8 cool garden solutions that are often abandoned (and in vain)


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one Small variety of plants

The fewer different types of plants there are on the site, the easier it is to care for them. This is true for beginner gardeners and for those who do not want to spend a lot of time gardening. It is much easier to remember the rules for caring for several cultures than immediately for a dozen. And to make plantings look boring and beautiful, you can, for example, form interesting geometric shapes from different varieties in a garden bed or flower bed.

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2 topiary plants

Do not be afraid of hedges and trees that are planted under a haircut. They look very impressive, while in order to achieve a simple crown or shrub shape, you just need to practice a little. You can start small — one or two trees. And then, when you understand what you are doing, add more different topiaries to the site.

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3 Shrubs in the flowerbed

Large plants that live for many years in a row and even bloom beautifully help create the necessary «frame» of the flower bed. When annuals and other flowers wither, shrubs will delight the eye with their lush greenery for a long time to come. Choose small, neat varieties so that they do not take up too much space in the flower garden and do not overshadow other plants: for example, barberry, vesicle or shrubby cinquefoil.

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four Simple perennials

In an effort to create a beautiful flower bed, do not forget to pay attention to the type of flowers. If you completely plant the flower garden with annuals, the whole process will have to be repeated next season, including the purchase of seeds. The best way to preserve the beauty of a flower bed for a long time is to rely on simple perennial flowers. Perhaps they look a little less spectacular, but they are very natural (and this is a trend), and besides, they bloom for more than one season.

5 Free space in the flowerbed

Making flower beds in the garden, many forget about the important rule — to leave a small free area. It is much more comfortable to do weeding or watering when you are comfortably standing or sitting on a stool than it is to wade through bushes and balance on one foot so as not to trample on a tight planting.

6 Large monolumbs

Too colorful flower beds with different plants are difficult to care for, because for each crop you need to follow your own rules for feeding and processing. In addition, a large area planted with the same type of plants is easier to feed and treat for pests.

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7 Lawn without lights

The best place for garden lights and other lighting is paved paths, terraces or walls of buildings. Sure, lawn lighting looks nice, but it’s not the most practical solution. The grass needs to be mowed regularly, and lights and decorative lighting will make it difficult for the lawnmower to work.

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eight More paved areas

It is generally accepted that the garden should be as «grassy» as possible, and tiles should be placed on city sidewalks. This is partly true, but if you don’t have the time or inclination to keep your natural surface well-groomed, then gravel and tile are a real lifesaver. The more paved areas there are, the less you have to worry about weeds.

Bonus: if you have pets

When arranging a site, the desires and needs of pets are rarely paid attention to. But it is they who spend most of the time in the garden in the summer. Want to keep your garden looking its best when you have dogs or cats? Consider their habits. For example, leave a place near the fence so that the animal can move freely around the site, and do not plant coniferous trees near the fence (after “marking the territory”, they may die).

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