The best snow blowers, top 9 ranking of good snow blowers

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Snow is one of the main attributes of the Russian winter. It causes a lot of difficulties for many people: snow-covered sidewalks and roads make it difficult to move along them to a large extent. Cleaning large areas by hand is not an easy task, which is why more and more people and organizations are opting for a technique such as a snow blower. Due to the fact that such products are very popular, a huge number of various models have appeared on sale.

It is quite easy to get confused in the available assortment. So that you can choose the optimal design for yourself, we decided to rank the best snow blowers in 2022. It includes the most popular, according to users, models. However, before we begin to consider the useful characteristics of this equipment, let’s look at its design features, varieties of snow blowers. In addition, you need to consider what points are important when buying such devices. Let’s start with this.

What do you pay attention to when choosing a snow blower?

For a competent purchase of this product, it is necessary to clearly understand what tasks are set for it. The fact is that all similar units will differ quite a lot from each other in a huge set of parameters. One can be adapted for clearing a large snow-covered area with frost, the other is suitable for clearing a small area in front of the house. Snow blowers can be classified according to their maximum clearing area. If the area of ​​​​the site does not reach 50 square meters, then a low-power design, powered by a battery or electricity, is quite suitable. This is the cheapest product.

With a snow depth of 25 cm or more, a similar snow blower will be completely ineffective, it will clean the gasoline device much faster and better. Such products have an original bucket shape, due to which they are able to easily cope with snowdrifts, the height of which can reach about 40 cm, however, there are also quite powerful devices that can cope with snowdrifts up to 50 cm. Gasoline units will become most effective if the retractable area is 100 sq. m or more.

How to choose a snow blower

Many models are equipped with self-propelled drive based on wheels or tracks — this factor greatly facilitates the operation of this equipment. It is not uncommon for situations where the opportunity to clear snow arises only on weekends. This leads to the fact that the mass becomes caked, becomes heavy and loose, or even becomes covered with an ice crust. In this case, you will need a fairly powerful and productive device, since a weak model is unlikely to be able to throw snow a considerable distance.

Most low cost snow blowers can only operate in soft or fresh snow. Their bucket is in most cases made of plastic, therefore it is not designed for serious physical exertion. Wet or already caked cover will severely damage the auger. Metal rubberized buckets are equipped with products whose power is above 5 horsepower.

Bucket width is an important indicator. For non-self-propelled products, a bucket that is too wide will become a significant disadvantage, since the operator will have to put a lot of effort in order to push it in front of him. Standard auger products with a power of about 5-6 horsepower are not able to throw snow further than 5 meters. The equipment can be equipped with several stages of cleaning. Single-stage units are used to work with narrow areas. Two-stage products are more versatile, have a reinforced rotor that will accelerate the mass to high speed.

When choosing models to include in our ranking of the best snow blowers, we relied not only on these factors, but also took into account user reviews, and also took into account value for money. We divided the review into three sections, for each of which we selected the most optimal, from our point of view, products. We hope you find it interesting, informative and useful.

Inexpensive price segment

3. AL-KO SnowLine 55E

AL-KO SnowLine 55E photo

Products of a German company that traces its history back to 1931. Today it has over forty representative offices located in many countries of the world. The manufactured equipment is quite in demand, especially since almost all of it is intended for use in domestic conditions. This model is one of the most popular and widespread, as it has good declared characteristics and at the same time is not too expensive. The grip is wide and very powerful, thanks to which the unit is able to easily cope even with heavy and hard-packed snow. The equipment differs in compact dimensions that facilitates not only its operation, but also storage. Power indicators are quite enough to completely clear a backyard or house plot from a heap of snow drifts. The engine power of the device is 6 horsepower.

The snow blower has only one cleaning system, but the auger is designed in such a way that, in combination with a productive engine, it can fully compensate for the lack of an impeller. The motor is equipped with an electric start system, so the product can be started even at fairly low temperatures. The snow throwing chute can be adjusted by hand using a special mechanism. This allows you to install it in the most suitable position, which will provide a high level of cleaning efficiency. The volume of the fuel tank is increased, so you can use it for quite a long time without stopping.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • German workmanship and assembly quality;
  • Decent fuel tank capacity;
  • The duration of the period of operation;
  • The ability to work independently for a long time.


  • At very high loads, the drive belt can fly off, but putting it back in place is quite easy.

AL-KO SnowLine 55E


ELITECH CM 6 photo

Budget and functional model from Chinese developers. The product has a simple device, so it almost never breaks. The exterior is nice and modern. No complex electronic parts are provided here, only proven solutions are used. The model is made of the highest quality materials, does not require special maintenance during operation. The control is simple, the cross-country ability is excellent, the engine consumes a minimum of fuel, but at the same time it is characterized by high performance indicators. With this unit, you can clean difficult areas, as well as fairly large areas. The dimensions of the product are small, including the mass. This allows for high maneuverability.

Engine power is about 6 hp, the maximum bandwidth reaches 56 cm. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters at an average consumption of about 0.6 liters per hour: it turns out that a full tank will be enough for continuous operation for six hours. The gearbox here is mechanical — there are four forward and two reverse speeds. They switch easily and conveniently, there is a friction disc. The screw diameter is 24 cm, it is made of high quality steel, all edges are carefully sharpened. They fight well not only with packed snow, but also with ice and fairly thick crust. The manual starter will start the engine at any temperature. The case is metal, it is not damaged by snow drifts.


  • An elementary design in which there is simply nothing to break;
  • Small consumption of gasoline;
  • Reliability;
  • High build quality;
  • The location of all controls is carefully thought out.


  • Slightly narrow wheels, because of which the patency will be somewhat worse on loose snow.


1. Interskol SMB-650E

Interskol SMB-650E photo

A machine of domestic production, which is designed specifically for work in hard-to-reach areas. It is capable of cleaning the surface of snow and ice where more powerful and bulky equipment cannot reach. Mainly, this snow blower is designed for work at home — clearing areas near houses and porches, paths, parking spaces and driveways. The unit is equipped with high quality wheels that perform well even on very slippery surfaces. The discs are made of stainless steel, the protectors are quite deep. The tires themselves are designed in such a way as not to slip and provide better grip on the surface. A powerful and productive Interskol-Loncin brand motor is provided. This is a four-stroke engine that can work efficiently and reliably even at abnormally low temperatures. It is powerful enough, has good torque, due to which all the useful functions of this unit are fully revealed.

The bucket is metal, all elements that are in direct contact with the snow cover are characterized by a high level of quality. The snow blower itself has a very attractive appearance. The bucket is equipped with an auger mechanism that captures and crushes any snow and severe ice. Literally in one turn, it takes a decent amount of snow and processes a significant area. The outlet chute can be rotated in different directions. It is also made from high-quality stainless steel, which is not subject to the occurrence of corrosion processes. To make the device comfortable to use in the dark, it has a powerful flashlight. An electric start system is also provided, but the engine can be started using a manual starter. The handle has an ergonomic shape, it can be adjusted according to the height of the user. All controls are arranged in such a way that they are always at the user’s fingertips.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • High power level;
  • High-quality and durable engine;
  • Able to throw snow at a distance of 10-12 meters.


  • It is necessary to tighten some bolts from time to time.

Interskol SMB-650E

Average price category

3. MTD Smart ME 61

MTD Smart ME 61 photos

The machine is able to cope with a snow cover thickness of 50 cm in one pass, the grip width is 61 cm, the snow itself is thrown to a distance of 9 to 12 m. In order to completely clear an area of ​​​​about 500 square meters. The device will take about two hours. The augers have teeth made of carbide materials. The edges of the blades of the drums are sharpened very sharply, thanks to which the device shows its useful performance well on packed snow and ice. The snow blower can be used not only for clearing the territory, but also for laying paths and maintaining them in working condition. The gasoline engine is economical and reliable, allows you to work completely offline. MTD ThorX 70 OHV engine, it is equipped with isolated actuators for air and throttle valves, a fuel pumping system is provided. It can be easily launched even in a thirty-degree frost. The motor is equipped with one cylinder, operates in a four-stroke mode, the valves are located in the upper part of the engine. It works relatively quietly, practically does not vibrate.

The disc-o-Matic friction transmission is responsible for the self-propelled part of the installation. Speed ​​adjustment occurs smoothly, without jerks, the user hardly notices the switch. Screw units are attached to the rotating shaft by special shear bolts. The impeller is equipped with metal blades in the amount of 3 or 6 pieces. The bucket, designed to capture snow, has ideal geometric characteristics, on the sides it is equipped with guide skis made of plastic. In the area where the bucket is in contact with the snow mass, there is a scoring knife. The wheels are 38 mm in diameter and are equipped with Snow Dog tubeless tires, with a rather deep X-shaped tread, thanks to which the car moves steadily both on soft snow and on ice. The deflector that removes the snow mass is made of plastic, resistant to low temperatures, can change the angle by 180 degrees, and is manually adjusted.


  • Excellent performance at low temperatures;
  • Plastic and metal parts are made very high quality;
  • The unit is easy to manage.


  • High price.

MTD Smart ME 61

2.Champion ST553

Champion ST553 photo

This unit is able to easily cope in one pass even with a heavily packed snowdrift, which reaches a height of 51 cm, a working width of almost 53 cm — this is the best indicator compared to all models in this price category of our rating of snow blowers of the year. The largest angle of rotation of the chute for throwing snow is 200 degrees, so you can throw the mass in almost any direction. In order to make the use of this equipment as comfortable as possible for the operator, the product is self-propelled and equipped with eight gears, six of which are forward and two reverse. In general, the equipment of this brand first appeared on the market in 2006. This is a domestic company, but recently it has moved all its main facilities to China. The company is in direct contact with many world-famous manufacturers of similar products and purchases all the necessary structural elements from them. In particular, this model has an American-made Briggs & Stratton engine.

The equipment has excellent performance characteristics, which allows it to be used not only in domestic conditions, but also as part of professional snow clearing. It turns out that the device will be very suitable for public utilities. It is worth noting the attractive appearance of the unit. All controls are located as conveniently as possible, the user will not have to be distracted by switching speeds or turning on the reverse. The outlet chute can be controlled remotely. If necessary, you can purchase attachments in the form of a sweeper brush, which will make the surface to be cleaned even more even. The bucket has a sufficiently large volume, it is additionally equipped with a two-bladed auger with large notches. Engine power is 4 horsepower with a volume of 163 cc, it is a four-stroke. The capacity of the fuel tank is 3 liters, this parameter will be quite enough to work with a maximum load of about 3-4 hours.


  • High level of power and reliability;
  • Quality engine;
  • Ideal weight distribution, no load on the user’s arms and back;
  • Remote adjustment of the output of the snow jet.


  • Quite noisy during operation.

Champion ST553

1. Husqvarna ST 224

Husqvarna ST 224 photo

This is a multifunctional model, which was developed specifically for snow removal operations in extremely low temperatures, so that this equipment can be used even in the northern regions of our country. The device is self-propelled wheeled, the engine is gasoline, the total power is 6.3 horsepower, the volume of the fuel tank is 2.6 liters. There are two high-brightness LED headlights on the front, so the product can be used even in complete darkness. The engine start is electric, there is a special preheating system, so the engine starts even in very severe frost. The gearbox is a mechanical type, it has seven speeds at once, of which six are forward and one reverse. The mass of the unit is 90 kg. The principle of operation is two-stage — the product first captures the snow, and then switches to its rejection. If necessary, you can use the differential lock. This allows for optimal traction and full use of both wheels.

The bell is controlled, the lever for adjusting its position is located directly on the operator panel. The width of the snow strip is 61 cm, which is slightly above average, but it is the most suitable for this type of self-propelled installation. All working elements, including moving ones, are made of high-quality steel, which is not sensitive to the occurrence of corrosion processes, which can significantly extend the life of the unit. The ergonomics of the device is thought out as carefully as possible, which allows the user to control the snow blower even with one hand.


  • Perfectly grinds not only packed snow, but also ice up to 4 cm thick;
  • Throws snow at a decent distance;
  • The handles are ergonomically shaped and heated;
  • High reliability of a design;
  • High-quality assembly ensures a long period of operation;
  • Lots of speeds.


  • The backward movement is rather slow, it does not work as efficiently with melted snow as with fresh snow, so it is undesirable to delay cleaning.

Husqvarna ST 224

The best elite snow blowers in 2022

3. Honda HSM1390IKZE

Honda HSM1390IKZE photo

The first machine in our review of the best snow blowers equipped with a caterpillar drive. The rated motor power of the unit is 13 horsepower. The engine is started manually, it runs on gasoline, four-stroke. The ground snow ejection system is two-stage. The width of the bucket is 92 cm, it is able to pick up a snowdrift over 50 cm high. The augers are made of high-quality metal. The capacity of the fuel tank is 6.5 liters, the weight of the entire apparatus is 240 kg. This is the first model that can be used for commercial applications. For the stable operation of the tracks, special electric motors are responsible, which receive energy from a generator connected to the motor. With the help of such a system, it is possible to significantly increase the reliability of the unit and to a large extent extend its service life, as well as reduce the overall fuel consumption.

The case is lightweight, made of polymer compositions, reliably protected from moisture. It easily withstands both static and dynamic loads. As an additional option, an electric snow chute control system is installed here. A bright and long-range headlight based on a reliable LED is provided. The presence of an electric starter allows you to start the engine even in conditions of abnormally low temperatures. Due to the rather capacious tank, the snow blower can work without interruption for about 2-3 hours. Snow is thrown at a decent distance — up to 19 meters. The handles are very comfortable, if necessary, you can turn on their heating.


  • High work efficiency;
  • Works well for cleaning large areas.
  • Lightweight body made of polymer materials;
  • Long period of operation.


  • High price.

Honda HSM1390IKZE



In second place is another multifunctional model of a professional plan. Compared to the other two designs from this section, it costs a little less, but in terms of operational properties it is in no way inferior to them. The cleaning system here is of a two-stage type, it is equipped with an impeller made of high-quality sheet metal, snow can be thrown up to a distance of up to 12 meters — this is very convenient if there is a need to clean large areas. The augers are equipped with teeth that easily grind crust and even ice. The design is self-propelled. In order to be able to ensure smooth movement, there are six forward and two reverse gears. As users note in their reviews, this unit is very reliable, with its help you can achieve very high performance indicators. The engine is gasoline, the power of the equipment is about 7 horsepower. The volume of the tank is 3 liters: this capacity is quite enough for a long battery life.

The product does not weigh too much, so it is easy to maneuver and also convenient to transport from one place to another. The augers are equipped with shear bolts, which will reliably protect the gearbox from various kinds of defects if the snow blower collides with various hard objects. The wheels, if necessary, can be unlocked, which will significantly increase the maneuverability of the equipment. At the same time, the wheels themselves are pneumatic, and the aggressive tread Arctic Trac & Trade is applied to the tires. With its help, it is possible to achieve excellent adhesion to the surface, slippage is practically not observed. In general, the car is quite easy to care for. The swivel type deflector is adjustable by 190 degrees — for this a special regulator is provided, located directly on the control panel.


  • Very reliable and productive machine;
  • Regardless of weather conditions, it will start the first time;
  • Protectors go well in the snow, protect against slipping;
  • Great grip width.


  • The engine runs quite loudly — the operator will feel comfortable only in headphones.


1. Huter SGC 8100C

Huter SGC 8100C photo

Another German-made design of a self-propelled character. It is designed specifically for cleaning snow masses in areas of different sizes. With it, you can lay paths, clear areas, parking lots, home gardens and so on. The power of the product is 11 horsepower. The engine here is gasoline, equipped with a single cylinder, is a four-stroke design. You can start the motor using a manual starter, however, for greater convenience, the snow blower also has an electric starter, but it is powered by a standard 220 V power supply. The motor is air-cooled. The product is self-propelled, equipped with caterpillars, thanks to which it easily overcomes icy areas in the territory, which is cleared from snow masses.

The snow blower is characterized by excellent maneuverability and easy control. The width of the cleaned strip is 74 cm. Without refueling, it can work for about 3-4 hours. The design is equipped with eight speeds, of which six are forward and two are reverse. There is a halogen headlight on the front of the case, like most models belonging to the premium class, the product is equipped with heated handles, the weight of the device is 115 kg. The product does not make too much noise. The auger is made of high-quality metal, the working edges are well sharpened, so it will quickly and finely crush the snow crust and even packed snowdrifts. Throw direction and range can be adjusted manually.


  • High power;
  • Soft and smooth running tracks in both forward and reverse gear;
  • Length of service life;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Reliability of components;
  • Minor fuel consumption.


  • Some cables will have to be changed after five or six seasons.

Huter SGC 8100C

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, here we end with our review of the best snow blowers. We have collected as much information as possible, we hope that you have now decided exactly which model will be the most suitable for you. If some questions remain unresolved — write to us in the comments, we will promptly respond to your message.