How to make a gazebo in the style of a Chalet made of wood with a fireplace made of blocks with your own hands: The nuances of building on a suburban area — Projects + Video

View of the chalet style in the gazebo.  ModelChalet — This is a style that originated in the Alps, where the harsh nature contributed to the formation of the territorial features of the construction of houses. In this part of our planet, strong piercing cold winds blow, mixed with snowfalls.

In this regard, buildings in the Alpine mountains are built according to the principle of resistance to severe frosts, temperature fluctuations and snowstorms. This style has long been loved by the owners of suburban areas, so you can often find chalet-style houses and gazebos.

The construction technology of gazebos provides for the construction of a frame made of wood, while roofing materials are not used for roof sheathing. Beams and pillars of supports are painted with dark brown paintwork materials. It is these elements that create the style of the chalet.

Components of the chalet style

For decoration use natural stone, rough, unprocessed. Erect stone walls, a fireplace or vertical supports. Construction is indispensable without wood. It can be rough wooden furniture in pastel or natural shades. Bright colors are not used to create a chalet, even as decorative elements. Maximum naturalness in everything is the motto that guides the construction of Chalet gazebos.

Style creation rules

There are a number of unspoken rules for creating do-it-yourself chalet-style gazebos, guided by which, it is easy to get the desired result:

  • View of the chalet style in the gazebo.  DrawingEaves. The width should be sufficient to protect the gazebo from precipitation. The minimum width of the overhang is 1 m, if desired, more can be done.
  • Quadruple roof. A distinctive feature of chalet-style buildings is that the sloping roof is designed to hold snow on the surface. This allows you to provide additional insulation of the gazebo.
  • Bulky wooden elements. The main material for the construction of gazebos of a chalet with a barbecue is wood, so the design looks massive. Before starting the installation of the gazebo, the wooden parts are impregnated with special solutions — flame retardants and antiseptics, which prevent the development of putrefactive processes, protect the material from bark beetles, and increase fire resistance. In addition to the protective function, the substances ennoble the wood, give a beautiful shade. Most often, varnish is used for processing, which allows preserving the natural beauty of the material.
  • Sustained design. Designers insist that the Chalet style is characterized by the use of only two colors — gray and brown. This is due to the desire to make the design as close to nature as possible. Undoubtedly, such a design will harmoniously fit into the general view of a suburban area. The technique of special aging of surfaces is often used.

Advice. If you want to use brick instead of natural stone, choose a gray material.

  • Laying the floor in the gazebo. Lacquered wood or natural stone is used as a floor covering.
  • Stove or barbecue. In the gazebos of the Chalet, there is a place for installing a stove, which is also laid out of stone.
  • The place of installation of the gazebo on the site. The facade of the structure is facing east, and the space inside is facing south. Thus, throughout the day, the gazebo will be filled with light.

What can not be used when creating a Chalet?

  1. artificial materials. All plastic products — panels, double-glazed windows can completely spoil the appearance of the gazebo.
  2. Metal products and details. When building a stove or fireplace in the gazebo, use brick or stone.
  3. Painting wood in all colors of the rainbow. Naturalness is the main guideline when creating the Chalet style.
  4. Elements of modern style.

Aged surface

To achieve this effect, two effective methods are used in practice: thermal and mechanical processing. Each of the methods has positive and negative sides.

thermal finish

This is a universal method that is performed before the installation of structural elements. For its implementation, impregnations with flame retardants in the composition are used. After processing the wood, the firing process begins until the characteristic traces of a dark color appear. After completion of work, the tree is covered with a transparent varnish.

mechanical finishing

An important point is the application of the method of processing only coniferous trees. This is due to the fact that the material has a structural division into layers — old and young. When working with wood, a brush with hard bristles is used, which cleans off the young layers, leaving the old ones. As a result of processing, a clear pattern of wood is visible on the surface.

Features of erecting a gazebo in the Chalet style

The success of the construction of the building depends on the strict observance of the sequence of stages. For this, it is recommended to make a project of a gazebo Chalet, for clarity. If possible, you can create it yourself or turn to specialists. The project indicates the installation location of the structure and the exact dimensions.

Note.An excellent place for a gazebo will be a plot near the house or a combination with a terrace.

The foundation for the gazebo is set based on the characteristics of the soil on the territory, as well as the massiveness of the building. Often, a pile foundation is used, which is able to withstand the weight of the building.

View of the chalet style in the gazebo.  PhotoA prerequisite is the installation of rand beams — horizontal ligation of supports that create a tape for the base of the building. This is done to share the load. The bars are laid in this way: one is mounted in the center, the second is placed perpendicularly. Logs are fixed on the sides. The result is a structure that looks like an open umbrella with 8 corners. The form can be modified, this is affected by the design of the gazebo.

As a floor covering, a pine board is used. This material does not deform, is characterized by strength and durability.

After laying the floor, they begin to mount the supports, which are attached directly to the floor. On the pillars, the upper harness and the supporting system of the pitched roof — the rafters are fixed. In the case of the designed connection of the gazebo with the house, the transition is carried out simultaneously with the installation of the roof of the house. In some cases, the pillars are formed from stone. This allows you to make the building truly monumental.

In order to save money on the construction of the front part of the gazebo, it is recommended to replace the stone with a brick. After completion of construction, the wall is faced with natural stone or its imitation.

The formation of the roof of the gazebo is carried out by stuffing the crate. The installation step is determined by the selected roofing material. For buildings in the Chalet style, flexible tiles or similar metal tiles are used. The use of metal tiles is fully justified, since the texture of the material is not visible, but looks like 100% natural tiles.

Note. Clay tiles increase the load on the foundation of the gazebo, so it should be more massive.

Finishing in the Chalet style dictates its own rules for the interior decoration of the gazebo. In the center there is a bulky wooden table, with the same chairs or benches. In the cooking area, a stone or brick stove is installed. Inside you can see floor beams that do not need to be hidden, everything looks very organic.