The best screw pumps, top 10 screw pumps for wells

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The problem of water supply is still quite acute for many residents of our country, especially for those who live in private houses or estates. Providing housing with water in most cases is carried out with the help of a well and a pump — they come in a variety of types, ranging from elementary submersible to more advanced screw-type structures. The screw is the best option, since it lasts much longer than other structures, and also allows you to provide water not only to the household itself, but also to the garden with a vegetable garden.

Despite the fact that such products have been on the market for a long time, not all people understand how to choose the right device. Our editorial staff decided to help readers and developed a unique ranking of the best screw pumps in 2022. In it, we have collected the most popular models, presented their key performance characteristics and talked about their main features. Moreover, here readers will find some more useful tips regarding the choice and installation of the model.

How to choose the right screw pump?

In a pump of this type, the liquid pressure is formed due to its displacement from the space between the rotor or screw and the stator, which is a housing made in the form of a pipe. In this space, a liquid chamber is formed, which will move as the screw rotates. The screw pump has a number of important characteristics — the number of revolutions of the rotor (for the most powerful models it can reach 6 thousand revolutions per minute), the volume of the pumped liquid (this parameter ranges from 3 liters to 6 tons per minute), as well as the fluid pressure at the outlet from the pump (this figure is usually 4 — 25 atmospheres).

When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the power of the device. It can be from 250 W to 5 kW. It will also be necessary to take into account the maximum possible load that the domestic water supply can withstand, as well as the electrical network of the building. It is worth looking at what material the body of the device is made of. This indicator affects the environment in which you can use this machine. The fact is that groundwater contains a fairly large amount of dissolved salts. If the case is made of ordinary steel, then this will lead to the fact that corrosion processes will begin on it very quickly.

In most cases, screw pumps are placed in a housing made of food-grade stainless steel, which will not react chemically with salts dissolved in water, therefore, will not rust during its entire service life. There are models that are additionally covered with food grade plastic. The mass of the device has a direct impact on the mounting technology. Lightweight devices generally do not need additional structures during installation, heavy ones, on the contrary, will need to be fixed in the well in some way.

When we selected models for inclusion in the review of the best screw pumps, we paid attention, first of all, to these points, since they have a direct impact on ease of use, service life of the model, and so on. However, some other factors were also taken into account, such as value for money, as well as user reviews. We tried not to include too expensive devices in the rating, so that each of our readers could choose for themselves the most suitable device in all respects — both in terms of performance and cost.

Budget segment


UNIPUMP 4SKM 100 photo

This model is equipped with a working rotor made of brass. Its power is enough to provide water supply at a rate of 35 liters per minute if the well depth does not exceed 20 meters. The maximum limit of possibilities is 50 meters, however, in this case, the amount of incoming water will be reduced to 5 liters per minute.

The device is quite sensitive to pollution. In particular, the sand in the water should be no more than 10 grams per cubic meter, so the device is not suitable for any well. If the sand content is higher, then the pump will soon become clogged, it cannot be repaired, so you will need to buy some other model. The products operate on the basis of a high-quality electric motor, the power of which is 750 W, so the electricity consumption will not be too high.


  • High-quality brass parts that are not subject to corrosion during the entire service life;
  • The pump part has very worthy characteristics;
  • When working in relatively clean water, it is characterized by high reliability and a long service life.


  • The pump is very sensitive to the content of sand in the water.


3. Quattro Elementi ELICA 500

Quattro Elementi ELICA 500 photo

Another inexpensive, but very effective model. The design of this pump was developed by Italian engineers, but such products are assembled in Chinese factories. The motor here is weaker compared to the previous model — its power is only 500 W, but the pump is not too sensitive to sand in the water. Its concentration in the liquid can reach 100 grams per cubic meter, and even in this case, nothing bad will happen to this pump.

The performance for such a cheap device is at a decent level — it is capable of delivering about 2.5 cubic meters of water per hour. This indicator is quite enough for a private house, and it is also enough for watering the garden. In order to make the model as cheap as possible, the developers placed the device in a case not made of stainless steel, but of ordinary chrome material. In this regard, when buying such a device, you will need to immediately check the integrity of the coating, and in the future, handle the pump as carefully as possible, since just one slightest scratch will cause the case to begin to rust.


  • The pump is practically insensitive to contaminants contained in the water;
  • Minimum electricity consumption;
  • It is quite reliable and durable design, which is able to provide water to a small house.


  • The chrome-plated housing should be handled with the utmost care to prevent rust.

Pump Quattro Elementi ELICA 500

2. Aquarius BTsPE 0.5-50U

Aquarius BCPE 0.5-50U photo

Here is one of the most expensive models in its segment. The device is characterized by decent performance and excellent reliability. The power of the installed electric motor is 1 kW, so a little more electricity will be consumed compared to the models presented earlier. The device is able to lift water from a depth of about 70 meters, and the pressure and volume of water will be quite decent, however, the immersion depth of about 50 m is considered optimal. In this case, the unit will provide about 30 liters per minute.

The product is equipped with an oil-filled engine. It functions almost silently, very reliable, practically does not cause problems during operation. However, like the very first model, this pump is extremely sensitive to the concentration of sand in the water. The body is made of stainless steel, during operation it practically does not create vibrations, it does not weigh too much, so there is no need to make additional fastenings in the well. In addition, the device works completely silently.


  • It has a very long period of operation, provided that the requirements for water purity are observed;
  • Pretty decent performance for a budget product.


  • A decent case diameter is as much as 110 mm;
  • Very sensitive to sand concentration.

Aquarius pump BTsPE 0.5-50U


BELAMOS TF-40 photo

A very popular product, which also differs from other devices in a long period of warranty service — it is as much as 2 years. Despite the fact that the device is assembled in China, it is characterized as quite high quality and reliable. It perfectly resists the negative effects of sand. In water, its concentration can reach as much as 170 grams per cubic meter.

Another important feature of this device is the ability to easily disassemble it if necessary. Many budget pumps are placed in a non-separable case, so if they fail, they cannot be repaired. With this device, everything is completely different, so the owner can repair it with his own hands if it suddenly breaks. The motor power is 750 W, so the operation of the unit will practically not affect electricity bills. The engine easily tolerates a voltage drop, does not turn off because of this, so it is often purchased by homeowners in villages where mains voltage instability is a fairly popular problem. The maximum immersion depth of the unit is 40 m, from such a depth the pump can produce up to 2 cubic meters per hour. If the depth of the well is half as much, then the volume of water raised also doubles.


  • Excellent combination of reliability, cost and performance;
  • Easily works even with a high concentration of sand in the water.


  • The impellers are made of fairly cheap material.


Optimal models in terms of price-quality ratio in 2022

4. GARDENA 6000/5 inox Premium

GARDENA 6000/5 inox Premium Photo

The pump is intended for not too deep, but rather productive wells. The maximum immersion depth can reach 50 meters, and this device reveals all its capabilities to the maximum if it is located at a depth of no more than 20 meters. The design is equipped with a seven-speed brushless electric motor with a capacity of 100 liters per minute, the pressure in the system in this case will reach 5 bar. This makes the device perfect for a fairly large house with 8-10 taps, the unit will also be ideal for watering the garden.

The power of the electric motor is 950 W, so this device will not create an additional load on the home electrical network. The weight of the product is less than 9 kg, so if necessary, it can be easily removed from the well, for example, for maintenance.


  • Ideal for not too deep wells, especially if a decent amount of water is needed;
  • Insignificant mass;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Durable materials;
  • Easy to serve.


  • Some structural elements are made of plastic, so you need to be as careful as possible when handling them.

Pump GARDENA 6000/5 inox Premium

3. BELAMOS TF3-150

BELAMOS TF3-150 photo

It is characterized by the highest quality of motor performance. The electric motor installed in this pump has a power of 1600 watts. This allows him to lift water from very great depths. Even from 150 meters, he is able to raise water, and under a fairly decent pressure for such a depth. In this case, it will give out 250 liters of water per hour — not too much, but under certain conditions, people will be happy about this. The optimal working conditions are as follows: the depth of the well should be no more than 80 m. From this depth, the unit is already able to lift two cubic meters per hour.

The pump is completely insensitive to water salinity. The content of sand and salts in it can reach up to 150 grams per cubic meter. The diameter of the device is only 76 mm, so it will fit even in a very narrow well. Largely due to these reasons, this product is so popular.


  • Excellent performance;
  • Very reliable and durable device;
  • In the production, only high-quality components are used;
  • Not sensitive to water salinity.


  • Differs in high starting current;
  • Significant mass.

Pump BELAMOS TF3-150

2. Aquarius BTsPE 0.32-140U

Aquarius BCPE 0.32-140U photo

Another high-quality model from the Ukrainian manufacturer, which has been manufacturing pumping equipment for quite a few years. The developers managed to achieve excellent performance characteristics of this equipment largely due to the installation of a lifting pump section with 25 low profile wheels in this design. They rotate from an asynchronous brushless electric motor, whose power is 2.5 kW. In this regard, the device needs a separate line from the shield so as not to create an additional load on the home electrical network.

The device is sold immediately fully ready for deep-sea diving. It comes with a cable and a power cable, each of which is 140 meters long. From this depth, the pump is able to deliver about 20 liters per minute. If the well depth is 60 m, then the productivity increases almost 4 times.


  • Excellent unit reliability;
  • Good performance even when working at great depths.


  • The manufacturer did not provide protection against idling;
  • Decent mass;
  • Significant power consumption.

Borehole pump Aquarius BTsPE 0.32-140U

1. Pedrollo 4SR 1.5/8-PD

Pedrollo 4SR 1.5/8-PD photo

The design of this unit is much simpler compared to premium devices, but all the main positive qualities of more expensive products are present here. The device is reliable and durable, it can easily withstand water salinity up to 150 grams per cubic meter.

Despite all its performance, the device is equipped with an electric motor, the power of which is only 370 watts — one of the lowest figures in this review. The product is not too sensitive to lift height. From a well depth of 25 m, the product will lift up to 35 liters of water per minute. The maximum depth of the pump is 50 m, however, in this case, the performance is reduced to 5 liters per minute.


  • Reliable operation even in sufficiently mineralized water;
  • Small power consumption.


  • The maximum depth is only 50 m.

Pump Pedrollo 4SR 1.5/8-PD

High quality screw pumps

2 Grundfos SQE 1-95

Grundfos SQE 1-95 photo

The design is equipped with an electric motor operating on the basis of permanent magnets, which can significantly reduce starting currents. This factor is very important for this device, since the power of its motor is 1,600 watts. The pump has a soft start system, as well as a speed frequency control system. The device even in a weak power supply allows you to achieve stable operation. This model was developed by Danish engineers, but according to the established tradition, the device is manufactured in Chinese factories. Users have no complaints about the build quality, components and reliability.

The maximum diving depth of this unit is as much as 142 meters, but from there it will only lift about 1.7 cubic meters per hour. If the pump is immersed at 50 m, then it is able to reach full capacity — 6-7 cubic meters per hour. The unit makes serious demands on the quality of water, the maximum concentration of sand and other substances should be no more than 30 grams per cubic meter.


  • The ability to function even at very great depths;
  • The device is easy to maintain;
  • A soft start system with frequency motor control is provided.


  • Makes serious demands on the purity of water.

Pump Grundfos SQE 1-95

1. Pedrollo 4BLOCKm2/10

Pedrollo 4BLOCKm2/10 photo

This is truly the best unit in our entire roundup of the best screw pumps. The fact is that in most cases there is no need for too much depth of immersion, but the issue of energy consumption is completely different. This device is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 550 watts. The engine does not create an additional load on the network, is able to withstand even significant voltage drops, and can operate even at a stable low voltage. The device has ten working sections, thanks to which it is possible to provide a pressure of up to 65 meters if it is submerged relative to the water level up to 40 m. With a well depth of 60 m, in an hour the product is able to raise about a cubic meter of water to the surface, if the pump is located at a depth of 20 meters, this figure increases to 3.5 cubic meters.

The pump housing, shaft and all bearings are made of stainless steel, which allows to significantly increase the service life of the structure. In the working sections, the wheels are made of Lexan, a particularly durable polymer that is insensitive to abrasion. This allows the device to withstand a decent concentration of sand — up to 150 grams per cubic meter of water.


  • Consumes not too much electricity;
  • High performance;
  • Very reliable design;
  • Not too much mass of the device.


  • The length of the power cable is only 20 meters.

Pump Pedrollo 4BLOCKm2/10

In conclusion, a useful video

So our rating of the best screw pumps has ended. We tried to tell as much as possible about each presented model, so I would like to express the hope that you were able to choose the best option for yourself. If it was not possible to decide, because certain questions remained, then you can always ask us in the comments to this article. Our editors will collect all the information you are interested in as soon as possible and provide it in the most understandable form.