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There are several types of lawns, so the choice must be taken seriously. The choice depends not only on its appearance and on how the owner imagines it, but also on the place where it will be located, as well as on the purpose. Among the main types of lawn, the following can be distinguished: rolled, Mauritanian, universal, landscape gardening and sports lawn. If you want to plant a lawn in a part of the yard of the house where such a place is provided, then landscape designers often use a mixture of herbs Meadow grass meadow and Red fescue.

The lawn is considered one of the most important elements in modern landscape design. A garden without a lawn of grass today is quite difficult to imagine. It not only harmoniously complements the landscape, but also connects the various zones of your garden. In addition, the lawn has dust-absorbing and noise-insulating properties, helps to improve the microclimate of the space and achieve a state of relaxation.

Lawns first appeared in 1610 in England and have since become very popular. However, growing lawn grass is not as easy a job as it might seem at first glance.

Arranging a beautiful lawn area is not an easy task. The lawn requires careful maintenance and constant attention to itself. Therefore, if you do not have extra time, it is better not to start growing a lawn. But, if you still decide to arrange your backyard territory, then you need not only to choose the right place for planting the lawn, but also to choose a certain set of herbs.

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Create conditions for a beautiful lawn

  • The beauty and quality of the lawn, as well as the density of the grass on it, is directly dependent on the seeds used for this.
  • Ideally, grass for a lawn should be selected taking into account the climatic conditions in which the garden is located, as well as,
  • taking into account the properties of soils,
  • site illumination
  • and hydrological conditions.

You also need to decide in advance what kind of lawn you want to see on your site. It can be universal, decorative, sports and gaming.

If you like to arrange family games in the fresh air or you have small children who are ready to play ball from morning to evening, it is better to choose a sports lawn — a mixture of red fescue and perennial ryegrass.
Not only does it look good, but it also lasts a long time. It is the sports lawn that you need to choose when designing a children’s area.

If it is intended for aesthetics and relaxation, it is worth making a choice in favor of, for example, Mauritanian. It is also possible to purchase an already germinated lawn in rolls, which will become strong after a few weeks after it has been laid out.

But for places where the beauty of the grass is important and where no one really walks, you can also sow a landscape gardening lawn. By the way, it is often used to create country landscape design.

How to plant a lawn

If you are going to plant a lawn in the country, it is not enough to choose the option you are interested in, you need to have an idea about how you will plant it. There are several options. The easiest and cheapest way is to plant purchased seeds. The soil is prepared in advance, loosened to a depth of 2-3 centimeters. You need to plant seeds only in dry soil, and the weather should be absolutely calm. In order for the lawn to be well sown, it is necessary to plant the seeds, both along and across. There is a lawn that looks like a roll. For him, there is a certain method of laying, and each type has its own.

After you have chosen the type of lawn, you need to prepare the soil, for this it is loosened, weeds are removed, fertilized. Then the soil is again loosened and leveled. On one side of the package, there is most often a special seeder that allows the seeds to be distributed correctly. In the event that you want the lawn to be thicker, you should not save on seeds.

After sowing, the soil is carefully leveled again, then watered using the finest water sprayer. When clearings appear in the place of irrigation, these places need to be sown again. The last step is to cover the seeded surface with a thin layer of soil, which is mixed with lawn fertilizers.

How to take care of your lawn

Lawn care consists mainly in the timely watering and trimming of sprouted grass. In order for the lawn to be denser and more even, it must be regularly mowed, used herbicides, fertilizing and cultivating.

Nowadays, the “Russian lawn” has become especially popular, which, in addition to lawn grass seeds, includes wild flower seeds, and white clover is common. Such a lawn can be a worthy decoration of any site. Also, different types of lawns can be used in combination, combining a play area and a recreation area, sowing the lawn with different types of grass.

Coniferous plants, gravel alleys, and alpine slides are perfectly combined with a short-cut lawn. The main thing is to be able to harmoniously combine all the elements. The lawn in the country can be the most diverse, it all depends on what exactly you want to see in your area.
There is nothing too complicated, you just need to allocate some time to solve this problem, but a beautiful green lawn will add comfort and good mood to your site.

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