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When is it worth replacing the insulation in a frame house?

When is it worth replacing the insulation in a frame house?The construction of frame houses in Chelyabinsk is gaining momentum. These objects are distinguished not only by affordable cost and fast construction time, but also by good parameters of thermal protection and sound insulation. In such a house it will be comfortable, quiet and warm even in the harsh northern region of our country. No wonder the construction technology came from Canada and Scandinavia.

But in order for frame houses, as well as projects of houses made of timber, to retain their characteristics, it is important to monitor their condition and change the insulation in a timely manner. But is it worth doing it often? We understand this issue.

How often do you need to change the insulation?

Manufacturers of thermal insulation materials are interested in the fact that the owners of frame houses often replace the insulation. Even in numerous videos posted on the Internet and social networks, they show the poor quality of the insulation when replacing it.

Note! But it is important to take into account that errors during its installation, as well as the lack of vapor barrier and waterproofing, lead to damage to the heat insulator. In this case, the insulation becomes exposed to the negative effects of moisture.

Therefore, the main cause of its damage is improper installation. The technology of laying heat-insulating material provides for the need to protect it from the side of the living room with the help of vapor barrier, and from the outside — moisture insulation. This allows you to significantly extend its service life!

Any material can be used as a heater. In recent years, many refuse to use mineral water in favor of more modern and expensive options. But it is worth noting that mineral wool is not ineffective in terms of heat saving.

This is a very good insulation with low fire safety parameters. Therefore, it is actively used not only in frame construction, but also in shipbuilding. Other thermal insulation materials, including polystyrene, cannot be compared with mineral wool in this parameter. Another advantage of the heater is the affordable cost.

The experience of contractors from Canada and Scandinavia shows that, subject to the installation technology, mineral wool insulation can last up to 50 years. Many modern heaters are even more suitable for operation.

Therefore, we recommend not to think about the issue of replacing the insulation in the next few decades of operating a house and a bath from a bar at the prices of contractors. If you continue to change engineering communications, you can check its quality. You should not succumb to the agreement of the service companies and carry out the replacement after five years.