10 garden plants that hardly need watering


What plants in the garden do not require a lot of water? Told in video

one echinacea

A perennial plant with bright flowers and a convex core does not need watering at all. Just provide it with dry, nutrient-rich soil and the echinacea will thrive and bloom regularly. This plant needs to be repotted every few years to keep it doing well, and occasional pruning won’t hurt either. For the winter, the flower must be closed.

2 rejuvenated

For a specific appearance, young people are often called a stone rose. In fact, this is an ordinary succulent, and they are known to be very unpretentious and do not like frequent watering. Moreover, if there is stagnant water on the site, the stone rose may die. To make the plant feel comfortable, periodically remove dead flowers and leaves, as well as weeds next to it.

3 sedum

Stonecrop is one of those plants that feel great under bright sunlight in a dry place. It is best to choose a well-lit clearing for this flower. Stonecrop is also often planted on alpine hills on the south side, where there is more sun. The flower does not require watering and does not like stagnant moisture.

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four Liatris spikelet

This unusual thorn-like plant is actually a type of aster. It does not like wet areas and grows well in arid sunny places. The flower needs regular feeding (about 4-5 times a year), but it is indifferent to watering.

5 carnation grass

This variety of carnation does not tolerate excessive moisture, so you need to look for a well-drained area for it. The soil should be fertile, and watering should be rare. If, after the flowering period, the carnation is cut and fed, and the soil is loosened, there is a chance that you will admire the beautiful flowers for the second time in a season.

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6 Thyme

This fragrant herb is not only used as a spice, but also planted in flower beds to decorate the flower garden with its delicate flowering. In addition, thyme is not only a beautiful, but also a useful plant. It can be placed in empty areas of the garden so that it does not allow weeds to break through. Plant thyme in a well-lit, dry clearing and cut it regularly — then the plant will actively develop and bloom regularly.

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7 perennial aster

Another representative of the aster family that does not like frequent watering is the perennial aster. It blooms beautifully and does not require special care, including regular watering. It is worth moistening the aster only if the summer season turned out to be too dry.

eight periwinkle

An ideal plant for those who do not like to take care of the garden. Periwinkle grows well and develops even without care. If at least a couple of rains have passed during the summer, then you do not need to water the plant at all. It reproduces easily and tolerates adverse weather very well.

9 Bell

A beautiful wild flower that can often be found in gardens in flower beds. The bell belongs to unpretentious plants, grows by itself and tolerates bad weather well. It is necessary to water the flower only if it does not rain in summer.

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ten Lupine

It can often be found in swamps and abandoned areas. Tall inflorescences of lupine reach a meter in length and look like bright multi-colored candles in the middle of the rest of the landscape. In a flower bed in the garden, this flower also looks great. In addition, he can do without water and even during a drought he is able to provide himself with the necessary liquid.

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