Vinyl wallpapers. How to choose?


One of the popular materials for wall decoration is vinyl wallpaper. Today, many online stores offer visitors an extensive catalog, which contains more than a hundred (or even several hundred) current options for vinyl wallpaper. The range includes products from both young, growing companies and products from well-known manufacturers with an impeccable reputation.

The characteristics of vinyl wallpaper allow their use in many rooms. Their important advantage is the variability of types: foamed, embossed, silk-screen printing, etc.

The texture of the canvas is very diverse:

  • smooth
  • embossed,
  • with embossing.

The main advantages of vinyl wallpapers are their high strength, the widest possible implementation of design ideas, resistance to moisture and bright sunlight.

The structure of these wallpapers is multi-layered — the base can be made of paper or fabric, the outer layer is a vinyl compound with various additives. Some types can be washed with detergents.

Many catalogs contain various options for vinyl designer and exclusive wallpapers — classic, modern, high-tech, etc. Making the interior interesting and unique is now easy! The Wallpaper Gallery online store is always at your service and you can get acquainted with all the samples of vinyl wallpaper on the company’s website.

When buying finishing materials, many people face difficulties. First you need to decide where you want to glue it. For example, for the kitchen, it is advised to use washing wallpaper. Cooking is always a smell, fat that you want to instantly remove. The bedroom needs breathable walls. Experts recommend buying non-woven vinyl wallpaper.

Advantages of vinyl wallpaper:

  • Possibility of coloring;
  • Wet cleaning;
  • The strength of the canvases;
  • Resistance to moisture, fire;
  • Hide the inequalities of the walls.

Vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis is recommended to buy by experienced professionals, since they can be glued very easily and create an excellent interior design with their help.


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