Krasivoplodnik — gentle and surprisingly beautiful


In fact, this shrub of incredible decorativeness is a heat-loving exotic born in China.

However, in the climate of Ukraine, it is quite possible to grow it, provided that the landing site is properly selected.

And a place for kalikarpa (another name of this shrub) is chosen on the south side of the buildings. Necessarily protected from the wind and well lit.

He loves the beautiful fruit and the sun and well-permeable humus soils.

No low-lying places and dense plantings. This plant needs space and lack of moisture stagnation.

It blooms in late summer with pale lilac inflorescences-umbrellas.

The peak of decorativeness of this charm falls on autumn, when the foliage is still holding, but the branches are already studded with clusters of purple leaves.

By winter, the leaves fall off and thin branches appear in a new image, like threads studded with amethysts.

The berries of the beautiful fruit are unattractive for birds, because they are bony and there is little juice in them, the same property allows them to persist until spring.


In fact, there are 172 types of kalikarpa, however, it is popular and only one can be purchased from us. He has several varieties that, in my opinion, are equally great.

beautiful fruit bodysuit (Callicarpa bodinieri)

  • Habitat: China.
  • Flowering period: July August.
  • Color spectrum: soft purple flowers.
  • Height: 2-3 m.
  • Growing conditions: a sunny, wind-protected place, permeable soils, it is advisable to bend down young bushes for the winter and cover them.
  • Peculiarities: fruits ripen in September-October, may freeze in severe winters, however, will quickly recover in the spring.


In order for fruits to set on a beautiful bush, cross-pollination is required. Therefore, be sure to plant two copies of this plant side by side. The more bushes, the larger the berries.

In spring, the plant needs pruning: dry and old branches are removed, 5-6 young and strong shoots are left on the bush.


Considering the heat-loving properties of calicarpa, in areas with a harsh climate, it is grown as a tub plant, since the peculiarities of the root system contribute to this. It is perfectly cultivated in a container and winters with pleasure on a veranda or in a winter garden.

In summer, such a plant has a place in the garden or on the terrace.

Where the climate is mild, the beautiful fruit can be planted in the ground, even if it freezes, the probability of recovering is very high. For safety net, the bush can be bent to the ground and covered for the winter, but you can not do this. However, in the case of a young plant, it is necessary to cover. The older the bush, the higher the frost resistance.

A place for a ground calicarpa on a lawn, in mixes, surrounded by their own kind or other bright plants.


Only a bright contrast: surrounded by beautiful fruits, plants with purple and bright green foliage should be planted (barberries, puzercarp, variegated euonymus, red maples), as well as plants with white accents (white turf, flamingo maple, snowberry, willow).

The lower tier can be represented by plants with silvery foliage (Chistets, Bieberstein’s chick).


There are three ways of reproduction of the beautiful fruit: seeds, cuttings, layering.

Seeds are stratified in March in the refrigerator, in April they are sown in open ground under agrofibre. Before sowing, treatment with a root formation stimulator is recommended.

Cuttings are harvested in August, semi-lignified branches are cut off with internodes 10 cm long, immersed in a moistened mixture of peat and sand under a film. It is imperative to ventilate and spray the seedlings.

The easiest way is rooting layering. I dug a bent branch into the ground from spring, and a year later I received a new individual with roots.

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