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Decorating a site is no easier than decorating a house for the New Year. This will require a lot of effort and imagination, but the effect can be amazing! Below are the coolest ideas for decorating the site on your own for the New Year with a photo.

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Ice decor

How to decorate the yard for the New Year? Take advantage of the most affordable and free decor — ice. If there is sufficient frost outside, the decorations will hang for more than one day!

They are made simply:

  • To make ice, you need to pour water into a balloon.

  • For relief figures, you can use any molds for ice or cupcakes.

  • Even ordinary dishes can be used as a form.

You can cool the water right on the street, while adding fresh fruits, dye or Christmas toys to the thickness.

Please note that ordinary tap water freezes with a characteristic whitish color. To make the ice transparent, you need distilled water or, more logically, melted snow.

This is a wonderful decoration of trees and the facade of the house for the New Year, which can be done with children.


A gold, red and white bow is a symbol of the holiday, which is often used in the west. It can act as an independent decoration of the house for the New Year, or in combination with spruce branches.

Usually they are hung immediately in a crowd, so that the design of the yard is more complete and brighter. They can also be tied to trees, and even more often they are used to decorate a door wreath!


Flowerpots are an excellent decorative element that decorates the porch of the house. Usually small artificial Christmas trees or natural branches are planted in them.

To make the New Year’s yard even more beautiful, add a red bow and a decorative gift to the flowerpots. Also, real chestnuts, rowan branches, cones, Christmas tree beads and LED garland will not interfere!

Christmas tree in the yard

If you plant a Christmas tree on the site, you won’t have to think about how to decorate the yard for the New Year. And here all the same rules apply as when decorating a tree at home: use ordinary Christmas decorations and illumination.

There is only one recommendation — use special street garlands. They survive high humidity and wind well.

outdoor planter

A cache-pot is a kind of ikebana in a basket that can be hung on a chain, decorative twine or garland. You can put traditional symbols of the Christmas holidays into it: spruce, rowan branches, cones, red or white bow. Add Christmas decorations there.

If you are planning a New Year’s decoration of the garden, then you can make several planters with different fillings. This will help make a boring winter garden a little happier.

By the way, to decorate the trees for the New Year, you can use artificial snow if the winter is warm.

Textile decor

New Year’s decor is not limited to Christmas trees and garlands. You can use other textile attributes of the holiday: gloves and Santa Claus hat.

The fabric easily survives the winter cold, while it perfectly decorates boring landscapes. You can put Christmas hats on the bushes, and hang mittens on the spruce in the yard.

Please note that when decorating the yard for the New Year with your own hands, it is recommended to use natural textiles.

Illuminated figurines

Such a decoration of the yard for the New Year is not typical for Russia, but has recently been gaining popularity. Thematic figurines, as a rule, are bought and wrapped around with illumination on their own.

The decoration of the site for the New Year is very diverse:

  • reindeer with Santa Claus;

  • figured Christmas tree;

  • White bears;

  • Santa on a motorcycle.

Street decorations are reusable and will last for decades.

Decorative compositions

The easiest way is to buy inflatable figures that do not have lighting. They are much cheaper than the illuminating ones, besides, they are easier to find — that is why they can often be found.

A good option in case you don’t know how to decorate a garden. Sold both singly and in whole compositions. Usually, a traditional New Year’s scene is played, like deer with Santa, a Christmas tree with huge Christmas balls, and so on.

There are also wooden Christmas decorations on sale, such as a lantern candlestick, fake gift boxes, etc.

Snow figurines

Are you good at sculpting? Try to make a beautiful snow composition. Lots of options:

  • Snow Maiden and Santa Claus;

  • heroes of New Year’s fairy tales;

If just a white figure does not suit you, paint it. Snow is easily painted with ordinary spray paint.

Also, to make it last longer, you can pour water over it.

This is a great option for the New Year in the country or for a rented private house, because. you don’t have to spend money on decorations.


If you have a bunch of wrapping paper left with nowhere to put it, why not decorate the yard? Waxed packaging easily withstands moisture and frost, so the decoration will survive the New Year holidays!

For manufacturing, you will need any square / rectangular shape, for example, a brick or a wooden block. But how to decorate a courtyard with gifts is an interesting question:

  • Surround the outside of the house with gifts for the New Year. You can put them in a corner or arrange a flowerpot.

  • You can decorate the garden in winter if you put fake gifts near decorative bushes.

  • Arrange them in a slide on the stairs. Then other decorations are not needed, except for a wreath.

This is how we decorate the yard of a country house for the New Year. Use all available materials, use your imagination and look through ideas for decorating the site for the holidays.

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