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Choosing a street lamp made of cast iron

Choosing a street lamp made of cast ironLanterns are a versatile and essential option for street lighting. Today on sale you can find a huge number of models, the design of which is made of stainless steel, copper, composite materials. But the most popular are cast-iron models, which have a large number of advantages compared to their counterparts.

What to look for when buying?

Cast iron is a high-quality, reliable and high-strength material that helps to create a unique cast iron casting that can become a real work of art and landscape decoration.

The advantages of cast iron include its high strength compared to stainless steel and other metals, as well as its aesthetic appeal. Cast iron can be used to create parts of complex shape. But its disadvantage is the high cost and heavy weight. Like the cast-iron park urn, the lantern is very difficult to move or take away.

When choosing a cast iron product, you need to pay attention to several important points. One of them is the power, on which the quality of lighting and the coverage area depend. It is necessary to select lamps according to this criterion, taking into account their purpose and installation location. For example, in large areas it is necessary to install lights with a power of 250 to 400 watts. For houseside lighting of city streets and courtyards, it is better to use lanterns with a power of 75 watts. For the territory of a suburban area — lighting devices with a power of up to 45 watts.

Here are a few more highlights of product selection:

  • When buying a street lamp, you need to pay attention to the following factors — safety class, luminous flux, power, type of lighting;
  • Ensuring reliable protection of the lighting device from moisture penetration;
  • Security class. This setting must be greater than IP 44.

You can buy cast-iron lanterns from the manufacturer today in a huge assortment. When choosing a suitable option, it is necessary to take into account its main purpose. Lanterns are used to decorate a veranda or terrace, to decorate landscape design, as well as to illuminate paths in a garden, park or square. Lanterns are located in the recreation area, along the highway and sidewalk, at bus stops.

For effective illumination of the surrounding area, LED lamps are used in cast-iron lanterns. They provide economical consumption of electrical energy, are able to last a long time, and are resistant to frequent on / off cycles. Lanterns are suitable for operation at temperatures up to +45°.