The most expensive garage in the world

The garage is a safe haven for a manTOP of the best and thoughtful garages

The garage is a safe haven for a man. Each person has a different house / apartment, but almost all of them have a room that can be called a male lair. This is a place where the representatives of the stronger sex can retire, relax, take a break.

Maybe you want to watch your favorite match or a new action movie, tinker with your car. For arrangement, you can hang a TV on the wall, install a mini-bar and arrange a workplace.

After that, you will have a fully functional male lair at your disposal. Some people go even further in the design of the place for the car and not only.

TOP of the best and thoughtful garages

Such people can spend a lot of money to design, build and furnish a garage, making it impressive. They design the room in such a way that everything fits there and the car is on display. Essentially, it’s like a personal car showroom. The people on the list below have spent a lot of money to get their buildings on the list of the most expensive garages in the world. In reality, there is no need for such expenses, but everyone is interested in looking at garages that cost millions of dollars.

10th place: garage Jay Leno

Jay Leno is the former host of The Tonight Show. He has always been a car enthusiast and has never hidden it. Leno turned his incredible love for cars into another equally popular show, Jay Leno’s Garage, aired on CNBC. This space has the feel of a real male cave, starting with the design of the support beams and the ceiling. It features a chic combination of old school and modern style. There are many portraits on the walls that complete the style and also add beauty to the cars.

9th place: garage and dance hall 2 in 1

Incredibly, the idea for this garage was (presumably) born like this: “I wonder what would look great in a dance hall? Indeed, a couple of cars. There are no other options for how a person could think of such a thing. The intricate ornaments on the floor and the ceiling with no less beautiful finishes made this garage the most unconventional. Nothing in it indicates that the place is masculine, but it sure is a great place for a dinner party and showing off brand new cars. In such a garage there is a personal bar and even something outwardly resembling a throne.

8th place: gas station style

A chic garage space in the style of an old gas station is decorated in such a way that it seems to take you back several decades to a time when gasoline was still quite cheap. The checkered floor gives the garage a touch of nostalgia, while its off-white and red color makes the cars more visible. And the gas pumps are amazing! I wonder if the owner of the garage fills them with something?

Chic garage space in the style of an old gas station

7th place: basement garage

The owner of such a garage will probably brag to friends and guests like this: “Hey, let’s go downstairs and appreciate the amazing collection of cars!”. It’s actually impressive when you can make your garage stand out as part of your home, and the garage owner is of the same opinion. The glossy tiled floor helps to create an even more spacious feel by reflecting the second floor. The gray floor goes well with the brown walls, highlighting the cars even more against this background. But what’s even more like — a chic balcony! So, from it you can show expensive cars to guests.

6th place: snow-white garage with a rotary mechanism

Due to the fact that the floor and walls in the garage are completely white, it looks a lot like the garage from the Grand Theft Auto video game. Each of the garages of this magnitude has at least 1 turntable. Putting the most expensive car on a rotating platform is the only and best way to showcase it. Plus, the driveway that leads to the garage is cobbled and is the best sign that there is something awesome behind the garage door. All that is required is a glass gate, which will emphasize it to the maximum. If you are planning to paint your garage white, then you must have a car that you are very proud of.

5th place: garage-camping

Pretty thoughtful garage entered the TOP-5. It is designed for true hikers! Its highlight was not so much the interior design, but the design as a whole. It is unlikely that anyone could imagine that with the help of a tent that is pitched over a glass box, you can create an unusual garage. But this will only work if there is enough space in the yard. The garage is well-lit enough to be visible at night, and the travel tent will appeal to all hikers and nature lovers. The gravel around it and the green colored beams also add to this natural feel.

4th place: brick garage

Who could imagine that brick looks so cool in a garage? The walls of the garage made of bricks will create the feeling that this is a special part of the house. steel beams with brickwork on top will give the room a certain industriality, and also reflect the energy that a garage should have.

A spiral staircase will still create the feeling that the room is exclusive. It is not clear whether this is an idea that the brickwork near the car is not finished, but it looks interesting. Due to this unique feature, the car will not look like it is fully isolated in the corner.

3rd place: garage in black tiles

The chic car storage room is decorated in a sober style, and it is its unobtrusive appearance that creates a feeling of luxury and partly a nightclub. The floor, finished with black tiles, especially stands out — more than cars. The garage feels futuristic, which will give the impression that you have stepped into the movie Tron. It is certainly not the most technologically advanced, but it definitely stands out from the rest on the list. Due to the huge windows, a lot of sun rays enter the room, in the rays of which the cars look gorgeous, and the paintings on the black walls stand out perfectly, giving the room a special character.

Luxurious car storage

2nd place: secret garage

You’ve heard of the Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets, but what if you were the owner of a garage that no one saw? This is a smart idea due to its inconspicuousness. From the street, everything looks like a simple house, but when the veranda separates from the ground and begins to rise, it turns out that the house has a spacious garage.

It is difficult to imagine how much time, effort and finances were invested in the arrangement of such a garage. To make the wall get off and go up, like a garage door — a brilliant and mind-boggling idea! I wonder if there were unsuccessful rides, and if so, how many?

1st Place: Infinite Garage

The most expensive garage is endless, and it is not quite traditional, and it could be built in a country house. But he is too cool not to get into the TOP-10. This is a multi-storey automatic parking lot in Germany that picks up the car and places it in its place. She also lowers the car down, like a vending machine grabbing a soda bottle and lowering it down. But it’s worth considering what it would be like to have a garage that automatically raises and lowers your cars.