The best varieties of tomatoes, top 9 rating of good tomato varieties

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Literally in a few months, the summer season will begin, which means that lovers of such a holiday should already gradually begin to deal with seedlings. As experienced summer residents advise, March is the last month that is suitable for planting seeds at home or in greenhouse conditions, as well as in closed ground. Many novice gardeners think that this is a fairly simple matter, but in fact it is associated with a lot of difficulties.

First of all, you need to choose the right variety, since the yield of the plot will depend on this. We decided to devote our today’s review to this issue — there are a large number of different subtleties that will have to be taken into account. Let’s start with the basic rules for choosing planting material.

Which tomato seeds are considered the most productive and why?

For the most part, gardeners peck at bright and colorful packaging, which depicts large and ripe tomatoes. They usually believe that they can grow the same fruits. When choosing seeds, it should be borne in mind that such varieties need daily, or even hourly care, otherwise it simply will not work to get a big harvest. In this regard, such packaging is an advertisement, not a guarantee. This must be remembered first of all.

When choosing planting material, you need to take into account a number of parameters that in one way or another will affect the growth of plants and the overall yield:

How to choose tomato seeds

  • The climatic conditions in which such crops will grow;
  • Manufacturing company — we note right away that you should not give preference to imported companies, since for the most part they do not take into account the peculiarities of the domestic climate, soil and other points;
  • Shelf life of seeds;
  • When choosing, be sure to inspect the packaging — it must have a variety marking and an F1 icon, which guarantees resistance to various kinds of diseases and increased productivity;
  • Data regarding the percentage of germination (if 100% is indicated, then this is probably a hoax, since even for the highest quality material this figure does not exceed 80-90%);
  • The purpose of the seeds is for open ground or for greenhouses, there are also universal varieties on sale;
  • Fruit ripening period — early (late June — early July), late (late July — mid-September);
  • The purpose of the fruit is to eat fresh, pickling, canning, long-term storage, and so on.

We have selected the best varieties for owners of summer cottages, both in terms of value for money and in terms of user reviews. We hope that our review will be informative and useful for you. Now we will move on to a review of tomato varieties that are distinguished by good yields and resistance to diseases and pests.

early ripe tomatoes

3. Seeds of tomato «First-grader»

Tomato seeds First grader photo

This variety is considered one of the most versatile, besides, fruit ripening occurs approximately 90-105 days after germination of sprouts. It is perfect for open spaces, since the maximum height of the bush does not exceed 100 cm, it needs to be tied up, but this is not necessary, since the fruits ripen well on the ground surface. The bush should be formed in three stems, as this ensures maximum yield. About 6 kg can be collected from one bush, and the fruits lie well and tolerate transportation. In addition, this type of tomato will feel great both in the open field and in the greenhouse. The first stalk is formed on about 6-7 leaves.

The average fruit weight is about 250-300 grams. The ribbing is low, the shape is flat-round, painted in bright pink. Tomatoes of this variety have a thin and slightly transparent skin, a little translucent. The taste is pronounced tomato. Good for direct consumption, canning, making ketchups, juices, pastes and other tomato products. In terms of chemical composition, this variety has a lot of vitamins, sugars, lycopene, which will support human immunity.


  • High germination rates;
  • Pleasant tasting;
  • Compliance with the inscriptions on the packaging to real indicators.


  • The bottom sheets are quite large, which can slow down ripening by one to two weeks.

Seeds of tomato «First-grader»

2. Seeds of tomato «Red Rooster»

red rooster photo

Perfectly suited for most climatic conditions of our country, it will feel good both in sheltered cultivation and in open ground. This variety ripens the earliest — for this it needs about 85 days under optimal weather conditions. If the weather is a little cooler, then this period may move back somewhere by 10-15 days. When the seedlings are planted in open ground at the age of approximately 60-65 days, this allows the first fruits to be harvested after 30-35 days. The maximum height of the bush is 80 cm, so it does not require a garter. In addition, he does not need tying. The best yield is ensured if there are no more than three stems on the bush.

The fruits are quite large — their average weight is about 250-400 grams, if the care of the plants is quite good, then heavier tomatoes can be achieved. The color is bright red, in the region of the stalk there is a slight ribbing. The taste is sweet, there is a slight sourness. Tomatoes are universal — they can be eaten fresh, pickled, salted, prepared from them juices, pastes, and so on. Transport transfers quite well.


  • The variety is unpretentious to weather conditions;
  • Large fruits;
  • The harvest is large, from one bush you can collect about 5 kg of fruit.


  • Hybrid variety, you will not be able to get seeds on your own.

Seeds of tomato «Red Rooster»

1. Seeds of tomato «My love F1»

Tomato seeds

The height of this variety is about 50-80 cm, in greenhouse conditions and in the south of the country it can grow up to 120 cm. The average fruit ripening period is about 90-100 days, it is well suited for both greenhouses and open ground. This variety does not have very many leaves, the fruits do not crack during ripening, the plants resist diseases and pests well, including aphids. The immunity of this variety is one of the highest among all the best tomatoes in 2022 presented in our review. The color of the tomatoes is red or bright red, they are round in shape, slightly elongated. The pulp is sugary, the taste is typical tomato, slightly sweet.

By weight of approximately 150-200 grams, all fruits are of the same size, which can significantly increase their commercial value. Seed chambers four, dry matter contains no more than 5%. Tomatoes remarkably withstand transportation, can be stored in a cool place for a long time. The fruits look great as a canned product, but they are also good for fresh consumption. They contain a significant amount of vitamins and sugars, due to which they will be very beneficial to health.


  • High germination — can reach about 97%;
  • Excellent taste;
  • Fast maturation.


  • In strong winds, despite their short stature, they can either bend significantly or even break.

Tomato seeds «My love F1»

The best productive varieties

3. Seeds of tomato «Rio Grande»

Rio Grande photo seeds

The bushes of this variety are low — they reach only 70 cm, due to which they do not require tying or pinching. There are not too many leaves, the shape of the fruit is standard. They grow in clusters of 8-12 tomatoes in one, the shape is slightly oblong. Rafts have dense flesh and thick skin, there are not too many seeds. The mass is a maximum of 150 grams, but often they are smaller, painted in bright red. It tastes like classic tomatoes — with a little sourness. Ripening occurs approximately 120-130 days after sowing. Fertility is high, can reach three months, until the onset of cold weather.

The variety perfectly resists low and high temperatures, withstands even prolonged drought, and is not sensitive to parasites and diseases. If grown in a large area, then he normally feels in the bright sun. Fruits easily tolerate even long transportation, well preserved for two to three months, if kept cool. In use, they are considered universal, if desired, they can be dried or even dried.


  • Strong fruits;
  • The thick hide prevents crop damage;
  • High level of endurance.


  • The taste is slightly worse compared to large-fruited varieties.

Seeds of tomato «Rio Grande»

2. Seeds of tomato «Snow Leopard»

snow leopard photo

One of the most productive and hardy varieties in terms of climatic conditions — well suited even for Siberian conditions. The yield is quite high: with proper care, about 8-9 kg can be collected from one bush. This variety can be considered quite early — the average ripening period is about 105-110 days when grown in open ground. In terms of height, the breed is ambiguous: a bush can grow to an unlimited height, so it will need not only a garter, but also molding. As experienced gardeners advise, it is best if it grows in two stems, besides, it should not be allowed to grow above 60-70 cm. This is quite convenient, since you do not have to tie it up.

This variety has quite a lot of foliage, besides, all such leaves are quite large, they should be removed in a timely manner, as they will take additional moisture, nutrients, close access to the fruits of sunlight, which will slow down ripening. The shape of the fruit is oblong, slightly flattened. The density of ripe tomatoes is medium, the skin is strong and thick, which allows them to withstand transportation. The color of the fruit is orange-red, the average is about 150 grams, but there are tomatoes weighing about 300 grams or even more. From one bush you can collect up to 5-6 kg.


  • Can be grown in any conditions, including on the balcony;
  • Ripens quickly;
  • Good resistance to any disease;
  • For a long time retains an attractive appearance;
  • Perfectly transfers transportation;
  • High yield.


  • It is necessary to monitor the condition of the bushes, mold in a timely manner.

Seeds of tomato «Snow Leopard»

1. Seeds of tomato «Asvon F1»

Asvon F1 photo

This is a hybrid variety that perfectly withstands temperature changes, does not get sick, and it is also able to please the summer resident with a rather rich harvest. It grows well not only in open ground, but also in a greenhouse, greenhouse or even on a balcony. The fruits will be stored in their original form for a long time, they can be transported over long distances. It differs not only in high productivity, but also in early ripening. The bush is low, takes up little space, so much more plants can be placed on one square meter than another variety. The leaves are not too many, painted in dark green. The fruits are formed in clusters of 5-6 pieces, about 8-9 kg of selected tomatoes can be removed from one bush. During the fruiting period, the plants are simply strewn with fruits, and they also look very beautiful.

The shape of the tomatoes is round, a bit like a cube, the ribbing is almost invisible. The skin is shiny, dense, the fruits almost do not crack. The weight of the fruit is about 100 grams — not too large. The pulp is dense, retains its original shape for a long time. The taste is rich, has a slight sourness, tomatoes contain a large amount of vitamins and sugars, dry matter is not more than 6%. The color is hot pink.


  • Excellent taste qualities;
  • Good yield;
  • Immunity to parasites and diseases;
  • Fast maturation.


  • Not detected.

Tomato seeds «Asvon F1»

The best frost-resistant varieties

3. Seeds of tomato «Spiridonovsky»

Spiridonovsky photo

This is one of the shortest varieties of our review of the best tomatoes — it reaches a maximum height of 45-50 cm. However, it is very spreading, therefore it needs a lot of free space. It has a thick and strong stem and small dark green leaves. The yield is average, but on one bush all the fruits ripen at about the same time. One of the main positive qualities of this variety is its excellent frost resistance — the bush will develop well even at a temperature of + 7-10 degrees, it also perfectly resists almost all diseases and does not need additional feeding.

The fruits are round, almost not ribbed, their maximum weight is about 100 grams, but you can grow a specimen weighing up to 200 and even up to 250 grams. Fully ripened fruits are bright red in color, have a rich tomato flavor with a pronounced sourness. When growing this variety, you should carefully monitor the soil moisture, avoiding its excessive increase, as this can ultimately lead to cracking of the fruit. Good for fresh consumption and canning.


  • Does not need pinching;
  • It withstands strong temperature changes;
  • Resists diseases and pests.


  • You will have to carefully monitor the moisture content of the soil.

Seeds of tomato «Spiridonovsky»

2. Seeds of tomato «Giant Lemon»

giant lemon photo

This is a rather exotic variety in terms of the appearance of the fruit. They are bright yellow in color, have a beautiful and large shape, and a pleasant taste. The bushes are tall, so they need to be tied up. The ripening period is average, bushes can be grown both in open ground and in a greenhouse — in the first case, the fruits are somewhat smaller, but much more are formed on one plant. There are not too many leaves on the bushes. In greenhouse conditions, the height of plants can reach 2.5 meters, so they should be molded. In open soil, they turn out lower, but you still can’t do without molding. With good care, the weight of one fetus can reach 900 grams.

The peel of the fruit is strong, but not too thick, very elastic — the plants are not afraid of excessive watering, the tomatoes will not crack even with a significant amount of moisture. They can be removed from the bush even unripe: they will ripen even at home, and this will not affect their taste characteristics in the least. Plants perfectly withstand low temperatures and significant drops. They contain about the same amount of carotene as in carrots, a high percentage of vitamin C.


  • Large fruits;
  • With proper care, high yields are ensured;
  • Good nutritional value;
  • Withstand long-term transportation;
  • Plants practically do not get sick.


  • It is required to observe the regime of watering and feeding;
  • Soil fertility must also be acceptable to ensure high yields.

Tomato seeds «Giant Lemon»

1. Seeds of tomato Snegirek

Snegirek participation

This variety is notable for its insignificant height — the bushes grow up to a maximum of 40 cm. The fruits are red in color and round in shape with the largest mass of 200 grams at the first level, at the next — up to 180 grams. Pasynkovanie is not required. It develops at temperatures from 0 degrees, even in these conditions the yield of the crop is quite high, especially with good sunlight. The culture does not develop top and root rot, it is perfect for growing on a balcony, in a greenhouse and in open ground.

Seeds can be planted even in soil that is not protected from frost — the main thing is that it is well fertilized. Under this variety, it is desirable to fertilize the soil with humus, cow or horse manure since autumn. When growing seedlings at home, after the appearance of two leaves of the plant, it is necessary to dive; during the growth of plants, it is necessary to additionally feed with means containing potassium and phosphorus.


  • Ideally withstand low temperatures;
  • Good yield;
  • Leaves minimum.


  • Not detected.

Tomato seeds Snegirek

In conclusion, an interesting video

In our review, we presented the best varieties of tomatoes in three types. We hope that all these breeds will be very useful for you. If you have experience with other varieties, then welcome to comment on our article.