The best gas trimmers, top 9 rating of good lawn mowers

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Petrol trimmers are one of the indispensable helpers for amateur gardeners, summer residents and owners of cottages and private houses. With this device, you can tidy up the lawn, prepare large volumes of hay, process shrubs and so on. One of the main advantages of such equipment in comparison with electrical products is absolute autonomy and independence from the presence of an electrical power source.

If necessary, such products mow grass even in hard-to-reach places — near capital buildings, near trees, curbs, garden paths, and so on. Mowing grasses is carried out using a special fishing line of a certain diameter and stiffness, however, a special knife can also be included with the device, designed to work with branches up to 1 cm in diameter and thick grass.

Petrol trimmers are quite compact in size. The range of similar products presented today in stores is so wide that it is very easy to get confused and purchase a model that is not quite suitable. That is why we decided to dedicate our today’s review to such devices. Before proceeding to the consideration of specific models, we have given a number of basic recommendations for the purchase of this equipment so that it does not disappoint the user during operation.

Rules for choosing a gasoline trimmer

When using such a product, one of the key roles is played by the device and technical equipment of the equipment. Be sure to pay attention to the ergonomic component, because not all models are comfortable to hold in your hands for a long time. The net weight of the product can reach about 10 kg, so any little thing will affect the usability.

Choosing a petrol lawnmower

Almost all models are equipped with a two-stroke engine, a four-stroke engine can only be found in high-power devices. As a rule, there is no special reservoir for oil; it will have to be mixed with gasoline in the proportion strictly established by the manufacturer.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the noise level during operation, since a device that is too loud cannot be used in the morning or evening hours so as not to disturb anyone.

The degree of vibration has a direct impact on the comfort of work. Most modern devices have special systems for extinguishing it. Balancing is also very important, since one side that outweighs will definitely affect the quality of work — this will be perfectly noticeable during lawn mowing.

When developing our rating, we took into account all such moments, and also paid attention to the ratio of price and quality of the device and user reviews. We hope that after reading the review you will be able to choose the most suitable equipment for yourself.

Top 3 models of an inexpensive price segment

3. HUTER GGT-2500T


This part of our review opens with a device developed by experienced German engineers, although it is produced at Chinese enterprises. The device is able to easily clear even rather large areas of grass from thickets of grass, with its help you can even get rid of small shrubs. The trimmer will be a reliable assistant for a summer resident or the owner of a private house in terms of fighting for a well-groomed and beautiful plot. The key advantage of this device is that it has a two-stroke engine, whose power is as much as 3.3 horsepower — this is a very serious indicator for devices of this type. The speed of rotation of the knife can reach a truly fantastic 9,900 rpm. The trimmer is equipped with a 1.2 liter gas tank. It is necessary to pour a mixture of gasoline and engine oil into it; for mixing, a special flask made of translucent plastic is supplied in the kit, on the walls of which the necessary proportions of each ingredient of the mixture are indicated.

It is very easy and comfortable to work with such a trimmer, largely due to the anti-vibration system installed in it. The length of the handle can be adjusted, so it is easy to fit it to your height. It also has a bicycle shape — it is convenient to hold the tool in your hands, to ensure a more secure fit, a shoulder strap is provided here. With an empty tank, the device weighs about 7 kg. The trimmer is able to mow even fairly tough grass with thick stems.


  • Quite high power of the gasoline engine;
  • Vibration protection is provided in the design;
  • Decent grass cutting width;
  • The length of the handle is adjustable;
  • Excellent performance.


  • The reel for the line is rather weak — it is better to replace it immediately.

Trimmer HUTER GGT-2500T

2. Huter GGT-1000T

Huter GGT-1000T photo

This design has a straight rod, the engine is located at the top. The model is perfect for clearing tall grass and trimming lawns in areas where a traditional wheeled lawnmower will not be able to get close. This trimmer is equipped with a two-stroke engine, in addition to it there is an electronic ignition system. During operation, air cooling of the motor starts. The engine displacement is only 32.6 cubic meters. cm, which allows it to develop power up to 1 kW, runs on a mixture of oil and gasoline, the gas tank capacity is only 0.7 liters. This will be quite enough for one and a half to two hours of continuous work.

At idle, the number of revolutions of the cutting surface is up to 9500 thousand per minute, a special knife for shrubs is included with the kit. The design uses one of the latest vibration damping systems — hands practically do not get tired during operation. The trimmer works best on AI-92 gasoline. The ignition element is placed on the handle of the device. The handle itself is rubberized, shaped like a bicycle handlebar. It is located in the central part of the shaft, thanks to which it is possible to achieve the perfect balance of the device. The maximum cutting width is 26 cm. At the bottom, the knife is covered with a protective cover that prevents grass from scattering. The manufacturer advises immediately after completion of work to clean all open parts of the tool in order to extend the life of the model.


  • Shows itself well in large areas;
  • Sufficiently evenly cuts shrubs and small shoots;
  • High build quality.


  • Weak reel for fishing line — it is advisable to replace immediately after purchase;
  • Not very informative instructions, there are illustrations, but their quality leaves much to be desired.

Huter GGT-1000T


PATRIOT PT 55 photo

This model rightfully took first place in the ranking section of the best gasoline trimmers in the inexpensive price segment. Thanks to the increased volume of the gas tank, the device is able to work autonomously for a long time. The handle is provided with a special interlock that prevents spontaneous or accidental start of this equipment. Such a lawn mower can easily cope with both lawn grass and thick weeds. The model has a comfortable and durable shoulder strap. A special vibration damping system almost completely absorbs vibrations during operation. In their reviews, almost all users note the fairly easy control of this device, largely due to the fact that all controls are located on the control handle.

Such equipment cannot be attributed to professional models, but for individual use it fits just fine. Before starting work, it is worth checking how reliable all available bolted connections are. The fact is that despite the vibration damping system, they are able to loosen over time. If you ignore this moment, you can not only severely damage the device and disable it, but also cause serious injury. When preparing a mixture of gasoline and oil, it is advisable to use a special engine oil that was developed by the manufacturer.


  • High power rating — cuts bushes like grass;
  • All metal elements are not made of tin, but of high-strength steel.


  • Sufficiently heavy construction, which is also distinguished by increased fuel consumption.


The best lawn mowers in terms of price and quality



It is not at all surprising that the products of this brand were in our review — the developers of Makita equipment constantly delight users with fresh high-quality novelties. This trimmer is equipped with a decent four-stroke engine, the power of which is 2 horsepower. Such a constructive solution allows not only to significantly reduce fuel consumption, but also not to waste precious time preparing a mixture of gasoline and engine oil. The anti-vibration system installed in the design helps to reduce recoil and ensure maximum comfort during operation. The device is thought out just fine, a quick launch system is provided. The volume of the tank is not too large — only about 0.62 liters.

The function of the cutting elements in this model is performed by the classic fishing line and knife, which are supplied in the kit. The cutting width is very significant — 43 cm, and the knife is able to rotate at speeds up to 10,000 rpm. The scythe weighs decently — more than 8.5 kg. In order to at least slightly compensate for this shortcoming, the manufacturer equipped this device with an ergonomic bicycle-type handle, and its position can be adjusted. The shoulder strap supplied with the trimmer is able to greatly reduce the load on the arms. The device is able to cope with almost any growth — it equally effectively removes weeds, cuts thick thickets of old grass, and can even deal with shrubs.


  • The engine is equipped with a very effective brake;
  • Carefully designed anti-vibration system;
  • The handles are adjustable;
  • Decent performance indicators;
  • Low fuel consumption.


  • Has decent power.

Trimmer MAKITA EM4351UH

2. Makita EBH253U

Makita EBH253U photo

This equipment belongs to the country technology of the latest generation. This is the first model in our roundup of the best petrol trimmers to feature a four-stroke engine. It is characterized by high environmental performance, reduced noise and a range of state-of-the-art control systems. A bicycle-type handle, the design provides for a special unloading vest that allows you to work with the device for more than one hour, besides, the lawn mower itself does not weigh too much. With its help, you can handle fairly large areas. For working with lawn grass, there is a connector for installing a special reel with nylon tape. To remove tall and thick weeds, trim small trees or shrubs, you can use a special knife that comes with the kit. It is equipped with 4 blades, the power of which is quite enough for cutting branches with a diameter of up to one and a half centimeters.

The rod is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, straight, due to which the maneuverability of this equipment is greatly increased. In particular, it is very convenient to work with a trimmer even on rough terrain, including in hollows or ravines. The power is quite enough for professional use — such a lawn mower is allowed to be used for processing roadsides, railways, park areas, and so on. It is worth noting that the handle has an adjustment function, so it can be adjusted to suit you. It is possible to mow the grass at a certain angle. The handles are rubberized, do not slip at all in the palms, help to additionally dampen the vibration.


  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • Noise is not too much;
  • Together with the gas tank, a reservoir for engine oil is provided, you do not have to prepare a special mixture.


  • There are certain requirements for storage conditions;
  • Line spool not included
  • More expensive than other models.

Makita EBH253U

1. STIHL FS 450


One of the most powerful models in our review. This unit is able to easily work throughout the working day without overheating. They are often used to service forestry, gardening. This trimmer will perfectly cope with vegetation such as reeds, burdock, fallen grass. If the fishing line is replaced with a knife, then it will be possible to cut down young trees and even shrubs. There is a slight limitation — the diameter of the trunks should not exceed 1 cm. The product is equipped with a fairly efficient two-stroke engine, whose power is 2.9 horsepower. When you install a disc, the device shows simply excellent results. The design provides for an anti-vibration system, the tank capacity is 0.68 liters.

For the most simple and convenient control of this tool, its handle is made in the form of a bicycle steering wheel. You can hold it with both hands at once, thereby providing full control over the trajectory of the work surface. The manufacturer has equipped the unit with a shoulder strap. The mass of the device is 8 kg. This trimmer is often used by summer residents in their areas. The device starts up just instantly, works without overheating for a long time even in very hot weather.


  • The position of the handle can be changed depending on the need;
  • Reliable and stable vibration reduction system;
  • Increased power of the gasoline engine;
  • Ability to work without stopping for a long time;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Universal tool.


  • Significant mass.

Trimmer STIHL FS 450

The best professional petrol trimmers

3. Makita EBH341U

Makita EBH341U photo

This model is distinguished by rather high power indicators, but at the same time, the volume of exhaust gases during the operation of this device is minimal. The product is suitable for almost any type of work related to grass and not too thick branches of shrubs and trees. This gasoline trimmer is equipped with a four-stroke engine, which is designed with a special valve of a certain shape, due to which it is possible to greatly reduce the pressure and ensure quick and easy start of the device. The handle is rubberized, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, does not slip out of it. It is made in the shape of the letter U, the grip is very secure.

The maximum power of the device is 1.45 horsepower or 1.07 kW. The volume of the internal combustion engine is 33.5 cubic meters. see. When working with this trimmer, you can use a fishing line with a maximum diameter of 2.4 mm. The drive shaft is characterized by increased rigidity. The weight of the equipment is 7.1 kg in an empty state, with a filled gas tank it will be a little more. Fuel per hour at the highest load consumes about 0.5 liters.


  • Almost no noise during use;
  • The design is very reliable, able to last more than one season;
  • Regular oil changes are not required.


  • At idle it can sometimes stall.

Makita EBH341U


Echo SRM-350ES photo

One of the best professional designs, equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine with increased power — 1.9 hp. In addition, there are easy start systems that will not cause kickback. Despite the fact that the model belongs to the professional class, it is allowed to be used, including in the adjacent territories, in the garden and in the garden. Due to the high level of power, the trimmer perfectly copes with dense thickets. A reliable reel with fishing line, designed for soft lawn grass, or a knife for working with dense and dense vegetation, acts here as a mowing tool, if desired, they even process trees and shrubs.

The capacity of the gas tank is 0.84 liters, fuel consumption is very economical, so there is no need to refuel this device regularly. The mass of the product is 6.78 kg. The set comes with a three-point adjustable belt, which allows you to reduce the load on the shoulders, spine and lower back during work. The handle is adjustable and can be customized.


  • The air filter is fairly easy to access;
  • One of the highest rates of maneuverability;
  • Excellent easy start system;
  • The trimmer is ideal for processing complex areas;
  • The engine has low fuel consumption.


  • Pretty noisy model.


1. Stihl FS 130

Stihl FS 130 photo

This is a rather complicated, but very powerful model, at the output of which you can get about 1.9 hp. Thanks to the increased technical characteristics of this model, it is possible to process about 20 acres of land at a time. Due to the high number of revolutions and significant power, it is possible to easily cope not only with small grassy vegetation, but also with dense thickets, as well as shrubs. The engine is started manually. The volume of the gas tank is 0.55 liters, the consumption of gasoline is minimal, so they can work for quite a long time without additional filling of fuel. The equipment is equipped with a vibration damping system — the operator’s arms and back will not get tired during operation. The mower is mounted on a shoulder strap. The mass of the device is about 6 kg, the load is distributed evenly. The handle is adjustable, so you can cut the grass at almost any angle.

The equipment works on the basis of a mixture of oil and gasoline: strictly 50 parts of AI-92 gasoline are taken for 1 part of oil, only a special composition developed by the manufacturer is used as oil.


  • Long battery life;
  • Not a very large amount of equipment;
  • Very easy to use — the location of all handles is intuitive;
  • The high power level of the gasoline engine allows you to cope even with very dense thickets of grass;
  • The degree of maneuverability is much greater compared to traditional wheeled lawnmowers.


  • Not detected.

Stihl FS 130

At the end of the video

This concludes our review of the best gas trimmer models in 2022. We hope that we have managed to collect enough information on each of the products so that you can decide on the choice of the optimal equipment for yourself. If you still have some questions or want to share your experience in choosing and operating lawn mowers, then comments on this article are at your disposal. Your opinion is very important to us, and other users will certainly be interested in reading it too.