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Dacha dacha is different, but this axiom follows, by no means, from the financial capabilities of the owners.

The key to a beautiful suburban area is the delicate taste, patience and diligence of the one who decided to transform it. And finances only solve the issue of time and personal participation in the improvement work.

Any owner can turn even a modest courtyard into a piece of paradise.

Leave room for paths and parking, and fill the rest of the space with lawn. It is much easier to take care of such landscaping than flowering mixborders and slides.

Benches, paths, gazebos do not require a stunning design, rather, on the contrary, the simpler they look, the less noticeable against the background of green splendor, and, therefore, they will definitely not “spoil” the overall picture.

Actually, there are more than enough ideas for giving on the Internet, the main thing is not just to copy what you like, but to adapt the ideas to the design style of your site.


Wipe your feet! Sorry, in the country it is necessary to paraphrase as follows: wash off the dust of the day, everyone who enters here …

It’s no secret that country chores in most cases are associated with land and physical labor.

Therefore, a shower head in order to wash the legs, arms, and maybe the whole body, at the entrance is simply necessary.

For example, I planned this in my house under construction.

It inspired me, of course, the option in the photo on the right, but I will not do a full-length shower, but just a shower head so that I can sit down, rinse my legs, shoes …

From decorative plaster and shells, you can use a spatula to create a unique relief on the wall, for example, in the living room or bedroom.

Agree, inviting professional builders to the dacha is not only not profitable, but also somehow strange: most summer residents buy plots in order to be proud of their work in retirement and enjoy what they have done 🙂

There is nothing difficult in applying decorative plaster, if you do not try to make everything perfect.

In the end, a country house is something close to nature and should look natural, made from the heart and emphatically man-made.

The kitchen attached to the country house can be supplemented with a terrace, fenced around the perimeter with a fence.

Plastering and the same decor will help to withstand everything in the same design style.

Then the building will acquire a noble completed look and no one will guess that it was built in parts.

In the photo on the right, even a container with flowers is a concrete ring painted to match the walls.

A purely Mediterranean option: an unglazed window opening from the kitchen to the terrace. With us, it can be used as a decorative niche in any wall suitable for this.

This seems to be an old technique, but it still works: a dilapidated wall, a brick, crumbling plaster …

Don’t like traditional European style? Take Mexican.

I can imagine how much work it took to lay out such a fence, however, it was worth it. The combination of bricks and boulders in a kind of dance rhythm will not leave anyone indifferent.

It is possible without boulders, but with a flower garden in the foreground …

Perhaps, during the construction of the house, these steps protruding from the wall were planned for climbing to the roof. But how good they are as shelves for flowerpots!


Someone puts barrels on the corner of the house to collect rainwater, which is very rational, especially if you only have a well and an additional amount of water will not be superfluous at all.

However, if watering the garden plot is already organized, then it is better to turn the drain into an element of garden decor and turn it into a stream. which «turns on» in rainy weather. The benefit is twofold: both water drainage from the base of the house and original garden decor.


A flower bed on a stump will no longer surprise anyone, but this element is very organic in landscape gardens, where naturalness is on the verge of abandonment.

A green roof turns into a key element of garden decor when placed on a low building: a tool shed, a pet house.


A picnic is the most enjoyable activity in the countryside. Therefore, it should be designed accordingly. Well, after taking all the goodies

laid to sleep in the fresh air.



So I looked at this photo and … planted three pines in my yard.

In 10-15 years, I will have almost the same podium, replacing both a bench and a deck chair.

A chair with armrests or a small chair in a knitted cover looks just like a country house 🙂

Dry driftwood is just a godsend for the skillful hands of the master. From them you can make a lot of exclusive items. Just don’t concentrate them in one place, so that they don’t lose their charm.

You can write whole opuses about pallets (pallets). They are no longer perceived as purely warehouse items.

Garden sculptures are a favorite element of summer residents, however, not everyone is an admirer of funny figures made of plaster and polymer. Perhaps you would like a more sophisticated decor made of stone, iron and concrete? Then click on this link.

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