Landscape design of a plot of 15 acres with a house

Peach and apricot are true southerners, but they can freeze out in the middle lane.Landscape design scheme for 15 acres of land

Millions of people cherish in their hearts the dream of moving from a city apartment to a country house for the summer.

If you are a happy owner of a plot of 15 acres, you can make an extensive residential complex, a recreation area on your territory.

At the same time, you can arrange everything with your own hands, and all that remains is to calculate and think through all the details. Consider how to arrange a landscape design for a plot of 15 acres with a house.


Consider the features of creating comfort in this area, and they consist in the fact that it is worth having a correct project of such a territory in advance. You should draw all the buildings and landings on a piece of paper in such a way as if you see them from above. The plan should indicate the main building, barbecue area, swimming pool, gazebo, hammock place, playground, beds, flower beds, paths and garden alleys. You should also supply the drawing with cardinal points — this is important in order to deal with territorial lighting in detail. There are certain rules when designing, and the home facade must necessarily face south — this way, near the house, it will be possible to achieve maximum sunlight during the day. Your project plan must comply with the logic of the buildings that will be on the site. It is worth analyzing where you have water sources, and the places of the garden and garden will depend on this. You should not plan a playground for children in the neighborhood, otherwise the kids will mess around in the mud.

You should not break gazebos, a place for a barbecue near a garage or a fence. A good rest will not work near the exhaust gases, and so that the garden on 15 acres does not get wet, but gives a rich harvest, you should not give it a place on the drain of melt and rainwater. You can reshape the relief, make artificial soil bedding. The proportions should be maintained as follows — 1/10 of the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe house, 15% of the rest of the buildings, almost the entire remaining territory (up to 70%) is a vegetable garden and a garden, and the remaining 5% are lawns and a recreation area. If you need more places to relax, you can donate a little garden or, for example, a bathhouse. It is important to start filling the site from the house, because it should be easy to get to any objects of suburban areas from it.



The layout of elements on a plot with a rectangular shape can be very different, and if you imagine that 10 * 10 meters is occupied by a house that is not located quite in the center, but slightly to the side, it is better to make a pool or a fountain in the layout plan (the center of the plot). If you follow these recommendations, you can enjoy the water body from the steps of the house or the veranda. You can put a mixborder near the main decorative object. If plants with different flowering periods are planted in the flower beds, the area near the house will guarantee a constant fragrance — from March until frost. According to experts, it is better to plant fruit trees from the gate on the site to the beauty zone. In this case, outbuildings should be correctly attributed to the opposite part of the site so that they do not give an extra shadow on the garden. Plant a garden near the buildings, but at a distance, because it does not need shade.

It will be great to cover the vegetable beds with buildings from the cold wind and drafts, placing them in the northwest of the land. It remains to build a bath in the plan (it is possible not far from the house and the fence). It is better to plant a playground and a garage in both directions so that children play as far as possible from the car. The most functional solution would be to build a garage under the house, and in the rain it will be more convenient to get into the car without going through all the lawns and wet paths. Now gazebos — everything is optional here, and you can either move them away from the house, or bring them closer. It is worth planting clematis or roses nearby, which creates a romantic aura. Sublime natures will like a small lake near the gazebo. And here is the real design plan, which is offered by specialists on an elongated plot, the size of which is 15 acres:

  1. Chokeberry is a healing option, but not everyone will like the taste.The house should be in the north, near the fence. The door of the house will open onto a large covered porch with an area of ​​9 squares, and a decorative well is located nearby. In the corner there are outbuildings and a bathhouse.
  2. Landscape design for 15 acres is such that in the south-west of the territory there is a recreation area (arbor and jasmine bushes), and next to it there is an area that is paved for barbecue.
  3. Under the playground there is a plot under the Sun, which is located opposite the place for recreation. It is covered from drafts by an outbuilding.
  4. Approximately ¼ of the area is allocated for a vegetable garden in the southeastern part of the site, and behind it so much is given over to the garden. This proportion can be easily varied to your liking.
  5. Flower beds are allocated a place under the windows, and the far fence is decorated with shade-loving plants and conifers (ferns, kupens).

Now about how to correctly select zones.

How to properly zone

Owners of territories outside the city, deciding to do without ready-made methods of designers, are forced to learn the real ABC of zoning. The fact is that they have to equip their house, garden, garden so that in the future they do not have to be redone. Zoning on a narrow/square lot is very different.

There is a certain set of conventional functional areas:

  • Beds, fruit plantations and berry fields (placed so that there is enough space for everything under the sun).
  • A place to relax in the open space.
  • Residential complex (garage, buildings and house).

Since you have a large land plot of 15 acres, you can swipe at the use of various styles in landscape design. It is worth planting more fruit trees, providing flower beds, lawns, lanterns, green walls, waterfalls and other decorative elements. Zoning will be easier for the owner of a territory with a rectangular or square shape. There is a house in the middle, and the rest of the zones will be only the imagination of the owners and compliance with the rules for growing certain crops. If the site is long and narrow, then consider not just the size, but also the shape, because it is important to achieve an ensemble that emphasizes the ideal taste of the owners in all cases. Experts believe that it is worth placing the largest possible zones on the sides of the site. For example, on one side there will be a garden, and on the other a place to relax. Large arches, shrubs, high flower beds can become borders (you should not fence additional fences).

Recommendations for the operation of an elongated section with a “gap” in the form of the letter G — a sports town or a barbecue area should be attributed to a separate site. In order for the zones to look expressive, harmonious and at the same time perform the intended functionality, it is worth adhering to such subtleties:

  1. Vertical fences will create a feeling of testons in a narrow and non-standard area, it is worth decorating them with greenery or setting them along the length of plants in tubs.
  2. The center in a narrow area should be freed in such a way that the house facade is visible on one side.
  3. It is better to decorate home corners in an unusual area for expressiveness, and you can visually expand the space with corner vertical flower beds, tall bushes, as well as tall plants in a flower bed.
  4. An incomparable effect is given by arcuate forms of landscaping in long areas during zoning, including for hanging, that is, ampelous flower beds.
  5. It is not necessary to lay a path through the entire elongated land allotment, which will make it even longer and narrower.

In the landscape design of a summer cottage of 15 acres, it is worth doing landscaping so that it is decorated.


When choosing plants for the site, you should immediately ask yourself the idea of ​​​​avoiding the mistakes made — the desire to plant everything and more. Landscaping 15 acres will be the task of laying out a large area, but not to such an extent dimensionless as to lose a sense of proportion. Enough for up to 20 fruit trees, and about a dozen more shrubs with berries. Otherwise, you can seriously spend money on seedlings, and there will be no harvest — you will need to uproot new plants from a waterlogged or darkened area. For this reason, you should weigh whether you need problem pets.

It is necessary to be extremely rigid in the choice of seedlings:

  • Sea buckthorn is a good and useful tree, but it will become boring after the first harvest. It grows rapidly, and the thorns interfere with the normal assembly of ripe berries.
  • Walnuts — tempting, but half the yard will be covered with a shadow. Walnut roots are so powerful that the ways to spoil the base. The tree is afraid of exposure to frost, and often does not tolerate cool winters.
  • Hazelnuts require almost ¼ acres, the shrub often gives rise to shoots, and pruning and proper care are also constantly needed.
  • Kalina needs no more than 1 bush, and no one eats such berries in large quantities.
  • Chokeberry is a healing option, but not everyone will like the taste.
  • Pears and apple trees make a great pair, but the pear will require a second tree for pollination.
  • Plum strongly attracts fungus and parasites.
  • Sweet cherries will not give an excellent harvest in high humidity and wet soils.
  • Peach and apricot are true southerners, but they can freeze out in the middle lane.

As for the garden, it is worth planting everything in such a way that it is convenient for you to collect vegetables and move between the beds. It is best to use the semicircle and diagonal rule (such shapes are as convenient as possible). When checking plantings, do not forget that horseradish and rhubarb should be planted as far as possible from other crops, and parsley and lettuce should be used to interleave the beds. Cabbage terribly coexists with tomatoes, cucumbers with carrots, and onions «do not get along» with beans. Ornamental plants on 15 acres should be carefully selected, and mixborders with compositions that bloom throughout the season (according to the rule of changing one plant to another), as well as unpretentious bushes and conifers (hydrangea, bulldonezh and barberry) look perfect.

Examples and photos

Photos of the landscape design of a plot of 15 acres are incredible — the design on the slope looks especially natural and romantic. You can bring to life artistic ideas for areas on high ground. Here we are talking about the skill of successfully playing up the differences in relief and winding lines.

Since there is no symmetry in landscape design and excessive geometric decoration, hillocks and ravines will look unusual in the whole picture. Slides and flower beds are made in the form of an oval, and the paths can wind and even go in a serpentine.

Sweet cherries will not give an excellent harvest in high humidity and wet soils.Plants should be planted in random order, different in saturation of inflorescences and height. In such secluded corners, small ponds, retro-style benches, overgrown gazebos and wrought iron gates organically fit in.

For 15 acres, you can also try a mixed style, and such a combination of winding and straight paths, the alternation of «cultural» and «wild» zones causes an enthusiastic perception of beauty for lovers of exotic dachas. When planning a triangular plot, you can put the house in the center, and the outbuildings will need to be mixed along one side, and the garden, flower beds and a place to relax will be “scattered” around the house. The garden will need to be content with the far corner, otherwise it will drown in the shade. Flower beds on the slopes look unusual, which spread like a carpet and attract the attention of visitors to a house outside the city.

Among the options for unusual arrangement of large areas, the arrangement of a vertical garden is popular. Perfectly refreshing are huge areas of semicircular lawns, which are edged with shrubs with a haircut in the form of balls. Ponds with low lanterns are extremely popular now, and tall evergreen hedges have proven themselves well, which can make the lost corner of an unusual site a beautiful cool place to relax in the bosom of nature.

In the last couple of years, glazed capital arbors have become fashionable, in which there are fireplaces and you can relax there for a whole year, and in summer you can admire flower beds, and in winter evergreen plantings. There are an unlimited number of design solutions in order to arrange a plot of 15 acres. It is quite possible to perform such a responsible and exciting task, obeying personal views on harmony and convenience.