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What is landscape design for?

What is landscape design for?Everyone loves a beautiful and well-organized space, right? Therefore, many people resort to landscape design techniques to decorate their houses, squares and various other objects. This technique is usually performed by a landscape designer who observes all the elements and characteristics of a region in order to improve the aesthetics of the place. If you are interested in placing plants in the yard, then the options are here.

Despite its apparent youth, this discipline has been around for a long time. Landscaping originated from the habit of decorating a space with the goal of bringing harmony between the different environments and the people who interact with the place. Currently, it has acquired more technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Landscape design is an advanced landscape design technique that can replace spaces that have been aesthetically defaced by urbanism. Modality requires prior study, so it is essential that the landscape designer change the botany, ecology, and even climate of the geographic area to be changed.

Now that you know what landscaping is, it’s time to delve into the subject. For starters, how about understanding where it all starts: a landscape design course. Stay tuned for updates on this very interesting topic!

What is landscape design for?

Now let’s comment on what landscape design is for. It is interesting to note that the main goal of this discipline is to establish a better interaction and harmonization of people with the environment and nature, thereby contributing to a better coexistence and quality of life.

Therefore, its focus is on improving the interaction between people and the environment. Of course, landscape design has evolved over time, and much larger and more complex projects are currently being implemented. However, this art, so to speak, has never lost its essence, always having this close connection with nature.

Landscaping and gardening

It’s time to move on to a topic that confuses many. It is about the relationship between landscape design and gardening.

The great truth is that many people confuse the techniques and this needs to be cleared up. First, while landscaping is primarily a project-oriented job, horticulture focuses on planting and growing plants.

This care of the plants is done by a gardener who has extensive knowledge of them, knows how to prune them, deal with pests that can damage them, and perform other necessary care. However, he is not the owner of the project. The gardener performs the work only on the basis of the commands of the responsible landscape designer.

However, it is important to say that the gardener plays a key role in the whole process. This is because, for many, artificial plant projects are not considered landscape. This abandons the principles of landscape design, falling into the realm of decoration.