7 beautiful ideas for decorating a winter garden


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one Set up a campfire site

So that the winter garden does not look deserted, organize a recreation area in it — at the same time there will be a reason to leave the house for fresh air more often. Choose a comfortable spot and arrange outdoor furniture. It must be made of a damp-resistant material, such as lacquered wood, plastic or metal. Keep a brush nearby to brush off snow, and place soft, flat cushions on chairs while relaxing. Yes, they will have to be brought back into the house each time, but sitting on them will be noticeably more comfortable.

A fire pit is the finishing touch that will add coziness and help keep warm. Make it, observing the rules of fire safety. Or just buy a grill.

2 Stretch out the garlands

It gets dark early in winter, so the garden with bare trees looks gloomy in the evenings. Garlands will help correct this feeling. It is enough just to wrap several trunks with them or stretch light bulbs between neighboring trees — you get an interesting effect. You can also illuminate the space in front of the house by sending a garland from the roof to the nearest crowns.

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3 put lanterns

Simple and cozy decor for the winter garden — large floor lamps. Place them along the paths or between the bushes near the house. Use electric ones — with them there are fewer worries, and they illuminate the surrounding space quite brightly. Also pay attention to the lanterns with real candles — they look very atmospheric.

four Install bird feeders

Beautiful bird feeders will add bright accents to a dark empty garden, and at the same time help birds survive frosts and hungry days. Hang a couple of feeders on the trees, stick the rest with a wooden base into the ground right next to the house. If you place them in front of a window, you can watch birds and squirrels while drinking hot tea in the warmth.

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5 Highlight the trees

In addition to garlands, there are other ways to add light to the winter garden. Install low street lights under the trees that can be pointed upwards. They give off more light than string lights and create interesting color effects depending on the hue of the LEDs.

6 Assemble a composition from what is at hand

To decorate the site in winter, it is not necessary to go to the store for decor. A beautiful street composition can be assembled from items that you already have on the site. Sledges, wheelbarrows, shovels, watering cans, cones and spruce branches will do. Add a mini garland and a couple of laconic Christmas decorations — it will turn out naturally and at the same time elegant.

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7 Put glowing animal figurines

A technique that everyone has seen in Christmas movies is the illuminated figurines of bears, deer and other animals in front of the house. Pick up a couple of beautiful models and place them in the back of the garden or on the porch so that they are clearly visible.

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