing slings and laying a high roof. All that remains is to insulate the structure, carry out finishing work and put it into operation.

From the point of view of saving money for the construction of a country house, it is worth noting that this can be done on almost everything, with the exception of windows that are mounted on the roof. Given the high-rise rise of the roof and a small attic area, you can get by with installing standard windows in the form of a trapezoid or triangle. Significant savings you will get on the walls, communication system, insulation material.

Important! When building an attic floor, great attention is paid to the ventilation system. If you want to make a bathroom upstairs, you will have to spend money on laying sewers.

In areas with elevation changes, builders recommend building houses with an attic, placing it above a solid basement. Thus, you will get an attractive-looking building, with a solid solid first floor and a wood attic on the second. The combination of beautiful appearance and practicality will appeal to many cottage owners.

As for the design of the attic in the country, the ideal choice would be the Chalet style, with its wooden beams, natural finishing materials, discreet colors. Many people like the Scandinavian style, due to its modern simplicity and sophistication at the same time. On the second attic floor, you can create a small studio with large windows for a good view.

Most often, the second floor of the house is assigned to a children’s room or bedroom, which is all convenient in the case of a large family. To minimize the load on the base of the house, drywall can be used as partitions.

The most popular are country houses 6 x 6 m with an attic. At first glance, it may seem that this is not enough. But in fact, if you approach planning with responsibility, mounting the roof at a decent height, you can achieve an expansion of the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe house up to 60 m². For a country house, this is quite enough, if it is used as a seasonal habitat. On such an area you can arrange a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a storage room, for example.

Cottage with veranda and attic

The design of a country house with an attic and a veranda differs from the options familiar to us. The results of careful calculations are included in the project of the future building, indicating the amount of material required, as well as the load on the foundation. The estimate is made at the initial stage of construction, and it is worth noting that a building of this type will cost a little more than with an attic.

As for the veranda, it can be closed or open, have a common roof with the house or be a separate building. Insulation of the attic will have a great effect on the veranda with glazing, as it will help keep warm in the winter and provide coolness in the summer heat. Subject to the construction of an open-type veranda, it is necessary to carefully develop the ceiling above it in order to avoid water penetration. The removal of the veranda beyond the perimeter of the house will expand the total area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe building.

Advice. In order to visually combine the attic with the veranda, ivy or grapes are planted. Growing, plants create a solid green wall.

The veranda is used not only for a pleasant pastime with friends and relatives. A closed room is suitable for placing various things, tools. In addition, you can build a greenhouse inside and grow your favorite plants or seedlings.

Country house with an attic from a bar

The beam is popular in small construction. This environmentally friendly material does not lose its position in the building materials market. Despite the fact that the entire finished building made of timber is lighter in weight than a brick one, it is necessary to take care of a strong and reliable foundation, taking into account the load exerted by the attic.

An excellent choice would be a profiled beam, which allows you to assemble houses like a children’s designer, thanks to the special grooves at the ends of each element.

It is recommended to purchase material to order, taking into account the peculiarities of the construction of an attic with a sloping roof. In this case, the manufacturer will prepare the material according to the provided project of the house.

Attic roof

Regardless of the size of the planned cottage, the attic room is arranged according to a single principle. Since the space is located under the roof, heat exchange processes are constantly taking place there, much more intensively than through the walls. To create an optimal microclimate, it is necessary to take care of the proper insulation of the attic of the country house and waterproofing of the roof. During the winter heating period, the currents of moist air rise up.

To improve the microcirculation of flows, they prefer a broken roof, with a complex shape.

To insulate the room, mineral wool is often used, which is laid between the rafters, and a wooden crate is made under them. It is important to ensure the absolute dryness of the material, only then can it perform its functions. To do this, foil isol or a vapor barrier film is attached to the crate. Under the overlap in the upper part, a film with a vapor-permeable function is mounted, which will ensure the evaporation of moisture from the mineral wool. At the top, a control and transverse crate is laid, on which the roof is mounted. For rafters, a bar with a section of 150 mm is used, and the crate at the bottom is laid from a board of 22 mm. We must not forget about the front corners.