6 inspirational ideas for decorating a small garden


one Put the plants in a pot

If there is not enough space in the garden to set up a real flower garden, plant some beautiful plants in pots and use all the possible area in this way. For example, place the planter on a table, bench or shelving unit. Potted plants are also good because they are easy to rearrange from place to place and thereby instantly change the look of the garden. And if there is a sudden cold snap in the summer, flowers can be brought into the house so that they do not suffer from bad weather. Choose pots in the same style so that the whole composition looks harmonious.

2 Create a natural landscape

The easiest way to decorate a small area beautifully and stylishly is to recreate a natural landscape on it. This trend has been popular for several years and will be relevant for a long time to come. And for a small garden, this is also a great opportunity to visually enlarge the area, allowing flowers and herbs to grow the way they do in nature. For a small area, select crops of appropriate size, avoiding large trees and spreading shrubs. The smaller the plants you plant, the larger your garden will appear.

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3 Use loaches

Climbing plants can be placed both on a horizontal and vertical surface: for example, on a fence or a wall of a house. This will allow you to use the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe small area to the maximum. You can also plant loaches in pots and place them at the very top of the hedge so that the stems hang down nicely. If the fence is high, use hanging planters and secure them in such a way that they are slightly lower. So it will be more convenient for you to water the flowers. Plants that not only curl beautifully, but also bloom look best.

four Install pergolas

You can diversify a small garden with the help of pergolas. They will give additional space for the growth of plants. For example, plant the same vines next to it so that they become a beautiful living screen (by the way, this is a good zoning tool). In addition, small planters with flowers can be fixed on the pergola, thus replacing the rack. Or use them to decorate the walls of a house or a farm building so that climbing plants intertwine beautifully and decorate not only the garden itself, but also the buildings on the site.

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5 Plant plants in several tiers

To decorate a small garden as diverse as possible, try planting plants “by height”. Let the highest ones be located at a distance, and in the center there will be miniature flowers. It is convenient to equip such a «ladder» at the boundaries of the site, and then tall trees or shrubs at the same time will create an additional natural hedge.

6 Use folding furniture

When designing a small space, whether it is an apartment or a summer cottage, mobility is important. In a limited area, it will not be possible to make many separate zones, so they must be multifunctional and, if necessary, easily transformed. For example, a place to relax in a small garden is best arranged with folding chairs and a table. So you can quickly put furniture outside when you want to relax in the fresh air, clean it up when it is no longer needed, and also change the size and composition of such a recreation area.

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