Mosquito insecticide lamp: principle of operation, installation, models


Harmful insects, such as flies and mosquitoes, significantly annoy humans, are carriers of pathogens of many diseases. There are various methods for controlling flying and crawling pests. Mosquito and fly lamps are modern electrical appliances that help locally get rid of annoying «flyers». And how effective and safe the method is, we will try to figure it out below.

How the device is arranged and works

The insecticidal lamp is a small housing with gratings, inside of which is located source of ultraviolet radiation. Using UV rays, the appliance attracts flying insects. Once inside the trap, mosquitoes, flies and other flying tribes die under the influence of electric current or other influences.

insecticidal lamp

Anti-mosquito energy-saving lamps are absolutely safe for human and pet health.. No chemical insecticides are required to use the mosquito lamp, which means there will be no odors, noxious fumes or smoke. UV insecticidal lamp is an ecological means of combating insects that annoy humans.

Important! The device is most effective in the fight against such pests as midges and mosquitoes, flies, wasps and moths in the twilight and dark hours of the day.

Scopes of the considered devices

Lamps from mosquitoes and other flying and crawling «guests» are classified according to the method of exposure. Modern industry produces the following types of products under consideration.

  1. UV Repellers. Their task is to scare away cockroaches, bedbugs, spiders, ticks, mosquitoes and flies from the premises by means of a radiation range invisible to humans, thereby preventing their reproduction. A working device will gradually force uninvited guests out of the room.
  2. Lamps for insecticide traps. These devices, with light that is harmless to humans, lure insects into a trap, where they are destroyed by the action of current. The power of such devices for use in everyday life is about 8 — 20 W. Industrial electric traps can reach a power of 80 W.

Depending on the type and characteristics of a particular model, ultraviolet traps and mosquito repellers can be used:

  • in living rooms;
  • on the terraces of country houses;
  • in utility rooms where poultry or livestock are kept;
  • in public places (medical institutions, restaurants and cafes, hotels, shops, offices and industrial premises, etc.).

Recommendations for installation and use

In order for the appliance to bring maximum benefit, it is necessary to follow certain rules for installation and operation.

  1. The apparatus intended for indoor use should be mounted on the ceiling or wall so that the height to it is at least 2-2.5 meters.
  2. To use the anti-mosquito electric lamp during the daytime, it is recommended to placement in shady places, where there are no drafts.
  3. The installation location should be in the path of the insects and close to the power supply.
  4. UV lamps against mosquitoes are necessary periodically clean from dust and accumulated dead insects with a dry brush.
  5. For each model, you must follow the attached instructions.

Lamp on the plot

If the above recommendations are followed, the installation of insecticidal lamps does not cause big problems.

Overview of popular models

There are several types of electrical appliances under consideration on the market. Models differ in design, ergonomics, technical characteristics and, accordingly, price.

Well brand insecticidal lamps (Taiwan)

This brand is focused on for installation in public and industrial premises, warehouses. The power range of devices varies from 8 to 80 watts. The appearance of the devices of the brand shows the image of the device WE-150-2.

Lamp WE-150-2

This is a pendant type device, equipped with a removable tray, 2 lamps. Capable of destroying flying insects in an area up to 80 m2. L-15D or LB-15 lamps are used. The dimensions of the WE-150-2 are 470x130x330 mm, and the device weighs 7 kg. The device consumes no more than 50 watts. Electric discharge trap suitable only for dry rooms. The market price is from 10 thousand rubles.

On a note! Household appliances of this brand are smaller and are offered on the market in the price range of 6-7 thousand.

Anti-mosquito lamp Skat (Russia)

Suitable for use outdoors, on the terrace or in the gazebo. Impact area up to 20-30 m2. There are models powered by the mains, built-in battery and / or solar panels. Depending on the version, they can be equipped with a stand attached to the bottom of the lantern for installation in the ground. The price is from 900 to 1500 rubles.

Anti-mosquito lantern Skat

Anti-mosquito lantern

Devices of the Italian brand Mo El

These insecticidal lamps are oriented for residential use. There are many form factors of devices, and original technical solutions are also used: an inner surface with a replaceable adhesive tape, for example, or a fan for sucking insects. The compact MO-PLICK 398 can work like a nightlightsimultaneously luring and destroying insects.


The price of devices on the market is from 3-4 thousand rubles and more.

HILTON (Germany)

HILTON GP-4 Black is a popular representative of a series of German brand anti-mosquito lamps for effective insect control. This is a device household purpose for installation in small living spaces (up to 50 m2). The power of the device is small — 4 watts. The cost is 400-500 rubles.


On a note! In the model line of the brand there are more powerful models worth about 2-3 thousand rubles.


Customer reviews of insecticidal lamps are mixed. There are advantages such as lack of odors and ease of use, as well as a fairly good result in the destruction of flying insects.. The disadvantages include low efficiency in the fight against cockroaches and ants. So the money spent is not always justified.

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The most popular lamps according to buyers

Insecticide lamp Gastrorag EGO-02-12W on Yandex Market

Insecticidal lamp Bartscher IV-36 on Yandex Market

Hurakan HKN-MID50 insecticidal lamp on Yandex Market

Insecticide lamp Viatto IK281-2x10W on Yandex Market

Insecticide lamp Koneteollisuus (KT) BT-40W on Yandex Market


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