Lazy garden: stages of creation


I recently read an article about another study by restless scientists. The subject of attention was the relationship between human intelligence and … laziness.

So it turned out that lazy people (please do not confuse with loafers) haveaboutmore intelligence than energetic hard workers. It is laziness that makes a person think in the direction of facilitating this or that labor process. Like this!

Why am I? Yes, it’s just that the enthusiasm of novice gardeners dries up in the third year. It is replaced by experience and a rational approach. And then it becomes especially insulting for the senselessly spent work …

In order for your physical labor and precious time to be spent wisely, I recommend studying MISTAKES OF WORKAHOLICS.

1. Dig dry — do not respect yourself! Dig up the ground the next day after rain or heavy watering. The shovel will enter the ground easily and the soil will not stick to it.

2. Avoid digging too much! Do not leave open areas with dug up soil in the garden. If you have not populated them with vegetation, weeds will definitely settle there. And this is extra work for you. Therefore, they dig up the land on the site only in the amount that is required for a specific purpose.

3. For the same reason (weeds), the trunk circle of the tree and the ground in mixborders must be covered with a very thick layer of mulch — wood chips or chopped bark.

4. Mowing is easier than weeding. Therefore, the areas between the beds are not dug up, but left sod. The main thing is to mow the grass on them in time (as soon as it grows up to 10 cm).

5. When going out into the garden for any reason, always take with you (you can attach it to your belt) two little things: a pruner and a small hoe-ripper. Use them as soon as you see a weed, a dry, broken or growing branch in the wrong direction. Then you will not have days of weeding or pruning in your work schedule.

6. Watering from a hose should last no more than an hour, otherwise it will turn into a tedious duty. To comply with this paragraph, you must either give preference to drought-resistant plants, or think over (invent) an irrigation system.

7. When choosing plants for the garden, bet on trees and shrubs. They are much less of a hassle: you do not need to water regularly, do transplants every four years, pruning wilted inflorescences.

8. When choosing the type of lawn, give preference to Moorish: it is mowed only twice a season and watered only in case of a prolonged drought.

IMPORTANT: I ​​recommend sowing the lawn only if the entire perimeter of the site is fenced. Otherwise, the work will be wasted: millions of weeds will find shelter on a soft green carpet.


Watering rules say:

  • plants should not be watered under the root with cold water from a well or well,
  • the smaller the sprayer for sprinkling, the better — the water is warmed up by air, the earth is not covered with a crust,
  • sprinkling is best done in the evening hours — the earth will remain wet at least in the evening, at night and in the morning (and this is more than 12 hours).

From the above it follows that the best irrigation for a poorly developed area is drip irrigation. For its organization, it is necessary to purchase a container in which the water will warm up to ambient temperature.

This system saves a lot of time. Once a week, water is pumped into the tank and then the irrigation process goes by gravity, you just need to open the valve.

Sprinkling can be done directly from an underground water source, but in order to reduce the loss of time for watering, it is necessary to organize the wiring from a PVC pipe or a watering hose. It can be above ground (both options) or underground (pipe only).

In the latter case, be sure to observe the slope of the pipes to the drain valve, which is used in the fall when the system is preserved for the winter. A PVC pipe is inexpensive and to maintain pressure in the system after each branch, the diameter of the pipe should be reduced.

The system is planned in such a way as to minimize the number of “knees” (beaming). Then it will work with a low power pump.


I really want to start mastering the garden with mixborders, slides and other decorative elements. Yes, it’s all beautiful and impressive. But until the last weed has left the site and all the free corners of the garden are not covered with a lawn, it is too early to decorate.

It is worth a little delay and the young mixborder will be covered with bindweed, the dwarf will rise on the alpine hill, the stony placers will disappear under the knotweed carpet, and the rutaria will drown in the grassy jungle.

Cleaning all this is extremely problematic — it is easier to prevent.

If the garden already has shaded places with moist soil, you can start creating a shady flower garden. There, the likelihood of weeds is minimal — all of them, except for nettles, love light.

The foot of conifers will look harmonious if it is planted with remontant garden strawberries. The first season, until the bushes develop, weeding will be required, then the hassle will noticeably decrease, but almost all summer red berries will turn red in this “forest” clearing, mixed with miniature white flowers.

At the initial stage, a large single decor can be placed around the site, which is easy to mow from all sides.

For these purposes, large boulders, dry tree trunks, benches, benches, garden sculptures. If you have imagination and ingenuity, you can use a lot of things as decor, which at first glance are completely unsuitable for this. For example, reinforced concrete products, large (but with safe edges) pieces of rusty iron, old plumbing items, backs from armored beds, etc.

When the technical side of the issue is closed, it’s time to start decorative.

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