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tongue-and-groove slabs

tongue-and-groove slabsAt competitive prices, our online store of building materials offers to buy GWP in Yekaterinburg. The assortment of our company includes plates for the construction of partitions, as well as components from leading European and Russian manufacturers. All products meet high quality standards and industry standards. The cost is indicated in the catalog, wholesale prices can be obtained from a consultant.

Features of the use of tongue-and-groove plates

Tongue-and-groove slabs (PGP) are lightweight and durable blocks of a monolithic structure made of gypsum. These are cast blocks of various sizes, designed for the construction of non-load-bearing walls, partitions in residential, office, retail premises, and administrative institutions. A special advantage of the PGP design is the tongue-and-groove locking system (from which they got their name). The blocks are easily joined together and firmly held in a single structure.

The price of tongue-and-groove plates depends on the size, thickness, structure of the material. There are solid slabs, as well as blocks with a hydrophobic coating for rooms with a high degree of humidity.

Advantages of GWP

Pazogrebnevye plates differ in such advantages:

  • Versatility. GWP are suitable for rooms with different microclimates (dry, normal, wet).
  • Profitability. It is possible to reduce the cost of building walls due to the optimal cost of monolithic slabs, as well as due to the rapid completion of construction work.
  • Light weight. Monolithic blocks are light and durable, they do not carry a large load on the floors and the overall structure of the building.
  • Good surface quality. Walls built from HGP do not need to be leveled and plastered, they are even and smooth, ready for topcoating. Plates can be painted, wallpaper, polymer coatings, ceramic tiles can be glued on them.

The price of tongue-and-groove slabs in Yekaterinburg

Buy building materials in our company — it’s profitable! We supply products from trusted manufacturers, guarantee high quality and compliance with standards. You can choose GWP and components yourself or with the help of our specialist. When ordering products, you can choose the type of payment and delivery in Yekaterinburg, the Sverdlovsk region or to another region.

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