Landscaping of a plot of 25 acres + photo and video

Landscaping of a plot of 25 acres + photo and videoLandscaping of a plot of 25 acres + photo and video

A small country house, located on a land plot with an area of ​​25 acres, can be considered a great place to relax with the whole family or with a group of friends.

In order to fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, as well as unwind from everyday life and everyday life, you should not only decorate your home in an original way from the inside, but also think over the design of a country plot of 25 acres.

The main task in creating the exterior is a competent choice of plantings and decorative elements that could harmoniously complement each other, and would also please with perfection.

The original design of the landscape on the site near the house

makes it possible to comfortably spend time in nature, and will also give a lot of positive emotions not only to you and your family members, but also to guests. Plan projects for creating an unusual design can be created independently or made to order.

Where to start?

Any type of planning and site improvement should begin with measurements and study of diagrams and drawings. Homestead land with such an area opens up great opportunities for the implementation of design ideas. For this reason, it is first important to decide which natural objects will be used in the design process. Landscape design should include not just various bushes, trees and plants in the flower beds, but also all kinds of figures / garden crops. Moreover, you should pay attention to the illumination of the site by the sun and the quality of the soil. The stylistic direction will also play an important role in the modification of the site. Here you need to pre-select the area and form of placement of elements. 25 acres is enough for additional building of beautiful buildings, organizing a place for recreation and planting fruit trees. To facilitate the design process, it is first recommended to draw up a project plan, include all communications and facilities in it, and then proceed to the direct zoning of the place. Depending on the relief of the site and the functional purpose of the soil, the landscape can be done in different variations.

Exclusively for relaxation

In this case, the territory is fully allocated for the recreation area. Moreover, the layout even includes a separate place for a sauna and a garage. Opposite the house, a small swimming pool and a playground will look great. As for the rest of the area, it is recommended to use it for mounting gazebos, pergolas, and also a place for an outdoor lunch hour. It should be noted that a plot of 25 acres makes it possible to equip artificial ponds, fountains and alpine slides.

For work

For work

The design project of a plot of 25 acres sometimes looks much simpler. Most residents of the city love to spend their free time growing vegetables / fruits and harvesting conservation. In such a situation, most of the land will be spent on the installation of greenhouses, as well as planting garden plants. Due to the fact that water and light are extremely important for gardening and agriculture, site owners will need to carefully consider the irrigation system. The resting place will be small and therefore you can get by with the placement of gazebos, benches and planting light flower arrangements next to them.

Universal (2 in 1) option

This design is the most popular, because it gives you the opportunity to work in the country and have a good time. On the ground, it is recommended to plant several types of fruit trees, leave room for beds with herbs and strawberries. A place to rest can be decorated with a canopy, horizontal flower beds or gazebos. Also, the project will not interfere with the presence of an artificial pond.

Rules for registration

Flowers — this will always be the best decoration for landscape design of a plot with an area of ​​​​25 acres. Regardless of whether they will grow in a flower bed or simply placed around the site in pots, the exterior will become elegant and bright. As you know, annual and perennial flowers are distinguished. Given this feature, it is worth choosing plants wisely and caring for them. To create unusual compositions on the site, it is worth using all kinds of color combinations.

Design can be done in the following ways:

  1. Mixborder. It resembles a flower bed (outwardly), which have different shapes and are installed by levels. In order for the composition to please with its excellent appearance throughout the year, it is worth choosing perennial flowers for it.
  2. Rabatka. It is a lawn where plants are placed in the form of a dense cover.
  3. Border. For decoration, annuals and even perennials are suitable. Difficult patterns and drawings can be created using aster and marigold and iberis. In order to enhance the effect, it is worth planting flowers and combining all kinds of colors with each other.

Arrangement details

For a plot of 25 acres

even vertical landscaping is perfect. It makes it possible not only to ennoble the territory, but also helps to hide the lack of aesthetics of fences, and also obscures gazebos and benches. For this type of design, climbing plants are usually used. Hops, clematis, sweet peas and grapes are very popular among them.

At the same time, in the design of a modern landscape, designers often prefer clematis, which is characterized by original shapes and rich shades. The plant will grow luxuriantly, it has dense foliage, and therefore it can be assigned the role of a living fence, and also decorate a gazebo, arches, pipes or tree trunks in a non-standard way. Moreover, clematis is often used as a green frame for rock gardens and alleys. Plants look unusually against the background of flower beds, which will create the effect of a carpet.

Exclusively for relaxation

In order to organize a comfortable stay and design a stylish landscape on a plot of land, it is necessary to place gazebos and pergolas. Such decorative items make it possible to have a great time outdoors in any weather (both rain and snow). Due to the pergola, zoning can be made between the seating area and the garden. The territory for the placement of structures should be prepared in advance, and for this, tiles are laid on the ground or a concrete foundation is created. Additionally, gazebos are decorated with hanging flower pots or climbing plants are planted nearby. It is generally recommended to place carpet and border flowers, flower beds around the perimeter. To make the view of the place of rest come out picturesque, stunted trees and an artificial pond will not interfere. A special place in landscape design is occupied by alpine slides, which can be built with your own hands. For installation, it is worth choosing the most suitable area — usually this is a noticeable place near the recreation area. Since the site is decorated with plants and a pond, special attention should be paid to drainage and lighting in the design.

Creating an alpine slide decoration includes several stages:

  • Soil preparation — you need to make a pit with a depth of at least 0.3 meters, and then pour gravel, expanded clay and bricks. The top layer must be covered with black soil.
  • Laying out decorative stones — usually granite and slate stone are chosen for this, and the design begins with the laying of large stones, and then the composition is supplemented with small elements. In this case, the rocks should be slightly covered with earth and correspond to the appearance of a real mountain landscape. At the end of the work, it is worth waiting a few weeks, and during this time the soil will sag and be evenly distributed.
  • Planting flowers.

With modern design

a plot of 25 acres with a house, stone slides called «rockeries» are widely used. Such a composition is a beautiful composition, which is laid out of one stone and decorated with plants. Rockeries, unlike alpine slides, can be placed even in a shaded place on the site. For the most spectacular type of rockeries, it is worth supplementing with a small swamp and a waterfall. Depending on the style, artificial reservoirs should be supplemented with decorative water lilies, garden figurines and figurines. On a plot of 25 acres, shrubs and fruit trees can be planted around the entire perimeter. The thuja alley looks original against the backdrop of the house. If the family has small children, then the layout should also be considered for the playground. So that in the evening a place to relax will please with a romantic atmosphere, you can hang lanterns on the gazebos and mount multi-colored lights near the flower beds. In the end, it is worth re-examining everything and summarizing. If necessary, correct inaccuracies so that the site is well-groomed. Naturally, after a while, the landscape will have to be changed and filled with new decorative objects. In the video below you will find an overview of the landscape project for a plot with an area of ​​​​25 acres.