Prefabricated buildings from sandwich panels: features


Sandwich panels are a popular building material in the construction of prefabricated buildings. Design engineers offer unique designs for both the industrial and residential sectors. Many organizations sell finished products, after which it remains to deliver the panels to the facility and assemble them. On the official website of CUBEGROUP there is a huge selection of prefabricated buildings of various sizes and configurations. Finishing work is not carried out here, it is enough to choose the desired color of sandwich panels.

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Prefabricated buildings from sandwich panels — savings and convenience

Sports and recreation complexes, hangars, production facilities, offices, agricultural buildings, hospitals, laboratories, etc. are the main types of prefabricated buildings made of sandwich panels.

Have prefabricated buildings many advantageous characteristics, and the main ones are construction time and cost. It takes 30-60 days for specialists to complete a turnkey project. If we take the average value, then the price of the finished building will be approximately 35% lower than the capital one. Using this technology:

  • does not need the construction of a deep foundation;
  • heavy trucks are not used;
  • the design is easily transported from place to place;
  • there is no need to involve a construction team;
  • the design is quickly erected and easy to assemble.

The components of the metal frame are assembled in the form of a constructor, making it possible to solve various tasks in the course of work. By moving modules, you can transform existing rooms by changing the configuration.

The versatility of the building material

Prefabricated buildings from sandwich panels covered with a special anti-corrosion coating. Walls and roofs are made from high-quality multilayer sheets. The latter are not inferior to the indicators of noise and sound insulation of other types of structures. Modular objects can be installed near large industries, railways, highways and airports.

Prefabricated buildings are built from safe materials. Galvanized steel sheets and non-combustible mineral wool are used here. The cost of the object will depend on the purpose, overall dimensions, type, products used and other technical characteristics.

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