The best varieties of Beijing cabbage, top 10 rating of Beijing cabbage varieties

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With the approach of the summer season, amateur gardeners begin to select crops for planting on their plots. In the past few years, more and more lovers of outdoor activities in the gardens prefer Chinese cabbage. This is not a very whimsical plant, but it contains a huge amount of useful substances, including vitamins and trace elements necessary to maintain human immunity.

Unfortunately, not all summer residents know how to choose the right varieties of this crop, depending on the climatic conditions of the area. We decided to help our readers solve this problem and developed a rating of the best Chinese cabbage varieties in 2022. In it, we will try to tell in as much detail as possible about the most popular varieties of this crop, give their positive and negative qualities, and also give some useful tips that will definitely help you get a good harvest.

How to choose the right variety of Beijing cabbage?

For the most competent selection of seeds, it is necessary at the first stage to decide on the purpose of cultivation and the timing of planting. Depending on the duration of ripening, all varieties can be divided into three large groups — early, mid-ripening and late. Early ones are allowed to be eaten approximately 35-40 days after germination. These varieties are ideal for preparing the first spring salads. The remaining two groups have a fairly dense head, which allows you to store the crop for a long time.

If daylight hours in the area last more than 12 hours, and precipitation often falls, then it is advisable to give preference to varieties that can easily resist shooting. In the northern regions, it is necessary to plant rocks that can withstand the effects of low temperatures. Most of the hybrid varieties bred by breeders by crossing different species belong to these varieties.

It is worth noting that Beijing cabbage is a light-loving crop, so it must be planted in open sunny areas, however, the scorching sun affects the plants extremely negatively, so they will need to be shaded with a non-woven fabric in the hottest months.

For comfortable and full growth, the temperature regime must be maintained in the range from +15 to +25 degrees. If there are jumps in temperature or if it drops to +5 and below, then development may slow down. In this regard, in the northern regions, seedlings of Beijing cabbage are planted in open ground around mid-June — such a solution helps protect plants from the possible occurrence of recurrent frosts. Before planting, it is necessary to fertilize the soil with a high concentration of nitrogen, and during the ripening of the crop, the plants are supported with potassium-phosphorus fertilizer complexes.

It is quite acceptable to grow Chinese cabbage using the seedless method, but it is only suitable for regions in which the weather is comfortable for the crop around mid-May. Seeds for planting in the soil must be prepared — they should be soaked in a root biostimulator for 12 hours. The seeds are planted in the ground to a depth of no more than 2 cm, the soil is sprayed with water and covered with a film, if necessary.

When we chose products to be included in our rating of the best varieties of Chinese cabbage, we took into account all the points that we told our readers about above. However, some other factors were also taken into account — the ratio of price and quality of seed material, as well as feedback from experienced gardeners. We hope that after carefully studying this review, you will be able to choose the most suitable breeds for your site that will delight you and your loved ones with a tasty, healthy and plentiful harvest.

Early varieties

4. Hydra

Hydra photo

This section of the rating opens with a hybrid variety of Beijing cabbage, which perfectly resists a wide variety of diseases characteristic of this culture — mucous bacteriosis, keel, mosaic virus, and so on. The crop ripens within 50 — 55 days, the average weight of one head of cabbage is in the range of 1 — 1.2 kg, up to 4.5 kg of cabbage can be obtained from one square meter of plantings.

This variety is suitable for almost all Russian regions — the only exception in this case is the regions of the far north. Often, this variety is preferred not only by amateur gardeners, but also by professional farmers. Largely due to the fact that this breed is early maturing, several crops can be obtained at once during one season. The head of cabbage has an oblong shape, the foliage has a dark green color. Such cabbage is consumed exclusively fresh, it can also be added to other culinary dishes, but it is completely unsuitable for storage.


  • Excellent resistance to the most common diseases;
  • Sufficiently high yields;
  • Characterized by excellent taste.


  • There is a tendency to the appearance of arrows;
  • Insignificant storage period.

Chinese cabbage Hydra

3. Martha

Martha photo

According to a large number of summer residents, this variety is generally the best in terms of its qualities among all others presented on the Russian market. It also ripens very quickly — from the moment of emergence of seedlings to the harvesting period, it usually takes from 35 to 45 days. The maximum weight of one head usually does not exceed 1.5 kg. From one square meter you can collect about 3 — 5 kg of cabbage.

The culture is characterized by rather wide leaves, the crop has an excellent presentation, the taste is also very delicate. This hybrid variety is perfect for growing in the middle lane, including in the Moscow region. It easily tolerates these climatic conditions, and can even grow in shady areas. Even with an excess of moisture, the variety does not give an arrow. With the seedling method of growing, the seeds are planted around mid-April, and the sprouts are placed in the soil towards the end of May. It is eaten only fresh, but it is very poorly stored.


  • The variety is not prone to the formation of arrows;
  • Gives a good harvest even if the plant is in a shaded place;
  • Very delicate taste;
  • Allows you to get a bountiful harvest with minimal care.


  • Absolutely not suitable for long-term storage.

Beijing cabbage Marfa

2. Manoko

Manoko photo

The variety is able to provide a stable and very high yield, which can be obtained from one square meter. This cabbage ripens within 45 — 50 days from the moment of germination. The maximum weight of one head of cabbage reaches one and a half kilograms, although it usually weighs less — about 1 kg. From one square meter, 3-4 kg of vegetables are harvested. A hybrid of an early ripening type, and it is very popular in the regions of the middle lane, even in the Moscow region.

Amateur gardeners are increasingly planting this variety on their plots, giving it preference for its high yield. Cabbage easily withstands even very hot weather, it does not form arrows. Planting seeds can be carried out even in the spring months. The head of cabbage has a cylindrical shape and a small stump, and it is also suitable for food. The variety perfectly tolerates even very unfavorable climatic conditions, well withstands drought and lower temperatures, largely due to a powerful root system.


  • Consistently high yields;
  • Well resists the appearance of arrows;
  • Easily withstands drought, cold and heat;
  • Excellent immunity against various diseases.


  • Young plants have too spreading foliage.

Chinese cabbage Manoko

1. Vesnyanka

stonefly photo

A little more than a month passes from the moment of emergence to the harvest of this variety of Chinese cabbage, and the first greens can be harvested in less than 4 weeks. Heads of cabbage do not grow too large — from 100 to 250 grams with an average yield of up to 3 kg per square meter. The variety is a leaf variety, which is very early. Plants perfectly resist most known infections.

Depending on the climatic conditions of cultivation, cabbage can be placed in open ground; it feels good in greenhouses and greenhouses. The variety is very fond of watering, and it is necessary to bring moisture under the root, trying to prevent water from falling on the leaves of plants. The culture does not tolerate the effects of high temperatures too well; due to the intense heat, arrows begin to form. The variety is distinguished by a juicy central vein, the pulp contains a significant amount of vitamin C. Gardeners note the excellent taste of the vegetable. It can be used for fresh salads, but often cabbage is also used for heat treatment in the preparation of other dishes.


  • Well resists various kinds of infections;
  • Tolerates even a sharp drop in temperature;
  • Quite widely used in cooking;
  • Excellent taste qualities.


  • Does not tolerate hot weather;
  • Needs regular watering.

chinese cabbage stonefly

Mid-season varieties

3. Cha-cha

cha cha photo

This breed is optimally suited for growing in a variety of climatic regions, in particular, it is often planted in the Urals, however, the variety has the highest yield if it is grown in the middle lane or in the Moscow region. The ripening period from the moment of emergence of seedlings is about 55 — 60 days. Cabbage is quite large, since the mass of heads of cabbage can be from one and a half to three kilograms. The yield reaches 8 kg per square meter.

Many gardeners recommend this particular breed, largely due to the fact that it can withstand even sharp drops in temperature. The variety is not afraid of replanting, easily resists the most common diseases, is unpretentious in relation to growing conditions, and is quite suitable for both open ground and greenhouse conditions. The variety can be immediately planted in the ground, without resorting to growing seedlings. It practically does not form arrows, has a delicate and pleasant taste.


  • The yield is high from year to year;
  • The variety forms the minimum number of arrows;
  • The breed is not sensitive to diseases;
  • Good taste properties.


  • Very poorly preserved — it is desirable to eat immediately.

Chinese cabbage Cha-cha

2. Glass

glass photo

This hybrid is designed so that it can be grown in almost all regions of the country. It is popular with gardeners largely due to its high yield, resistance to arrow formation, and good taste. The maximum ripening period reaches 70 days. The mass of one head of cabbage can reach 2 kg, up to 10 kg of cabbage can be harvested from one square meter.

The harvest is consistently high from year to year, plants grow easily in shaded areas, and even tolerate severe temperature increases. As the heads ripen, they acquire the correct shape of a cylinder, they are quite dense. The taste of cabbage is tender and juicy. It is best to sow in the second half of summer, since the formation of flower arrows is not excluded during spring planting. Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three months.


  • The variety is unpretentious in relation to climatic conditions;
  • Yields easily even in shaded areas;
  • Keeps for quite a long time.


  • If the planting dates are violated, the plants may be prone to stalking.

Chinese cabbage

1. Bilko

Bilko photo

Subject to the conditions of cultivation and storage, cabbage of this variety will retain its taste characteristics for 3-4 months. Heads of cabbage fully ripen within 70 days, their average weight is in the range of one and a half to two kilograms, up to 7 kg of cabbage are harvested from one square meter. The breed is mid-season, it is grown both in personal subsidiary plots and on an industrial scale.

Harvest has a very pleasant taste and refreshing aroma. Plants resist the most common diseases well. They are universal in terms of cultivation, respectively, they are grown both in seedlings and in seedlings. Heads are barrel-shaped, the foliage is light, but rather loose. Cabbage perfectly withstands transportation even over long distances. It retains its original appearance, does not begin to open.


  • High yields;
  • They have excellent immunity against the most common diseases;
  • Well stored, can be transported over long distances;
  • Very gentle and refreshing taste.


  • Even with a slight violation of the cultivation technology, arrows begin to form.

Chinese cabbage Bilko

Late varieties

3. Turquoise

Turquoise photo

Another hybrid variety that is perfectly adapted by breeders to the most severe weather conditions, which allows you to get a very good harvest even in very cold weather. Cabbage fully ripens within 80 — 90 days, the average weight of one head is 1 kg, up to 4.5 kg of vegetables can be obtained from one square meter.

Heads of cabbage are characterized by a decent density. In most cases, this breed is grown in private farms. Plants perfectly resist most of any diseases, are not sensitive to low temperatures, the yield is always consistently high. It is advisable to plant the culture in open ground in May-June, when the soil is already warm enough. Cabbage is very demanding on watering, especially in the active growth stage. The crop is able to be stored for a long time, it is easy to transport over long distances, the pulp has a sweetish aftertaste.


  • Easily withstands even strong temperature changes;
  • Resistant to diseases;
  • Stored for a long time;
  • Can be transported over long distances.


  • Increased demand for watering.

Chinese cabbage Turquoise

2. Russian size

Russian photo size

This variety got its name largely due to the size of heads of cabbage, the mass of which can reach as much as 4 kg. The crop can be harvested approximately 90 days after germination, and from one square meter it will be possible to get up to 12 kg of cabbage. Russian breeders bred this variety specifically for very harsh climatic conditions. Plants are able to withstand both high and low temperatures.

They are not particularly demanding in relation to the composition of the soil. However, cabbage needs special care — it must be regularly watered and fed. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve a consistently high yield. Cabbage can be consumed both fresh and used for fermentation. The variety in the refrigerator is able to lie for several months.


  • Easily tolerates exposure to both high and low temperatures;
  • Resistance to stalking;
  • Unpretentiousness to the state of the soil.


  • It needs to be watered and fertilized regularly.

Chinese cabbage Russian size

1. Nika

Nika photo

One of the most unpretentious varieties that gives a good harvest, regardless of the climatic conditions of the region. Cabbage ripens within 80 days, the mass of heads reaches 3 kg, and from one square meter you can get up to 10 kg of vegetables.

The head of cabbage is large and rather dense, has the shape of a barrel. Experienced gardeners in the reviews claim that this variety perfectly resists most diseases, is resistant to shooting. The vegetable is characterized by a delicate taste, it can be eaten fresh or used for harvesting for the winter. In a cool place, it retains its taste and useful properties until the onset of spring. The hybrid does not need to create special conditions for growing. However, it must be remembered that with excessive moisture, the head of cabbage may begin to rot in the core.


  • Resistant to shooting and various diseases;
  • Very high yields;
  • Long storage time.


  • With abundant watering, the head of cabbage in the core may begin to rot.

Chinese cabbage Nika

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best varieties of Chinese cabbage has come to an end. We have tried to tell as much as possible about the presented breeds. If you still have any questions, you can always ask them in the comments to this article. Our editors will try to provide additional information for review as soon as possible.