Kopyten — decorate the parterre in the shade



There is such a category of plants that are little known and inconspicuous in their natural habitat, but as soon as they are placed in the garden, they immediately bloom (literally or figuratively) and show all their hidden «talents».

Kopyten, he is azarum, one of them. Distributed throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and beyond. Settles in moist shady places, mainly in coniferous and mixed forests. It has varieties, but with us, you will often find an evergreen species — a European one.

It is easy to recognize the azarum: the leaves are heart-shaped (resembling a hoof) or spear-shaped, long-leaved, forming a creeping carpet on the ground, less often curtains.

The European hoof, beloved by gardeners, has leathery dense leaves of rich green color.


european hoof

Azarum european (Asarum europaeum)

  • Habitat: throughout Europe and in the south of Western Siberia.
  • Color spectrum: dark green glossy leaves forming a carpet.
  • Height: up to 10 cm
  • Growing conditions: in the shade of the garden, where the soil is always moist.
  • Peculiarities: evergreen perennial with leathery reniform leaves, medicinal plant.

caudate hoof

Azarum tailed (Asarum caudatum)

  • Habitat: Western North America
  • Color spectrum: light green juicy color of foliage
  • Height: 10-15 cm.
  • Growing conditions: shade, partial shade, moist humus soils, frost resistance up to -18 Celsius.
  • Peculiarities: evergreen perennial with pubescent leaves up to 15 cm long, kidney-shaped with pointed tips, winters well under snow in the Middle lane, quickly recovers when frozen.


European hoof is a poisonous and, as it happens at the same time, medicinal plant. It causes a gag reflex in people who take alcohol (such a wonderful reaction!) and is widely used in traditional medicine. But in order to feel the negative impact on yourself, you need to at least eat it 🙂

hoof blossoms

The hoof blooms inconspicuously, under the canopy of its own leaves, but its flowers, although small, are rather entertaining.


The shady paths of the garden are best framed with an azarum border. A dense cushion will ideally shade the paving material or the mulch layer of the garden path and will not give a single chance to weeds. The relatively rapid growth of the creeping rhizome will make it possible to densely fill the space in just three to four years.

european hoof

The same feature of growth determines the use of wild hoof in the design of the near-stem zone of trees.

Small stature and high decorativeness provided the azarum with a place in the forefront of the parterre of the garden.

caudate hoof

And the hoof looks great against the background of stones.


The best and, perhaps, the only use of azarum in a mixborder is the lower tier and foreground of a shady flower garden.

hoof, hosta, khakonekhloya, nippon boletus (fern)


Due to the inaccessibility of collecting seeds and the rapid spread of the rhizome, the hoof is propagated in the most easily accessible way — by dividing the bush. A part of the root with young individuals is simply cut off from the mother plant.

hoof, reproduction

The hoof transfers easily, however, at first it needs watering. In the dry season, this ground cover should also be provided with water procedures (sprinkling in the evening).

The growth rate of a new rhizome is about 6-9 cm (moreover, in different directions). Therefore, the planting density with the calculation of updating the mixborder (usually once every 4 years) is about 30-40 cm.

The procedure is carried out in spring or early autumn.

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