The best varieties of apple trees, top 10 rating of good varieties of apple trees

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Most summer residents and amateur gardeners strive to acquire as many trees as possible on their site. However, in this case, you can make a very serious mistake and plant too many seedlings, because of which, in just a few years, a beautiful site will turn into an impenetrable forest. Today there are a large number of small trees, including apple trees, which occupy a minimum of space, practically do not cast shadows and give a decent harvest.

This review of ours is dedicated to the best varieties of apple trees in 2022. In it, we will try to tell in as much detail as possible about the most popular varieties among summer residents, give their main characteristics and give some useful tips on choosing the most suitable one.

How to choose an apple variety?

In general, all breeds of apple trees can be divided into three main groups — early-ripening, mid-ripening and varieties that fully ripen already during storage. Early or summer varieties are considered the most common. For the most part, they have a pleasant and refreshing taste, very juicy. The harvest of such apples ripens around July, and in the southern regions even earlier — at the end of June. These apples are stored for a very short time — they can lie in the cool for no more than two weeks, and even less in the heat, literally three to four days. Accordingly, they should be eaten or processed as quickly as possible.

The first mid-season or, as most summer residents also call them, autumn varieties begin to ripen around the end of August, and therefore they are harvested in mid-September. They are able to lie for quite a long time — up to about 90 days. The fruits are characterized by juicy pulp, honey taste, some varieties have a slight sourness. Many of these varieties are ideal for preparations for the winter, for example, in the form of juices, compotes, jams, jams or jams. Winter apples are harvested in mid-October or even later. However, they are able to lie in a cool place until April, and some even longer.

Dwarf apple trees are ideal for areas where groundwater is located close enough to the soil surface — up to one and a half meters. On sandy and other light soils, it will be necessary to water the crops frequently and abundantly so that they do not experience a lack of moisture. If you do this, the fruits will be large and very juicy. On such soils, it is best to plant dwarf or semi-dwarf trees. Apple trees are not too fond of clay soils, but there are a number of varieties that will feel good even on them.

When we chose apple varieties for inclusion in our review, we took into account all the above features. However, we took into account a number of other important points, among which, first of all, we turned to user reviews, especially to experienced gardeners. We hope that after studying our rating of the best varieties of apple trees, you will be able to choose the most suitable options for yourself, which will delight you and your loved ones with a plentiful and tasty harvest for many years.

Early ripe varieties

4. Candy

candy photo

The trees belonging to this variety are characterized by rather large sizes and a powerful spreading crown. Such apple trees can grow up to 4-5 m. Flowering occurs in mid-May, inflorescences of flowers with white-pink petals form on the branches. On seed rootstocks, seedlings begin to bear fruit approximately three to four years after planting. There is also a dwarf version of this variety, from which the first crop can be harvested in just two years. The maximum weight of one fruit is about 140-150 grams. From one tree per season, you can collect up to 50-60 kg. The shape of the apples is flat-round, they are all approximately the same size. The color of the skin of the fruit is uneven, it is smooth to the touch. The pulp is very juicy and sweet.

Over time, the crown may become too dense. Experienced gardeners recommend periodically thinning it out. The variety perfectly resists most known infections, but the fruits are prone to the formation of scab. Many users in the reviews note the acceptable cost of seedlings and the sweet taste of fruits — this allows you to save a lot on sugar when harvesting, if desired, such apple trees can be grown even in cold climates.


  • Delicious apples;
  • Versatile in culinary terms;
  • Trees have good resistance to low temperatures;
  • The carrion is practically absent;
  • The branches are very flexible — even with a very plentiful harvest they do not break off.


  • Extremely low portability;
  • It should be placed in close proximity to the so-called pollinating varieties.

Apple variety Candy

3. White filling

White pouring photo

Trees can easily withstand even very low temperatures, which makes it possible to grow them in the middle zone of our country or even further north. Young trees are characterized by a pyramid-shaped crown, but with age it acquires a rounded shape. Apple trees can grow up to five meters in height. On the petals in the inflorescences, you can often find a pink bloom. The fruits are quite large. They have a round-conical shape with a mass of up to 150 g. However, as the tree ages, the weight of apples can decrease to 60 grams. The pulp of the fruit has a sweet and sour taste, but as it ripens, it acquires a dessert taste, largely due to the fact that the amount of sugar in it increases.

From one tree, you can collect up to 80 kg of ripe fruits in one season, but with enhanced care, this figure can be increased to 200 kg. However, not all amateur gardeners prefer this particular variety, largely due to the fact that in the future the fruits begin to shrink. Like most of the existing summer varieties, these fruits are not adapted to long-term storage. In particular, overripe apples lose their unique original taste, and the flesh becomes friable.


  • Long life span of trees
  • Apple trees do not need any special care;
  • Average indicators of precocity;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Fairly thin skin.


  • Trees have little immunity to various diseases.

Apple variety White filling

2. Quinty

Quinty photo

In second place in this section of our review of the best varieties of apple trees is one of the most undersized plants, characterized by early fruit ripening. The maximum height of an adult tree does not exceed 3-4 m. The average weight of a ripe apple is 120-150 grams. This variety has one important distinguishing feature — with a small harvest, the fruits become larger. They are either rounded or elongated-conical in shape. The skin is quite thin, you can find a slight wax coating on it. The color of a ripe apple is dark red or orange-red. If we compare this variety with White filling, then it ripens approximately one week earlier.

On average, about 100-120 kg of ripe fruits can be harvested from one tree in one season. Gardeners note that apples are characterized by excellent taste, early ripening. If you grow trees in the southern regions, then the variety does not need any special care. These apples are much easier to transport than other varieties, but the storage period is still short — about two weeks. It is not very well suited for cultivation in the northern regions, as it does not tolerate extremely low temperatures.


  • Good resistance to powdery mildew;
  • It tolerates heat and short drought;
  • Easily handles transportation;
  • Versatile use in cooking;
  • The harvest ripens very early;
  • The number of fruits does not depend on weather conditions.


  • Poorly tolerates exposure to low temperatures;
  • Immunity to most infections is low.

Apple variety Quinti

1. Paping

Papirovka photo

In terms of crown variety, this breed of apple trees is very similar to White filling. Its initial wide-pyramidal shape acquires a characteristic roundness over time. It begins to bear fruit in full mode in the fourth or fifth year after planting the seedling in the ground. Compared to the same White filling, this variety provides annual fruiting, and from year to year the yield will only increase. The average weight of one apple is 80-100 grams, however, depending on the growing conditions and appropriate care, the weight can increase up to 150-200 grams.

The skin is perfectly smooth to the touch, it is rather thin, at the time of ripening it has a slight whitish coating. The pulp is tender and juicy, it has an aroma, but it is very weakly expressed. This variety does not tolerate transportation very well. The pulp is soft, so any, even weak, pressure or blows cause dark spots on the skin.


  • The crop ripens quickly enough;
  • The variety resists scab well;
  • The fruiting period is long — it can reach about 65-70 years;
  • Trees easily tolerate even severe frosts.


  • Seedlings are quite expensive;
  • If you store apples for more than three weeks, then their flesh becomes mealy.

Apple variety Papirovka

Autumn varieties

3. Cinnamon striped

cinnamon striped photo

In these trees, the pyramidal shape of the crown gradually becomes wide-round. The wood is quite rigid, characterized by slight flexibility, due to which the branches under the weight of the fruit can often break off. The shape of the apples is more reminiscent of a turnip, the weight of one of them, as a rule, does not exceed 100 g. The color of the peel is yellow, has dark red stripes or strokes. Trees grow very tall — they can reach a height of 6 meters. The foliage tends to cluster at the tips of the branches. The pulp is sweet and sour, very tough, has a slight bitterness, but smells more like cinnamon.

Experienced gardeners note high rates of frost resistance of trees. They are able to feel comfortable even in the northern regions, even in such conditions the variety can produce a decent harvest. The sugar acidity index is 18 at a rate of 12.5 to 26.7. Planting on dwarf rootstocks helps to speed up the appearance of the first crop.


  • Apples of this variety can be stored for almost five months;
  • Trees are able to withstand ambient temperatures up to -40 degrees;
  • The variety tolerates a lack of moisture;
  • Average price category;
  • Apples are suitable for any culinary purpose.


  • The first full-fledged harvest can be harvested only after 10-15 years.

Apple variety Cinnamon striped

2. Assumption

Assumption photo

The crown of these trees is sprawling and rather rare, and this variety usually does not grow too large — it does not exceed 3.5 m in height, so it is much more convenient to harvest from it than from taller trees. One fully ripened apple weighs about 180-200 grams, however, in the most fruitful years, specimens weighing 250 g are often found. The fruits are oval in shape, greenish-yellow in color, with a red blurred blush. The skin is smooth to the touch, there is no wax coating on it. Up to 40 kg of crop can be harvested from one tree.

The first harvest can be harvested just four years after planting the seedling. Trees tolerate temperatures down to -30 degrees well, in addition, they are characterized by increased immunity to most diseases. Even in the most rainy seasons, even the slightest sign of scab does not appear on the fruits.


  • Attractive presentation;
  • Excellent taste characteristics;
  • You can grow this variety even in regions with a cold climate;
  • Easy to care for;
  • The cost of seedlings is low.


  • Short shelf life for autumn apples;
  • The fruits ripen pretty quickly.

Apple variety Uspenskoe

1. Macintosh

Macintosh photo

The main distinctive quality of this variety are large and very sweet fruits that ripen around mid-October. The trees belong to the columnar type — outwardly, in the shape of the crown, they resemble a pyramidal poplar, their height can reach 6 meters. For the first time, a full-fledged harvest can be obtained somewhere in the 6-7th year of the plant’s life. The average weight of one fruit is in the range from 150 to 180 grams. Up to 200 kg can be harvested from one tree. This variety does not differ in the frequency of fruit ripening, however, under negative climatic conditions, they are usually much smaller. Winter hardiness is average — young shoots can freeze if the ambient temperature is only -20 degrees, and this occurs even in the middle zone of our country almost every year.

Despite the fact that the variety has low immunity, it is still very popular with gardeners due to high yields, excellent taste, and they do not disappear anywhere even with prolonged storage. The tree lives up to 100 years, when grown, it does not require any special skills from the gardener, which makes this variety suitable for beginner gardeners.


  • Very pleasant and delicate taste;
  • self-fertility;
  • The pulp is juicy and very fragrant;
  • Seedlings are not too expensive;
  • Ability to store for a long time.


  • Low immunity — easily picks up various diseases;
  • Productivity and taste characteristics directly depend on the weather conditions of the area.

Apple variety Macintosh

winter apples

3. Idared

Idared photo

This breed has a semi-circular or oval shape, which becomes quite thick over time, so it will need to be thinned out periodically. In height, the tree can reach 3.5 — 6 m. The branches grow at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the trunk. The first fruits can be harvested around the fifth or sixth year of the plant’s life. The maximum weight of apples is 170 grams, they have a round or conical shape. Fully ripened fruits have a greenish-yellow skin with a solid raspberry blush. Immediately after the removal of apples from the tree, they have a juicy pulp, but over time during storage it becomes a little loose.

If the trees grow in regions with a mild climate, then they will bear fruit regularly, so these fruits can be grown even on an industrial scale. Experienced gardeners plant apple trees of this variety close to pollinators of other varieties that have the same flowering period to improve yields. Caring for these apple trees is quite easy.


  • Easy to transport even over fairly long distances;
  • They have excellent immunity to most diseases;
  • Precociousness;
  • Seedlings are inexpensive;
  • For autumn apples, they ripen very quickly;
  • Stored for six months.


  • They need apple pollinators;
  • Not suitable for regions with harsh climatic conditions.

Apple variety Idared

2. Antonovka

Antonovka photo

One of the tallest apple trees in our entire review. At first, the oval crown gradually becomes spherical, the trees can reach a height of 5-8 m. It begins to bear fruit 6-7 years after planting. The average fruit weight is 120-130 grams, but there are specimens weighing up to 180 grams. They have yellow-green skin. The maximum weight of the fruit in some cases can reach 300 grams. In the first years of the tree’s life, flowering and fruiting are regular, but later it becomes periodic. If you properly care for the apple tree, then it is able to bear fruit for 30-40 years. From one tree per season, you can get from 200 to 500 kg of apples.

This variety was bred back in the Soviet years, so many gardeners quite rightly believe that it is somewhat inferior in taste to most of the modern varieties. The pulp has average juiciness, but this can significantly extend the shelf life of the fruit. Productivity often depends on weather conditions, apples have a pleasant honey aroma.


  • Long storage time;
  • Trees withstand even severe frosts well;
  • The variety is unpretentious in terms of care, well resists any diseases;
  • The seedlings are among the cheapest on the market.


  • Fruits are often affected by codling moth.

Apple variety Antonovka

1. Renet Simirenko

Renet Simirenko photo

This variety begins to bear fruit approximately 4-5 years after planting. It is characterized by high yields. At the age of ten, up to 150 kg of large apples can be harvested from one tree. Each of them has a mass of about 150-200 grams, the skin is green, quite dense, the fruits have a rounded shape. Also on the skin you can find small white spots with a diameter of about 2-3 mm. Over time, during storage, the skin changes its color to yellowish. The taste of the pulp is wine-sweet, has slight notes of spice.

If you store apples at a temperature of 0 to 4 degrees, then they can lie down for up to a year. Often there are convex growths, which is a characteristic feature of the fruits of this variety. They contain a large amount of vitamins, besides, it is very easy to grow such trees.


  • Excellent trade dress;
  • Very early begins to give a full harvest;
  • Apples retain their original taste even when stored for a long time;
  • Excellent transportability;
  • Trees easily tolerate drought.


  • The fruits are quite sensitive to scab and powdery mildew.

Apple variety Renet Simirenko

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, our review of the best varieties of apple trees has come to an end. I would like to add from our editors — try to be as careful as possible when choosing a variety, as the trees will delight you with their fruits and beautiful appearance for many years.