Layout of a country house


The most difficult summer question is how to plan such a house, where there will be enough space with a small area.

Let’s be realistic and face the truth: a sufficient area of ​​​​residence with a minimum development can be provided only with a two-level layout of a country house, when the sleeping area is transferred upstairs. It can be both the second floor and the attic room.

For those who want to get by with one level, we can recommend optimizing the space, since the house in the country is a place for seasonal living and there are no serious requirements for its size.

But you need to start with something, and the first thing you need to do is determine the dimensions of the future building. They directly depend on the parameters of the site and the location of the country house.

The disadvantage of most summer cottages is their small area. In most cases, these are traditional 6 acres. And it’s good if they are a square. Otherwise, the house will have to be squeezed into the framework of the narrow front part of the allotted territory.

Many summer residents start planning a house with a request on the Internet for “house plan 6 x 6 m”. This article (further) will give examples of such a dwelling. But let’s still first evaluate your site and only then you decide for yourself what parameters of the house are most optimal for you.

So, 6 acres can be represented by a square of 24 x 24 m or a “beautiful” rectangle (3: 4 aspect ratio) of 21 x 28 m. Let’s try to place a 6 x 6 m house on it.

Let’s start with the fact that in any case, indents from the boundaries of the territory are 3 m each (this is a mandatory rule). In total, the area marked in green will remain for the construction of the house.

Now mark where you have north and “drag” the square of the future home there. Why? It’s simple: the sun will move along the east-west axis from the south side. This area is allocated for the breakdown of the garden and vegetable garden. In the shade of a plant, you will not be pleased with either flowering or harvest (with the exception of a small list of shade-tolerant ones).

So building a house at the front or in the center is not always reasonable.

The facade of a plot of less than 20 m is considered narrow for ordinary residential development, but even a territory with a minimum size of 11-15 m can be adapted for a summer residence. Let’s consider such a “hard case”.

The 6 x 6 house option is immediately eliminated if it cannot be placed as in the diagram on the right.

It is most optimal to retreat from an established pattern and plan a house according to the principle of a wagon. By the way, this is a traditional solution for a number of rural-type houses in the southern regions.

What’s more, it’s a popular floor plan for low-energy homes and modern garden sheds.

The role of a long corridor can be performed by a veranda. But within a tighter framework, even such a layout may turn out to be an «unaffordable luxury.» Then resort to the option of free planning. And the following reception of the location of the premises can be called ideal:

The best part about this scheme is that the minimum width of the house can be from 3.5 m and above, and the length depends on your needs.


Project 1. Plan of a country house with two bedrooms, a kitchen-living room and a stove.

one bathroom
2 cooking zone
3 entrance area leading to the kitchen-living room
four two separate bedrooms

The wood-burning stove is marked with an orange rectangle.

The bedrooms are small, 6 squares each, but there are two of them and they are separate. The combination of kitchen and living room is justified by the increase in space. And most importantly, there is room for a small bathroom. If this is an excess for your dacha, then the room can be taken as a pantry.

Project 2. Country house 6×6 with one bedroom, combined living room and bathroom.

one bathroom
2 the corridor
3 kitchenliving room
four bedroom

There is only one bedroom, but it is separate. The lack of sleeping places can be compensated by a folding sofa in a rather spacious hall.
The kitchen area is very conditional. There is only a place for a refrigerator (in a niche), a sink, a small countertop and shelves for microwaves and dishes. In the end, this is a summer house and the calculation is made for the presence of a summer kitchen in the yard.

In the corridor there is a niche for a washing machine and shelves above it.

Project 3. Country house with two bedrooms, separate living room, kitchen and bathroom.

one bathroom
2 kitchen
3 living room
four bedrooms

The wall between the kitchen and the living room can be removed or replaced with a sliding partition. Both from the living room and from the kitchen there is access to the terrace (veranda), where you can arrange a dining room.

The complex configuration of the wall between the bathroom and the kitchen is justified by the presence of a niche for the refrigerator.

A niche in the corridor is designed for a washing machine and shelves hung above it.

Project 4. Country house 6×6 with a large living room, one bedroom, separate kitchen and bathroom.

one living room
2 bedroom
3 kitchen
four bathroom

In the large living room with a bay window, you can place a dining area and a sofa. The bedroom is small, but with a wardrobe niche. The kitchen is linear with a niche for a refrigerator.

Near the entrance and bathroom there is a niche for a washing machine.

Project 5. Duplex house 6×6 with two bedrooms (one in the attic), a combined kitchen-living room and a bathroom.

1st floor:

one bedroom
2 bathroom
3 living room

Attic ground floor:

one «dead» zone, used as storage areas
2 useful area of ​​the attic room

Staircase at the very entrance, under it you can equip a dressing room and attach a washing machine.

In the niche of the living room there is a place for a kitchen area.

If you nevertheless settled on the option of a country house in the «carriage» style, you should remember that it is optimal if its windows look southwest, south, southeast. In such a house there will be maximum illumination during the day. Excess light will be cut off by shutters (necessarily wooden!), And heat — energy-saving double-glazed windows.

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