Purpose and types of thickness gauges


A tool that can be used to determine the thickness of a material or its coating layer with high accuracy is called a thickness gauge. The device is used in construction, shipbuilding, and at home. It is most often used in mechanical engineering for measuring layers of paint, primer, putty, film applied to the body without violating the integrity of the material.

Today everyone can buy a car thickness gauge for:

  • accurate assessment of the quality of the paintwork;
  • determining the cost of vehicles;
  • detection of body flaws when buying a car.

Paint thickness gauge is a popular device in the industrial and construction industries. With its help, the measurement of the layer of insulating coating, which is applied to communications, concrete, pipes, is carried out and is used by inspecting inspectors when inspecting objects before certification of the product.

Today you can find and buy a thickness gauge in specialized stores, many of its models are presented in our universal online store «Bulgarian». Devices with different operating principles are used in different fields.

Electromagnetic devices are able to measure the density of the magnetic field, so they are used to measure the thickness of the coating, and the products are also suitable for working with ferrous metals. Eddy current models carry out measurements by a magnetic field, are effective on non-magnetic, non-ferrous metals, and are most accurate in measuring aluminum and copper. Ultrasonic work due to ultrasonic waves, they are used for the analysis of non-metallic coatings (ceramics, steel, plastic), except for wood, foam, paper.

Magnetic varieties work on the basis of magnets, recommended for measuring paint, powder, plastic layer and other hard non-magnetic coatings. Combined structures simultaneously operate on the principle of electromagnetic and eddy current devices. Measure both magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces.

Depending on the thickness gauge model, the price may differ, because the devices are equipped with additional functions that expand their capabilities and simplify their work. This is a built-in backlight that allows you to take measurements in places with insufficient lighting. Large LCD display for fast operation and clear numbers. The auto-off mode will save battery power, and the USB port will allow you to exchange data. The built-in memory of the device will be increased by a memory card.

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