Shade tolerant shrubs for the garden. 7 best views


Not all areas in the garden are equally lit. There are shady corners where there is little sunlight. In the shade, you can arrange a paradise place to relax in the summer heat. In the article we will talk about which shrubs are suitable for the shade and partial shade of your garden.

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Viburnum bushes have a light green carved crown. During the growing season, the plant is covered with large, snow-white crowns of flowers. And closer to autumn, the branches are decorated with red, glossy berries. Kalina perfectly tolerates the shadow. Can grow in the shade of other trees or near a fence.


Perhaps this is the most famous ornamental shrub. Lilac has a dense crown, consisting of dark green leaves that look like hearts. In spring and early summer, lilac bushes are covered with terry fragrant brushes, consisting of many small tubular flowers. Garden varieties of lilacs are incredibly decorative. The shrub calmly tolerates shade and partial shade without losing its beauty.


This shrub is also suitable for shaded areas of the garden. In spring, honeysuckle is strewn with delicate, white-pink flowers. Then dark, oblong berries appear. Honeysuckle fruits are very useful.

Barberry Thunberg

This variety of barberries has forever won the hearts of gardeners and landscape designers. The bush has a strongly branching crown, completely covered with small, leathery leaves. In autumn, the bushes turn crimson and look like a fire. In addition, shiny, scarlet fruits hang on the branches, which can be used as food. Barberry loves shady areas and feels great with a lack of sunlight.


These are slow growing hardy shrubs. When properly formed, the boxwood crown resembles a ball. The leaves are small, dark green. The plant perfectly tolerates shade and adverse conditions.

Rose hip

This shrub not only loves to grow in the shade, but is also not picky about care. Rosehip can grow in one place for many years and bear fruit well. The berries of this plant are incredibly useful and used for medicinal purposes.


This is a real aristocratic handsome man. Snowberry bushes look like long, weakly branching stems. In summer, the plant is covered with delicate light flowers. And in August, large berries, similar to pearls, appear on the bushes. The fruits can stay on the branches until winter. Snowberry can grow both in the sun and in the shade.

Shade-tolerant shrubs are most often unpretentious and do not require careful care, like light-loving plants. Fruit bushes will look great in composition with conifers.

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