And no stress: 5 areas in the garden where you can relax


What zones will allow you to relax in the country? Told in video

one Place for yoga and meditation

Yoga classes or meditation can help you relax and take your mind off the swarm of thoughts in your head after a busy week in a noisy city. Therefore, it is worth allocating a special place in the garden where you can hide from prying eyes and take time for yourself. In order not to be distracted and feel comfortable, select a practice area with attention to detail.

  • Get privacy. It is unlikely that you will be able to do exercises under the surprised looks of neighbors who are grilling shish kebab in their garden. A place next to a large tree or shrub, a high fence or wall will do.
  • Stay away from flowers. Bright flower beds are beautiful, but there are always a lot of insects around them that will bother you. Also avoid anthills.
  • Find shadow and air movement. This is important so that you do not accidentally get sunstroke and do not get too tired during exercise.

2 mini garden

City dwellers who come to the dacha only for the weekend rarely plant beds, and working in a full-fledged garden can hardly be called pacifying. What you need is a small plot of land or even a container of fertile soil where you can grow unpretentious plants. Best suited herbs: mint, basil, rosemary. A little work with the soil, weeding, harvesting and watering will help you feel closer to nature and tune in to rest. You can also grow unpretentious flowers like calendula, which even a novice gardener can handle. Perhaps over time this area will turn into a full-fledged vegetable garden or garden. If not, you can always remove it at the end of the season.


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3 Reading nook

After a week spent in the midst of informational noise, ordinary reading is the best way to calm your thoughts. Get yourself a comfortable hammock, soft blanket or garden chair, place it in the shade. Complement this relaxed space with a small table for a plate of fruit and a pitcher of lemonade. Then leave your cell phone at home, take a book with you and let yourself be alone with yourself and nature.


four Dining area for two

Even if you come to the dacha with a large company or with your family, take a small table for two and a couple of chairs into the shade away from the house. Let this be a secret place where you can come with a close friend and sit in silence over a cup of tea, talk heart to heart. Or, sending the children to play, arrange a date with a partner, for which there is always not enough time in the city. And for evening gatherings, you can supplement this area with a garland or floor lamps.


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5 Place for sunbathing

Replenishing vitamin D and soaking up the sun without rushing or thinking about anything is a good way to reduce stress levels. Set up an area in the garden where you can come and sunbathe. To do this, you will need a comfortable deck chair, since not everyone is comfortable lying on the ground, especially if it is uneven. Be sure to take care of the shade — direct sunlight in the afternoon is unhealthy and quickly leads to sunburn. You can also put a pool nearby, an outdoor shower, or just be able to rinse with cool water from a hose.


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