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It’s time to turn your desires into reality. Right now is the most optimal time for this, because after the transplant, the plants need to have time to take root. Division for many perennials is simply necessary, it helps to rejuvenate the plant and increases its lifespan. When digging the soil, you remove perennial weeds, which, even with the most careful care, still appear and interfere with your cultivated pets. And although the work on the redevelopment of a flower garden can be difficult, this is really a necessary activity!

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Shaping the look

The flower bed can not be completely changed, but only correct its individual components. In advanced cases, it is better to gather strength to share plants that have already grown and interfere with each other, how to do the work correctly, read in the Gardener’s Encyclopedia If you have already mentally imagined the whole set of future physical activities, I want to reassure you. Now there are many good tools that help make gardening much more convenient.

So, due to the ergonomic handle, using both a shovel and a fork has become much easier. It is high time to forget about the need to change the handle for these tools. That is why it is much more convenient to use a tool with a welded joint between the handle and the blade. For many, it is more common to dig up the soil with a shovel.

It is really good in cases where the soil has not been dug for a long time, but if the earth is loose enough, then it is more convenient to use a pitchfork — the soil loosens well, and it is easier to select the roots of perennial weeds as a whole, because when you dig with a shovel, you chop them into pieces that will soon give rise new weeds.

top dressing

One of the conditions for good plant growth is the application of fertilizers. It is often recommended to apply fertilizer for digging the soil. However, in this case, fertilizers are distributed over the entire area of ​​​​the site, and most of them are not absorbed by plants. Therefore, it is much more efficient to apply fertilizer locally — when planting each plant.

Autumn work

Fertilizers should be used very carefully in the fall. Right now it is best to apply potash and phosphorus mineral fertilizers.

In mid-September, trees and shrubs with an open root system are planted. It is impossible to dig up a plant without damaging the roots. That is why it is important to help the plant heal the damage as soon as possible. Often we consider fertilizers only as a means of feeding plants, but some of them have a wider spectrum of action.

Thus, the ArganiQ fertilizer, created on the basis of sapropel, in addition to containing the necessary macro- and microelements, contains silver ions, which disinfect the soil and contribute to better absorption of nutrients — as a result, the damaged root system recovers faster. This will allow the plant to better prepare for winter. And this is very important, because the first winter, whatever it may be, is a real test for any plant.

And now the soil has been dug up — is it time to plant plants? However, this work should not be rushed. You know perfectly well how difficult it is to fight weeds. Right now, while nothing has been planted yet, it is necessary to take care of it. I believe that most of you are familiar with non-woven material, and many already use it in their dachas. Are you familiar with garden membranes? This is really a new word in soil protection from weeds.

They are more durable, and most importantly, they reliably protect the soil surface from harmful weeds, but at the same time allow the soil to breathe. Water and dissolved fertilizers easily penetrate the soil, thereby creating a comfortable environment for plant growth.

Depending on the type of work, various membranes are used. So, mulching membranes have been created to mulch the soil from weeds, and to protect paths, gravel gardens, or it is better to use a special membrane for gravel paths.

Don’t forget the lawn. It also needs to be prepared in time for the winter. He still needs top dressing, because mowing the grass continues. Now you need to apply special autumn fertilizers. Effective use of liquid fertilizers.

Thus, spraying the lawn with a solution of liquid peat potassium allows lawn grass to better prepare for winter by increasing the accumulation of sugars, which significantly increase the winter hardiness of the plant. In a solution of the same fertilizer, you can soak the root system of seedlings — to improve their survival.

Now it is difficult to imagine lawn care without the use of special equipment — the choice is truly huge, from the simplest lawn mowers to ultra-modern lawn tractors.

If you have reliable helpers, garden care will not cause you unnecessary problems, and following the simple rules of agricultural technology will allow you to admire the lush flowering and bright colors of your garden from early spring to late autumn!

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