6 Reasons to Avoid Rare Plants in Your Garden


one They can be hazardous to health

Rare plants (primarily varieties from another region) are often dangerous to humans. For example, some essential oils, juice, or fruits can cause serious allergic reactions, seizures, or poisoning. Perhaps, where the plant was brought from, flower growers know how to properly handle it, but not all of these features are widely known.

2 They may grow too fast

Some rare plants, even in unusual conditions, retain amazing fertility. Over the summer, they can win back an impressive part of the territory from other flowers on the site and grow to incredible proportions. All other inhabitants of the garden will either be ruined or greatly constrained by the new «tenants». Therefore, it is better to reduce the number of flowers in time if the aggressor plant multiplies too quickly.

But some varieties are so tenacious that it is difficult not only to limit them, but even to dig them out completely. A rare variety may not suit you outwardly or turn out to be an aggressor and interfere with other flowers to exist comfortably in the garden. And getting rid of it will be very difficult.

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3 They may not get along with other colors.

Any plant gets used to the conditions in which it grew before, whether it be climate, soil or the flora surrounding it. This means that you will have to adjust the humidity, illumination, soil composition and other conditions at the landing site as much as possible to a specific variety. Sometimes the preferences of different plants contradict each other, and then zoning can be very difficult — both for the «newbie» and for varieties that have been growing with you for a long time. Ultimately, there is a risk of ruining the entire garden.

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four You have no one to ask for advice

Unique plants are inconvenient in that you have to master everything with them for the first time. You will need to comprehend the care of one or another variety alone: ​​how and when to water, what to fertilize, what diseases can be. On the Internet and on forums you can find general information, but it is difficult to get specific and real practical help. In some cases, it’s not possible at all.

Sometimes it is much easier to plant something familiar and typical of your area — especially if you are a beginner grower. Popular varieties can be found with neighbors and ask for advice from them or easily find all the necessary information on the Internet. This will make it easier to take care of the garden, and your plants will feel better.

5 They may die

If you want to plant a rare plant from a different climate zone in your garden, think twice. What grows profusely and blooms in its homeland may not take root in the local climate. The conditions of detention, even with very competent care, will be very different, and the plant will most likely die. In addition, it is important to take into account the proximity to other flowers and crops on the site: sometimes two plants literally “survive” each other from the territory, and this again threatens the death of a foreign flower.

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6 Increased risk of theft

Rare plants in the garden look spectacular and unusual, they attract the attention of others. Most often, this is idle curiosity, but an attempt to get rich and resell a rare flower is not excluded. That is why rare varieties should not be planted near the fence or where they are clearly visible to outsiders. An expensive unique plant can attract thieves who will rob not only your site, but can also climb into the house.

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