Summer shower — tropical downpour at your behest…


Water procedures are the most pleasant activity on a hot sunny day.

Life-giving coolness spreads throughout the body, bringing him liberation from summer dust and the burden of worldly worries.

Any relaxing procedure begins with a bath. And therefore, the question of the need for a summer shower in the country becomes simply rhetorical — it is necessary, and that’s it!

Rinse, of course, you can in the bathroom, but the effect is not the same, checked.

And it’s not so much about cleanliness of the body — the very process of contact with water in the fresh air gives the body a charge of vivacity and relieves fatigue, this, in fact, is a mini-resort at home.

Actually, therefore, it is recommended to equip a garden shower in any private area, regardless of the presence of a stationary shower cabin inside the dwelling.


Before you equip a summer shower in a country house or a suburban area, you should answer the following questions for yourself.

PURPOSE OF THE SUMMER SHOWER. If you already have somewhere to wash up, you love the body-hardening contrast of hot air and cool water, or just in during a hot day, rinse several times — the simple presence of a shower head on a rack connected to a water source is quite enough for you.

In this case, it is not necessary to make a booth at all, except perhaps for protection from the wind.

Such an open shower also installed next to the pool to keep the water clean as long as possible.

The absence of a booth is justified by the fact that the process of receiving water procedures takes place in a bathing suit, and changing clothes — in the house.

In the case when wet textiles on the body are associated with discomfort, you should choose the option with a light booth. Here it is already worth considering either the presence of a locker room nearby or a rack (hanger) for dry clothes.

Another thing is if there is no stationary shower in the house and the purpose of its summer counterpart is supplemented by the function of cleansing the body.

Such a design will entail the mandatory heating of water, the construction of a cabin with a changing room and a drainage system (the drains will contain detergents that can poison the soil in your area).

CAPACITY. This term refers to potential water consumption.

For summer shower designs with water supply from the water supply, this indicator is only important to determine the need for a drain.

If there are no signs of civilization in the country, then the volume of the tank should be correlated with the number of vacationers.

Practice shows that about 10-20 liters of water is spent on a simple rinse, and 50-120 liters on taking a shower. Economical water consumption can be achieved with a shower head with a fine spray system and a valve located at a level of 1.1 — 1.4 m from the floor. this is much more convenient than unscrewing the valve at the top.

THE PRESENCE OF HEATING. Naturally, in order to wash off the remnants of the passing day, you need warm water. That is, the shower needs to be equipped with a heating system. Basically, this problem concerns suburban areas. There are three solutions here:

  • take advantage natural heating a tank of water from the sun (the most accessible, however, does not work well on cloudy days),
  • resort to services electric heating (very comfortable, but it is important to protect it from the rain)
  • or build furnace heating (troublesome, but reliable).


The easiest way to get a summer shower is to purchase a finished design in a store. By depositing the required amount, you will get rid of the hassle of complex installation and search for materials. The price, of course, is comparable to the comfort and complexity of the model.

Protozoa shower rack will cost you the least. Naturally, wall mounting is required, but there are also portable models on a tripod. It is clear that this option is suitable for a site with water supply, or it will require a pump to be connected to supply water to a height.

Structural elements shower cabin depends on its purpose and expected load. The choice here is great: from lightweight structures with an aluminum frame, designed for a load of up to 60 kg, to frames made of steel pipes for water tanks up to 300 liters.

The most sincere, of course, look like their wooden counterparts, which have less mobility than metal ones.

As an accessory to the shower cabin go water tanksmade from flexible plastic.

The most convenient, of course, are square and flat in formsince they have the largest heated surface area, which is important in the absence of artificial heating.

In addition, such a tank, at the same time, serves as the roof of the shower cabin. Displacement of the aforementioned capacity is 140-270 liters.

Electrically heated tanks for a summer shower, they are equipped with a heater, which must be provided with power. These units, in addition to the shower head, are also equipped with a thermoregulator that maintains the temperature level at a given level.

Water on a sunny day is heated by infrared solar radiation, and if necessary, heated by electricity. Even more «intelligent» tank designs are equipped with an automatic shutdown of the water supply, following the example of a drain tank.

Deserves special attention thermosyphon systempowered by the thermal energy of the sun.

In fact, this is a solar collector that heats water flowing through vacuum tubes, using the natural potential to the maximum even in cloudy weather.

Naturally, the thermosiphon system is not cheap, but it is able to provide a wash of 10! human.

When the family is so large, the surplus is spent on household needs or heating the water in the pool.


Water supply — if your site is not equipped with plumbing or a pump, then you will have to fill the tank manually. And therefore, you should take care of the presence of a reliable (in the sense of «stable») stairs near the summer shower.

If civilization nevertheless touched this corner of nature, then an ordinary garden hose would be the best option for supplying water. It does not make sense to build a more stationary option (digging a pipe into the ground), since it will entail additional troubles. You will either have to insulate the pipe or drain water from it for the winter.

Protection a shower platform from slipping and erosion of the soil is required, because, first of all, it cares about your safety. If you like wood and tradition, then the most comfortable option would be lattice from a narrow, carefully sanded timber (board) with gaps between the planks of at least 1.5 cm.

The wood becomes quite slippery when wet, and the gaps will help it not hold water on the surface. In an open summer shower without a drain, such a grate can be placed directly on the grass cover. This option is no less convenient for closed booths.

Recently, quite an ancient form of relaxation — SPA procedures — is gaining wide popularity.

Actually, an outdoor outdoor shower is their integral part. But it would be nice to supplement it with a simultaneous foot massage.

To do this, use large pebbles or pellets (round stones) of small sizes. And in order for the stones to warm up, the walls of the booth should either be completely absent or be sliding, the best option is a light curtain made of waterproof fabric.

Drainage will ensure the flow of soapy water to a place that is safe for the soil of the site. Water from under the cabin of the summer shower is removed using a pipe or a drainage ditch located at a slight slope.

The photo shows a garden waterfall, but why not an idea for a summer shower?

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