7 most beautiful dried flowers for your garden


Do you want a flower bed to please you all summer? There are many different ways to arrange this. For example, plant dried flowers — perennial and annual plants that retain their decorative appearance throughout the summer season. And then you can put them in a vase without water and enjoy the beauty of the house for another couple of months.

The video listed the best dried flowers for your garden

one Amaranth

The plant blooms from June to September — at this time it throws out bright pink elongated inflorescences. Amaranth is an annual herbaceous plant, and inside the boxes you can find seeds that are suitable for planting next season. This is a great option «to try» for those who are just choosing the design for their site.

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2 Helichrysum bractalis

Otherwise, this plant is called immortelle. It can live in drought conditions, retains the shape and color of inflorescences for a long time. They are medium-sized in helichrysum bracts, they come in a wide variety of colors: from white to rich red. In order for the flowers to better keep their shape and not break, they are cut off when they have not yet fully opened, and stored in this form.

3 Helipterum pink

This dried flower is found in different varieties, which mainly differ from each other in the color of the buds. Depending on the variety, they may be lighter or darker pink. There are varieties of helipterum with white and bright purple inflorescences, as well as pointed pink or yellow leaves. This is a very delicate and beautiful dried flower, so you need to dry it very carefully so as not to break it.

four Kermek notched (statice)

This dried flower resembles a lungwort in the shade and shape of its buds. Flowering begins in July and lasts 50 days, that is, until autumn. A beautiful inflorescence of blue, pink and white mini-buds gathered together can retain decorative qualities until the very frost. If you want to decorate the interior with static, pick flowers at the moment of their half-opening. After cutting, dried flowers can stand in a vase for up to several months, after which their shade will fade.

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5 Setaria

This is an annual plant with elongated glossy leaves and beautiful paniculate inflorescences, shaped like cylinders. Setaria looks great in a flower bed: the plant remains bright until the end of summer, and then the inflorescences can be cut and put in a vase. Fluffy flowers will be a wonderful reminder of the summer in the interior.

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6 gypsophila

Gypsophila is one of the most popular dried flowers. It is actively used as an addition to a variety of floristic compositions, but it also looks great as an independent plant. It is noteworthy that gypsophila can be combined with both living plants and other dried flowers. It looks great in a flower bed: beautiful white flowers make the flower garden lighter and more airy.

7 Cereals

Cereal beds are a current trend in landscape design. This type of plant looks good in the garden while the spikelets are green, and when they turn golden in color, and is also unpretentious in care. For a flower garden, oats, rye and wheat are most often used. If you want to form a bouquet of cereals, you need to cut them in green form before they have faded, otherwise the grains will begin to fall out of the spikelets.

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