Types and applications of garden rakes


Rake from the manufacturer wholesaleFor most people who have extensive experience in gardening, buying a rake is not something new and unusual. But beginners in this process need to understand the types and purposes of this garden tool before buying a rake from the manufacturer. They can be of various types. In order to buy rakes in bulk, you should go through all the varieties.

Characteristics and varieties of garden rakes

  1. Straight is a classic that can perform almost any task in the garden. This model comes immediately with metal teeth that can loosen or level the ground. And models with wooden teeth will help clear the area of ​​grass or leaves. Their teeth are slightly concave inward.
  2. With twisted teeth — an analogue of the above model. They are turned 180 degrees and pre-pointed. Buying such a rake in bulk is an effective way to loosen the soil, because it can break even the most caked and hardened clods of earth. This will speed up your work and make it easier.
  3. An aerator rake that is capable of sweeping debris and long-dried vegetation from the site. In appearance, they resemble a sickle and are pointed from below, but they themselves are straight in shape. They clean out the moss and help form air channels up to three centimeters, thanks to which oxygen, water and other nutrients enter the roots of plants.
  4. Any manufacturer of rakes must produce special models for the lawn. They are designed to move large volumes of cut grass. With this tool, you can easily rake it all in one heap. They have a special limiter frame that helps you move the hay throughout the lawn and not worry that you will lose a piece along the way.
  5. In the agricultural store https://tdagro.su/g7536821-grabli you will also definitely find fan variations of the device. They are equipped with teeth made of plates and wire, which are made of metal or lightweight plastic. In shape, they resemble the English letter “V”. A metal product will be tougher in its work, which, ideally, can remove debris and excess vegetation from the area.

When choosing this tool, you must first rely on the number and height of your vegetation. Also carefully study the type of soil in your area, because choosing a plastic rake, your hard ground can simply break them in half.

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