What size to build a garage for 2 cars? Review

What size to build a garage for 2 cars?  ReviewGarage for 2 cars: project, drawings, photos

It is difficult to say whether it is good or bad to have 2 cars for a family at once. In some ways, this is prestigious, but on the other hand, you will definitely have to wait for additional costs for repairs and refueling.

But one thing is certain — if there are 2 personal cars, then you will need to build a large shared garage for 2 cars, the size of which will turn out to be impressive, or a couple of separate ones.

Before you start building a garage for 2 cars at once, you will need to determine the size of the building and deal with the project.

What size to build a garage for 2 cars

How to draw up a plan and a construction project?

An experienced home master who has been building for more than a year can take simple and available drawings as a basis, and then further re-equip it to his taste. For the rest of the people, we strongly recommend contacting highly qualified specialists. The price for this service is not so high, but a well-prepared project will be able to ensure the strength and durability of the future building. Highly qualified specialists will begin work with soil analysis on the building site, measure the depth of freezing, and also determine whether there is groundwater in the proposed construction site or not. If you skip this item, then there will be a high risk of flooding in the spring-autumn period.

In the plan, it is imperative to calculate the width and length for the future structure, taking into account the dimensions of the vehicles + errors and allowances for free movement. When calculating the width of the garage extension, add the width of both cars and add approximately 1 meter. This will give 0.5 meters on each side of the parking space. The stock is required for free entry and check-in, and also to open doors / gates without obstacles. Next, determine the greater length of the vehicles and add 1.5 meters to the value so that there is unhindered access to the trunk. The ideal room height for both cars depends only on you — it focuses on your height.

The results obtained in the course of such calculations will reflect the size of the internal space of a conventional building. For this reason, having decided on the materials for the construction and finishing process, allowances must be made. If you decide to use brick for construction, then approximately 0.1 meters should be added to the resulting width. When using blocks, add 2 times more. If you use sheet materials (even the thinnest ones), then taking into account the addition of insulation, you will get the same 0.1 meter. Also, the plan should indicate in advance the placement of gates, doors and windows. It should be decided in advance whether shelving, furniture, shelves and what large construction tools / machines will be installed. It will be much more convenient to make and operate a garage with a separate entrance for each car. Moreover, if the dimensions of the cars are very different, then it is worth considering the option of an adjacent garage (to have a common roof), but at the same time differ in size and even height. When you decide on the optimal size of the garage for 2 cars, you can begin to calculate the dimensions of the future gate.


How to determine the size of the garage door

To choose the height and width of the garage door that is convenient for use, it is worth considering the size of the car (if the cars differ in size, then you should focus on the parameters of a larger car). Next, add about 0.2 meters to the width of the car. This will ensure free entry and protect the vehicle from scratches. The height should be determined by the size of the body and add to this value from 0.3 to 0.5 meters. But to ensure maximum maneuverability and for the maximum safe entry / exit of the machine, an increase in allowances is allowed. Before starting installation, decide whether 2 gates are required or one common one is enough. A garage for 2 vehicles allows both options, so it’s worth relying on personal preferences. When calculating the size of the gate, it is not necessary to change the height, because it is not directly related to the number of cars inside (we are, of course, not talking about a truck). If you decide to make one garage door for 2 cars, then it is better to think about strengthening the base (i.e. foundation) of the structure in advance. Be sure to remember that frequent opening of large shutters will make noticeably noticeable leakage of warm air from the garage.

When you know what size to build a garage for 2 cars, it is easier to calculate the size of the gate. There is a more popular gate option for large garage buildings for 2 cars, and this is a design of separate two gate systems. To determine their dimensions, it is required to add 0.5-1 meter to the size of a single system for both cars. This is important in order to correctly calculate the distance between the gate and ensure structural stability. When installing, be sure to keep in mind that structural elements can interfere with each other when opening, and therefore you should try to avoid this. The above measurements will be relevant for the inner surface of the gate, and in order to determine the size of the opening for installation, it is worth considering the thickness of the frame and the insulating layer.

Types of gate systems

According to the opening methods, all garage systems can be classified into manual and automated. The main advantage of the first type is low cost, and during operation everything is quite simple — opening and closing the gate is done exclusively by hand. Automatic systems have many advantages:

  • Ease of use and vandal/thief protection.
  • Save time and comfort (because you can remotely control the system).
  • The control of such a mechanism can be configured even from a smartphone (for this you will need to install special software on your phone).
  • Also on a mobile phone, you can track the technical condition of automatic elements.

There are also certain disadvantages:

  • There is a risk of intercepting the signal that comes from the remote control/smartphone to the receiver.
  • Neighbors may have a device that operates on the same frequency as the garage receiver (in this case, you should be safe by changing the frequency of the receiver).

Well, the most important disadvantage of each automatic system can be called the dependence of the system’s performance on the supply of electrical energy. If there is no light, then closing and opening the garage will become impossible. But even in this case, there is a solution — you can simply set up a manual unlock method. Manufacturers, as a rule, include this option only as an additional package. There are the main types of gate systems, these are roller shutter, rotary-lift, swing, retractable and sectional.


Swing gates have become the most popular type of gate. Quite often, these are 1-2 sashes that can be remotely opened using the remote control. This type of gate is not difficult to assemble on your own, but it will require additional space in front of the garage. At the moment, the popularity of this design is significantly reduced. Most likely, this is due to the high cost of swing automatic systems. Disadvantages — limitation on the width of the gate, it is required to clear the snow during heavy snowfall.

Swing gates are the most popular type of gate.


Retractable systems are able to compensate for the problem with additional space, because in such a system the sash will move away from the opening. When opening the gate can move both to the right and to the left along the surface of the fence. The mechanism involves guides that are fixed to the power elements. The movement will be provided by roller bearings that are mounted inside the beam.

There are many pluses:

  • Sliding garage doors for 2 cars can be up to 12 meters wide.
  • Work at the highest level in all weather conditions.
  • It is not necessary to open the gate completely.
  • You can do the installation of the structure yourself (the process is simple).

The disadvantages include the fact that it is important to have free space for installation and the fact that the mechanism will not work on uneven surfaces.


Garage sectional systems do not pose a danger to the car, since they are not able to touch and damage the car with doors, like, for example, other structures.


  • You can install thermal insulation.
  • Possibility of installation for absolutely any opening width.
  • Can be operated in all weather conditions.
  • Highly reliable.
  • The territory on both sides of the garage building will be freed.

But there are also disadvantages. This is the low reliability of the paintings, because there is no hard metal, and also the complexity of the design — in case of a potential breakdown, it is almost impossible to repair it yourself, you will have to call a specialist.


Such models are able to provide speed and also significantly save space. Their distinctive feature was that the design is one-piece and fully protects the entrance. The operation of the system looks like the movement of the gate (from vertical to horizontal position). The disadvantages can be considered that the installation is available only for rectangular openings, and there is still a danger when the gate is raised, because they protrude by about 1 meter.

garage open

Roller shutters

Gates in the form of roller shutters are made of plates, which, when closed, are wound by a huge shaft and hidden inside the cylinder. It is important to take into account the dimensions of the cylinder and provide free space for placement. This system can be installed in almost all types of openings without special preparation work. But in this case, it should be remembered that roller shutters almost do not retain heat in the garage, which makes their use reasonable only in those rooms where heating is not provided. Among the shortcomings, we highlight the inability to equip the gate, and therefore it is worth planning a separate entrance for the garage. In winter, the main metal mechanism may freeze, which will cause incorrect operation.

When choosing, you should always remember about the disadvantages of roller shutter and sectional systems. Both types of structures are not the most durable and have poor insulation. After choosing the ideal design and determining the dimensions, you can safely begin construction. Just keep in mind that all tangible miscalculations and shortcomings will affect the final result. Fixing some of them can be quite difficult or even impossible.