The best greenhouses, top ranking polycarbonate greenhouses

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On household plots, a greenhouse will always come in handy — it can be used to grow plants in the cold season, to prepare planting material (seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, and so on), since not all crops are able to withstand low temperatures or or severe temperature fluctuations. When choosing a greenhouse, you should take into account a number of important points that will somehow affect its very quality and duration of operation.

We decided to start our review with a cursory review of the materials from which garden greenhouses are made, the forms of such a design, covering material, and so on. We’ve drawn on the advice and guidance of experienced hobby gardeners and professional agronomists to help you choose the best design for your needs.

What are greenhouses and how to choose them correctly?

How to choose a greenhouse for the crop?

First of all, it is necessary to decide for what purposes this design is required. Many summer residents, in addition to the functionality of this design, pay close attention to its appearance so that it fits well into the interior of the site. There are also people who are going to do business on plants grown in a greenhouse — they usually don’t care much about how it will look.

The type of greenhouse is also important: will it be located in one place, or is it still worth giving preference to a collapsible design. If there is no likelihood that someone will damage it or even steal it, then it is best to put a stationary greenhouse — such a design still does not need maintenance, in addition, you do not have to spend time on assembly and disassembly every year.

The shape and functionality of the greenhouse will largely depend on what crops will be grown in it, since each plant has its own preferences regarding temperature, light levels and humidity, in addition, they come in different heights and so on.

The material from which the greenhouse is made is also different in its qualities. Recently, cellular polycarbonate has gained the greatest popularity — it is able to withstand significant loads, not to lose its properties throughout its entire service life. The classic material is polyethylene film and its variety — reinforced film. They are perfect for installation in a greenhouse of any design, the sun’s rays pass through it well, ensuring the normal development of plants and reliably protecting them from frost.

When compiling this review, we took into account not only these points, but also relied on user reviews, took into account the price-quality ratio and many other parameters that one way or another should pay attention to the choice of model. We hope that our rating will be as useful as possible for you and will facilitate the task of choosing a greenhouse for a personal plot.

10 best greenhouses in 2022

10. Greenhouse Stable

Greenhouse Stable

The design is a strong and easy to assemble frame made of high-quality high-strength steel. The structure is painted with polymer powder paint, which perfectly resists the moisture contained in the air. The layer of paint makes it possible to provide a hard, durable and, at the same time, decorative coating, which allows the structure of the frame to perfectly resist negative atmospheric influences. Another important feature associated with this model is the unique film that is stretched over this frame. This is a unique and reliable material. It is able to scatter direct sunlight, preventing the harmful part of the spectrum from penetrating to plants. In addition, all the ultraviolet, which is so necessary for the growth and development of crops, will reach its destination.

The film can perfectly protect berries, vegetables, flowers from damage during heavy rain, wind or hail. Also, this material will be an ideal protection against frost in the spring or autumn months. Ease of assembly is ensured by the well-known «pipe-to-pipe» technology, and for this you do not have to use various kinds of fasteners. The film cover can simply be put on the frame, and its excess, which will remain on the bottom, can only be sprinkled with a layer of earth. In addition, the cover allows you not to use nails, buttons, tucks and other fasteners, because of which the standard and familiar film quickly fails. The average period of operation of the film cover is about 7-10 years.


  • Very convenient and easy assembly, which takes a minimum amount of time;
  • The cover is made of a unique film that does not allow harmful sun rays to the plants, but allows ultraviolet light to penetrate;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Excellent protection against all kinds of rain.


  • To many gardeners, this product seems quite expensive.

Greenhouse Stable

9. Mini greenhouse greenhouse JXX-11002

Mini greenhouse greenhouse JXX-11002

The product is a fairly easy-to-use and at the same time quite economical invention of the domestic enterprise Biotorg. The manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of goods for the home and garden. Absolutely the entire range is characterized by excellent workmanship, much attention is paid to detail. Often, even farmers involved in the cultivation of vegetables and other crops on an industrial scale acquire such greenhouses for themselves. The product is also bought by novice gardeners, who are captivated by the quite reasonable cost of this model. The overall dimensions of the greenhouse are insignificant, so it can be placed even in a small area. With its help, it will be possible to benefit literally from every inch of the earth.

If there is an acute shortage of free space on your site — it is not possible to place a large stationary type structure there, then this greenhouse will come in handy. It is ideal for crops that are not suitable for open ground or are not able to grow or mature in specific climatic conditions. Despite the fact that the design is quite simple, it is characterized by increased strength. The frame is made of a metal pipe, whose thickness is 1.6 mm. The kit also comes with a high-strength covering material. Its thickness is 0.14 mm, which allows it to easily withstand even hurricane gusts of wind, large hail. If the material is properly stretched, then rainwater will not accumulate on it.


  • Compact overall dimensions — the greenhouse will be an ideal option for small areas;
  • Acceptable cost makes the model attractive even for beginner gardeners;
  • The material is very durable, so it is able to withstand almost any weather conditions;
  • The metal framework is qualitatively protected from corrosion processes.


  • Due to the insignificant height, it is impossible to go there, so you will have to raise the covering material every time, violating the resulting microclimate.

Mini greenhouse greenhouse JXX-11002

8. Greenhouse Mister Hit PC-1 200×300 cm

Greenhouse Mister Hit PC-1 200x300 cm photo

Like all the best greenhouses, this design is made of a high-quality galvanized profile, the cross section of which is 20×20 mm. The model was created for summer cottages with an area of ​​six acres. The dimensions are not too large, so the product can be easily transported in the trunk of a car. The greenhouse is perfect for year-round cultivation of cultivated plants — cucumbers, cabbage, herbs, flowers, and so on. The model is quite high, even a tall person will be quite comfortable in it.

Only four sheets of cellular polycarbonate will be enough to cover (forgot to note that this material has an air gap that provides additional insulation, it will keep warm air inside well and create a comfortable microclimate). On each end side there is a door and a window for ventilation. The design is able to withstand significant loads in terms of weather — a layer of snow up to 10 cm as standard, with the purchase of additional racks up to 50 cm, strong gusts of wind (about 20-25 meters per second).


  • Inside it is warm and dry even in the cold season;
  • There are vents for ventilation;
  • Quite high.


  • A rather heavy construction, so it will be quite difficult to use such a greenhouse as a portable one or to clean it for the winter.

Greenhouse Mister Hit PC-1 200×300 cm

7. Greenhouse Kremlin Suite 3M 210×300 cm

Greenhouse Kremlin Suite 3M 210x300 cm photo

It is produced on the basis of a frame made of a profile pipe, which is not an ordinary welded arc, but a rather powerful structure. Despite the fact that it is not equipped with special metal amplifiers, it is very strong. It is delivered unassembled, but if desired, it can be quickly and easily assembled. The connections are all smooth, resulting in a smooth truss, when sheathed with polycarbonate, there will be no gaps through which cold air could pass. All elements are perfectly fixed without the help of additional tools. The model is designed for both installation on the ground and on the foundation.

The design has two doors, each of which has a window. On sale there are models equipped with additional pushers, but such a design, of course, will cost more. The pushers will automatically open the vents when a certain temperature is reached, and when it drops to a predetermined threshold, they will close. This point greatly facilitates the cultivation and care of crops.


  • Sturdy construction that doesn’t weigh too much.
  • Suitable for both ground and foundation installation;
  • Easy to assemble, install and transport.


  • It costs quite a lot.

Greenhouse Kremlin Suite 3M 210×300 cm

6. Greenhouse ShelterLogic in a box (round roof) 240×300 cm

Greenhouse ShelterLogic in a box (round roof) 240x300 cm

This design is made on the basis of a metal frame made of a round pipe, the diameter of which is 3.5 cm. In the central part, the height of the greenhouse is 2 m 40 cm, due to which the internal volume is quite large. The frame has a DuPont coating, in addition, the structure has four load-bearing arches, along the perimeter of the base there is also a reinforced frame. The greenhouse is equipped with only one door with a durable and convenient locking mechanism.

The greenhouse has a waterproof awning that protects the structure from the penetration of excessive amounts of ultraviolet rays. The central awning is one-piece, the rear end panel is also solid, but there is a ventilation window in it, and there is a door in the front. The design is designed in such a way that the awning, if necessary, can be turned up, giving access to fresh air. This is very important if planting material is grown, since fresh air allows you to harden the seedlings well and make them resistant to cold and diseases. The greenhouse can be assembled in record time — about an hour and a half. The average service life is ten years, and it is not necessary to clean it for the winter.


  • Very mobile and lightweight design that can be easily moved from one place to another;
  • It is possible to significantly increase the yield due to temperature control and a good ventilation system.


  • If the greenhouse will be used in winter, then the awning will have to be changed to cellular polycarbonate;
  • The construction is quite expensive.

Greenhouse ShelterLogic in a box (round roof) 240×300 cm

5. Greenhouse ShelterLogic GardenDreams 300×400 cm

Greenhouse ShelterLogic GardenDreams 300x400 cm

The design is characterized by standard dimensions of 3×4 m and a height of 2 m in the ridge. This will allow a person to comfortably stay inside. The walls are strictly vertical, so you can use the entire usable space of the greenhouse as efficiently as possible. In principle, this model has typical dimensions, so it can be easily placed on a standard summer cottage. The supporting frame is made of steel tubes with a diameter of 3.5 cm. Such a design solution provides excellent stability of the model in relation to dynamic loads. Most of the connections are bolted, all elements are numbered. You can assemble the product as the simplest designer, spending only a couple of hours on it. Each of the support legs is equipped with a mounting steel platform that facilitates installation on the ground.

Along the perimeter there is a special lacing that provides the most reliable fastening of the awning to the frame. It is made of a special light-diffusing material that perfectly shows its capabilities in cool weather, keeping maximum heat inside. On hot days, the surface of the tent removes excess heat, providing the most comfortable microclimate for plants. The material also scatters light, preventing foliage burns, creating a three-dimensional lighting effect, without shadows. To provide access to fresh air, the awning has a door that closes with a zipper. If there is a need to create additional ventilation, then the lower parts of the tent along the long sides of the greenhouse can be raised.


  • The instruction is very detailed;
  • All structural elements are numbered to ensure quick assembly;
  • The steel frame is very reliable;
  • The awning is made of a unique light-scattering material.


  • For small areas, the greenhouse area may be too large.

Greenhouse ShelterLogic GardenDreams 300×400 cm

4. Greenhouse ShelterLogic GardenDreams 200×300 cm

Greenhouse ShelterLogic GardenDreams 200x300 cm photo

This model is designed for use in the spring-summer period. It has excellent quality and a number of advantages compared to similar structures covered with polyethylene or upholstered with cellular polycarbonate. The greenhouse is quite rigid and reliable — this can be achieved largely due to the presence in the kit of additional elements that will reinforce the frame: Shelter Lock stabilizers, as well as cross-rails of the Cross Rail type. The awning is additionally stretched using the Ratchet tite mechanism, it will perfectly resist strong winds.

The awning itself is made of unique ClearView materials that withstand tensile loads well and do not deform during the entire service life. This material passes a sufficient amount of ultraviolet rays well through itself. Its thermal conductivity is low, due to which even at night in such a greenhouse a quite acceptable temperature and humidity regime will be maintained, preventing the plants from getting hypothermia.


  • Manufactured from quality materials for durability.
  • Lightweight, transportable;
  • Reliably protects plants from hypothermia and overheating.


  • High price;
  • Can only be used in spring and summer.

Greenhouse ShelterLogic GardenDreams 200×300 cm

3. GRINDA Tunnel 422315-500

GRINDA Tunnel 422315-500

A simple, but at the same time very easy-to-use greenhouse, which is made on the basis of polymer arcs. They are completely insensitive to the negative effects of the external environment — they tolerate high humidity and even dampness well, do not decompose under the action of chemical compounds, perfectly resist low and high temperatures, and do not need periodic staining. It is very easy to stick them into the ground — each arc has a sharpened tip with a mark on both sides, which should be at ground level during assembly. On the one hand, it may seem that this is a trifle, but it allows you to stick the arcs into the soil so that they are on the same level — it will be much easier to pull the covering material.

A standard polyethylene film is supplied with the product. It is not very good, as it can lead to foliage burns, weakly retains heat and practically does not provide the necessary microclimate for plants. Many users are advised to immediately replace it with something more suitable. The greenhouse perfectly withstands strong winds, as it is located low from the ground. To ensure the care of plants, it is necessary to raise the covering material. This is not very convenient, besides, it negatively affects the internal microclimate. The greenhouse will perfectly protect cultivated plants from birds and insects, and this is very important even at the stage of sowing seeds. When disassembled, it takes up almost no free space. Products can be used not only for vegetables, but also for a number of other cultivated plants — berries, flowers, and other crops. For beginner gardeners, this model will be an ideal option.


  • Polymer tubes are not sensitive to a variety of external negative influences;
  • Long period of operation;
  • You can adjust the size of the greenhouse;
  • Acceptable cost — often beginner gardeners and gardeners give preference.


  • A dense polyethylene film is used as a covering material, which is not able to protect plants from harmful solar radiation.

Greenhouse GRINDA Tunnel 422315-500

2. Mini greenhouse JXX-10003

Mini greenhouse JXX-10003

In second place in the review of the best country greenhouses is a very compact model, which was originally developed in order to be able to grow plants in the fresh air that were not intended for planting in open ground. For example, many people use it to harden seedlings, potted flowers, and so on. Such a mini-greenhouse will be very useful for growing cultivated plants at home, for example, on a windowsill. It has a compact overall dimensions, allows you to create an excellent microclimate. The frame is made on the basis of metal tubes, powder-coated in dark green. The cover is transparent, made of polyvinyl chloride material, the thickness of which is 0.14 mm. It is additionally equipped with a zippered door.

The greenhouse is a kind of whatnot, the shelves in which are made of metal mesh. This is very convenient, since at the same time in a limited space you can grow a large number of very different plants. The shelves are adjustable in height, so the plants will not have discomfort if they suddenly run into the next tier. You can disassemble the greenhouse in a matter of minutes. The door with a zipper is unfastened along the entire height of the shelves, it is equipped with several holders, with which it can be fixed in a convenient position.


  • Made from very high quality materials;
  • You can grow a variety of plants, even on an ordinary windowsill in an apartment;
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • The covering cover is equipped with a convenient zippered door, which is also equipped with latches.


  • Not suitable for open ground.

Mini greenhouse JXX-10003

1. Siberian Strelka 25

Siberian Strelka 25 photo

In the first place in the ranking of the best greenhouses, this model deservedly turned out to be, which managed to establish itself as a stable and reliable design. It has a very long service life. The model is quite stable in relation to not only wind or rain, but also snow loads. This product is 3 meters wide, reaches a height of 2.15 m. The model is equipped with arrow-shaped arches, which allows it to withstand snow loads up to 340 kg.

The greenhouse has two doors, each of them has a window for ventilation. The frame is made on the basis of a metal profile with a section of 25×25 mm. All elements made of metal are treated with powder paint, which allows you to carefully protect the entire structure from the negative effects of atmospheric phenomena. From the outside, the frame is sheathed with cellular polycarbonate, either domestic or foreign. It is quite durable, fits snugly to the frame and takes its shape, so that no gaps occur. The manufacturer managed to create a perfectly sealed design that will easily retain heat, preventing the temperature inside from falling below zero even during the most severe frosts.

You can buy a greenhouse Siberian Strelka 25 with a length of 4, 6 or 8 meters from the manufacturer on the website!


  • A galvanized coupling tape is supplied with the greenhouse, with the help of which a tighter fastening of the polycarbonate to the frame is provided;
  • The teardrop shape of the frame prevents the accumulation of snow masses on the greenhouse. If the height of the snowdrifts is more than 25 cm, then the snow will roll off on its own;
  • The pipe from which the frame is made is galvanized, and the increased cross section makes it possible to give the structure even greater strength;
  • The pitch of the frame arcs can be 1 m or 65 cm;
  • The polycarbonate that the greenhouse is sheathed with can be of Russian or foreign production, its thickness is 4 or 6 mm.


  • Not detected.

Greenhouse Siberian Strelka 25

In conclusion, a useful video

All presented models are well suited for any climatic conditions, however, it is up to you to decide which greenhouse will be the best option. If you have any thoughts on the content of our review, or if you want to share your experience with using a greenhouse with other readers, then you are welcome to us in the comments.