How to make beautiful landscape design with flowers

How to make beautiful landscape design with flowersHow to make beautiful landscape design with flowers

There are rules of modern landscape design. One of them is based on the right combination of plants and flowers.

To make the summer cottage look attractive and well-groomed, you should choose plants, including flowers for planting, which will look harmonious with each other, thereby creating beautiful and vibrant compositions.

A well-designed area will create a great mood, and will also delight others with its unique beauty. Let’s talk about how to design the landscape design of the site.


Flowers are a rather important attribute of almost all sites. They perfectly complement the texture, and also create an unusual landscape shape, thereby giving a special tone. It is flower arrangements that are the connecting element in relation to the rest of the plants that are in the garden, and also an obligatory component of the landscape design of all summer cottages. When creating a flower garden, you can use not just flowers, but trees or shrubs. It should be remembered that a warm range of colors improves mood, and cold ones will give a feeling of peace and tranquility. When creating flower arrangements, it is recommended to take into account not just the general patterns of color perception, but also the main principles of choosing plants with their most correct combination.

How to zone a site

The first step in the design will be zoning the territory. The lawn is the best decoration. Green beautiful lawns with neatly trimmed grass will create a favorable atmosphere for relaxation. To make a lawn, grass (bluegrass, fescue or bent grass) is perfect. A pleasantly smelling flower bed can be a wonderful decoration of the site, if you choose the right flower arrangements. On a large area, voluminous flower beds look great, and on small areas, small flower beds look better. Starting landscape design, it is worth carefully inspecting the entire territory and analyzing the properties and condition of the soil. Remember that only the most functional zoning can give the site individuality and fill everything with harmony. Competent division of the territory can be done through various interesting ideas.

Plant selection

For example, a small area, which is divided into small zones, will visually enlarge the space, making it original. You can select all zones using separators in the form of supports, partitions and paths. Arranging certain places for active pastime and recreation, you can immediately begin to delimit them with flower beds, green lawns. Zoning creates unusual outlines around it, and also effectively emphasizes all the advantages and hides obvious flaws.

Plant selection

In order for the flowerbed of everything to bloom and be ennobled, it is worth choosing the plants wisely. It is worth making a choice not just by name, but also taking into account the individual properties of certain plants. Only the correct application of all the design rules makes it possible to create an original and truly beautiful site.

The most popular and sought-after colors that are actively used in landscape design include:

  1. Weaving roses are recognized as a true classic in landscape design. Their pleasant aroma and abundant color create a pleasant atmosphere for dreams and relaxation on the site. The flowers are small, due to which the composition as a whole looks aristocratic and elegant.
  2. Spray roses — look gorgeous in almost all compositions due to elegance and decorativeness. Up to 14 small flowers are placed on each branch, and the buds themselves can differ in shades and are characterized by long flowering. Their height is from 0.4 to 0.9 meters.
  3. Stock roses — if you plan to plant flowers in landscape design, then this is the best option. The flowering period lasts 3 months, July-September. They are mainly used as a high background or to create bright accents. They grow in rows or groups, due to which they attract attention even from a distance.
  4. Roses «Ali Baba» — have an increased resistance to diseases, and also perfectly adapt to all climate conditions. In care, they are unpretentious, and regular pruning is not required.
  5. Polyanthus roses are bushy plants with small flowers that reach a height of up to ½ meter and are often planted along borders, paths or lawn stalls.
  6. Floribunda roses are dense and medium-sized bushes with many flowers. The buds are tea-hybrid, terry or simple, like those of wild rose bushes. Each species blooms throughout the summer and until late autumn.
  7. Austin roses — outwardly resemble rounded bushes, and the required size can be given by pruning. Terry flowers smell strongly, and are also resistant to all kinds of diseases and other negative impact factors.
  8. Hydrangeas — differ in size and sometimes grow up to 3 meters. Bobo hydrangeas are especially beautiful, suitable for planting in pots and open ground. Their color palette is pink, white and pale lemon.
  9. Irises are perennial flowers that live up to 10 years. Especially popular are bearded irises, which are resistant to the negative effects of the environment.
  10. Phloxes — due to the abundance of shades, they can be harmoniously combined with a variety of plants. They are unpretentious, perfectly take root in all conditions, and also please with long flowering. The flowers themselves are subulate, splayed and paniculate. A refined and delicate appearance is distinguished by the Drummond variety, which blooms profusely and for a long time all summer.
  11. Peonies are chic perennials with many blooms and shapes. For planting, open ground with a sufficient level of heat from the sun is excellent. In addition to herbaceous varieties, tree-like peonies are often used, which need to be fed regularly.
  12. Aubrieta — ideal for decorating a flower bed in the foreground, because such flowers will create a beautiful flowering carpet on the surface of the soil. The range of flowers and the shape of plants differ depending on the plant variety.
  13. Gray fescue is a versatile plant, because it can create bright contrasts on the site in the form of different shapes, combinations and sizes.
  14. Siberian cedar is a powerful source of positive energy, and such a plant is most often planted near a recreation area, creating a beautiful landscape of the site.
  15. Standard trees — differ in crowns, which outwardly resemble a ball. The best options are derain, honeysuckle, rhododendron, forsythia and lilac.

All plants can be an excellent decoration of the site, creating pleasant conditions for outdoor recreation.



It is most convenient to equip the landscape design of a summer cottage with carpet plants or a “living pillow”. The appearance of plants attracts attention with volume and incomparable beauty. They differ from others in unpretentious care and beautiful flowering, which will make them in demand when decorating. This includes various types of flowers, differing from each other in the nature of flowering, shape and range of flowers.

Most Popular:

  • Loosestrife is an unpretentious plant with straight stems, along which white, yellow and pink flowers are located. The flowering process itself is long and plentiful.
  • Periwinkle — beautiful and large blue flowers, resistant to frost and adverse weather conditions. Since ancient times, it has been considered a symbol of eternal love.
  • Aubrecia is a plant with a large number of blue, purple or white flowers. The height of the bush is from 10 to 13 cm, and the flowering process lasts up to 1.5 months.
  • Lamb — blooms from May to June, and the flowers are pink, white and purple. It grows very quickly, which is why it is worth constantly trimming.
  • Veronica — its stems are 0.4 meters high, with white, bright blue, pink or blue flowers that look like a spikelet. It begins to bloom in June, and the process itself lasts up to 40 days.

Such plants grow quite quickly, thereby creating a green mass on the ground surface. When spread, the flowers suppress all weeds, and this is a huge advantage.

How to zone a site


Weaving plants are often used in modern landscape design, through which you can make beautiful compositions that serve as decoration for the home area. They are unpretentious in terms of care and perfectly adapt to all climatic features:

  1. Climbing rose — it needs to be watered often and planted in an unshaded area, and such plants will also add luxury and beauty to the area. Its delicate aroma and abundant flowering create a pleasant atmosphere and contribute to a pleasant pastime.
  2. Clematis — gives the landscape new shades, and the plant is unpretentious in terms of care, and also resistant to severe frosts.
  3. Ussuri condopsis — has a bright crimson color, and often it is planted near the supports, along which the full growth of the plant will occur.
  4. Honeysuckle — contributes to a pleasant stay due to bright flowering and amazing aroma. The plant is resistant to diseases and does not need special care.
  5. Girlish grapes — begins to bloom only when the rest of the flowers begin to fade. The range of shades is large, which makes it possible to combine it with a variety of colors.

A plot with such plants looks attractive and elegant. Moreover, through them, designers mask some of the shortcomings of the site.


This category includes those plants that easily adapt to various conditions and soil. For many years, she pleases those around her with flowering, playing the role of a living decoration of a flower bed and a piece of land as a whole.

When decorating, the following flowers are very popular:

  • Lilies are flowers with delicate buds, which are rightfully recognized as whimsical in terms of care.
  • Peonies are beautiful and lush flowers that can be the best decoration for each of the flower beds.
  • Tulips — there are many varieties that differ in color and shape.
  • Daffodils — have an increased resistance to cold, and thanks to this they tolerate frost well.
  • Bluebells — are distinguished by long flowering, which lasts until cold weather.
  • Crocuses — there are 4 types of such flowers that delight the eye with bright blooms during the spring.
  • Hyacinths — the flowering time begins in April, and the flowers have a very beautiful and noble appearance.

All of these flowers are in harmony with most other plants that are used in creating the original landscape design. They are distinguished by a powerful root system, and are also presented in a large palette of colors, which will make them relevant in creating extraordinary design solutions.

Landing pattern

Do-it-yourself landscape design arrangement should be thought out in advance, and therefore it is better to approach such a process with great responsibility. To make a beautiful flower bed, the masters strongly recommend that you follow a certain planting pattern, depending on the shape and size. In the center, it is better to plant the tallest and brightest flowers. For the middle tier, undersized perennials are perfect, which harmoniously complement the composition as a whole. All flowers should be combined with each other in colors, and therefore there should be no more than 3 shades. Rose gardens have become popular in modern design, and their presence on the site is a sign of the chic taste of the owners. A competent combination of colors will make the flower bed aesthetic and blooming. To do this, it is important to place tall flowers in the center, and plant lower ones along the edges. Looks great composition of roses, tulips, lavender, hyacinths or crocuses. The landscape design of flower beds in the form of a rockery or rock garden looks original. The scheme of the latter is a tiered structure.


Neat and beautiful areas always attract the attention of people, and also become the best decoration of the territory. Gardeners and summer residents have certain care rules, which are as follows:

  1. Pruning is the removal of damaged or dead trunks/branches.
  2. Mulching is the distribution of organic matter around plants in the form of a loose layer.
  3. Loosening is the process of loosening the soil around the root system.
  4. Top dressing — fertilizing the soil with special compounds that contribute to the full development and growth.
  5. Shelter — protection of plants from frost through specialized materials.
  6. Garter — needed to give the plants a beautiful shape, and also to strengthen the branches.
  7. Watering — necessary to create the required level of moisture.

Compliance with such care rules makes it possible to create chic flower arrangements on the site that attract attention with originality and originality.