What is a reinforced concrete structure?

What is a reinforced concrete structure?

What is a reinforced concrete structure?According to Wikipedia, reinforced concrete (reinforced concrete) is a structural composite consisting of concrete reinforced with rebar or a single steel element called a steel liner. Reinforced concrete is used to form structural elements or entire monolithic structures using wooden (formwork), steel or plastic molds. It is sometimes referred to as an invention of the 19th century. It should be noted that if you are interested in reinforced concrete columns, we recommend visiting this site.

Concrete is a material that transmits compressive stresses, but its tensile strength is very low. Steel in a reinforced concrete element transmits mainly tensile stresses, although compressive reinforcement is often used. The combination of steel and concrete allows the construction of various types of structures.

For reinforcement, inserts in the form of rods, ropes, strings, cables and nets are used. There are also structures with «rigid reinforcement», i.e. those in which steel elements of large section (for example, I-beams, channels) are used as a core, for example, in a reinforced concrete column.

The correct interaction of concrete and steel in the structure is possible due to the adhesion of concrete to steel (ribbed rods are used to increase it) and the same thermal expansion of both materials.

The advantages of reinforced concrete as a building material include: fire resistance, resistance to significant static and dynamic loads, freedom of element shaping, high corrosion resistance (while maintaining proper coating of steel inserts and proper compaction of the concrete mix, laid). Weather resistance can be improved by relatively cheap coating protection.

These protections are mainly used in the construction of bridges, viaducts and roofing.

When are reinforced concrete structures used?

When designing building structures, you should start with a decision in which technology you want to have a building structure. It all depends on the conditions under which the structures are to work, which building object to serve, what are the fire protection parameters of the building structure.

We use reinforced concrete structures, including. difficult conditions where the structure is in direct contact with weather, water and pollution. For example, structural elements in contact with the ground, such as foundations, are in 99% of cases made of reinforced concrete, and retaining walls are also very often made of reinforced concrete.

Hydraulic structures in contact with water, such as dams, dams, wharfs, river and sea ports, are mainly made of reinforced concrete.