Beautiful and unpretentious: 18 best varieties of winter-hardy roses for your garden


Roses are the real queens of the garden. Their lush blooms and delicate aroma are liked by everyone. Despite this, not all flower growers decide to plant these flowers on their site. Many are afraid of the difficulties associated with preparing plants for winter. After all, if you make a mistake, the bush, at best, will freeze, it will hurt for a long time, or even die altogether. Fortunately, there is a large group of varieties that easily endure the cold without special insulation. We will figure out which roses are the most unpretentious and winter-hardy and get acquainted with their best varieties.

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All about cold-resistant roses

Winter-hardy varieties
How to choose the right variety
The best frost-resistant species
— Tea-hybrid
— Climbing
– floribunda
— Shrubs
– ground cover
— Park

Varieties of winter-hardy varieties of roses

Breeders consider winter-hardy varieties that do not need winter shelter.. This whole group is further divided into three subgroups. Let’s briefly describe each.

  • Relatively winter-hardy. Resistance to cold is shown only in mild climates. If they are planted in the northern regions, it is necessary to arrange a shelter for the winter period. Frozen shoots are quickly restored.
  • Medium-hardy. They do not need to be sheltered except in very mild climates or where there is a lot of snow in winter. In other cases, shelter is necessary. In autumn, the branches are bent down and covered or fixed in such a position that they are covered with snow.
  • Absolutely winter-hardy. Easily tolerate low temperatures in an upright position. Do not need bending and additional protection. In the coldest regions, in severe frosts, they can freeze slightly.

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What to look for when choosing

When choosing a cold-resistant variety, you need to pay attention to some features. Let’s analyze them in more detail.

  • Regionalization. The plant must be zoned, that is, adapted to the conditions of the region in which it will grow.. So, a frost-resistant variety intended for the middle lane, for example, will not survive in Siberia.
  • Increased resistance to diseases and pests.
  • The type of plant on which the seedling was grafted. Frost-resistant varieties are grafted onto cold-resistant rose hips. This needs to be clarified.
  • Seedling condition. It must be healthy, strong, without signs of disease or pest damage. Root shoots are flexible, without spots and traces of rot.
  • It is best to buy material for planting in nurseries or in specialized stores. This guarantees its varietal purity. It is not always possible to get a good variety when buying in a dubious place.

It is worth paying attention to where the variety was bred. So, plants of Russian, Canadian or American selection are preferable for Russian regions, especially for cold. The weather conditions in them are relatively similar, so the shrub will take root better. Varietal varieties of French or Italian selection are more suitable for the southern regions. They most often do not even differ in conditional frost resistance and can normally endure only warm winters.

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The most frost-resistant varieties of roses

Hybrid tea varieties

Hybrid tea roses compare favorably with large goblet flowers with a large number of petals. They are considered to be «sissies», but among them there are also cold-resistant ones.

1. «Black magic»


It is a shrub up to one and a half meters high with large dark red flowers. Leaf plates — lanceolate, glossy, dark green. Rosette pleases with its flowering throughout the warm season. Genetically resistant to spotting and powdery mildew. Resistant to frost not lower than -30˚С. Suitable for the middle lane, Vladivostok, St. Petersburg.

2. «Eldorado»

Medium-sized compact bush no higher than 80 cm. It is strewn with large densely double flowers of an unusual salmon shade of a classic goblet shape.


Suitable for cutting, stand for a long time in a bouquet. It blooms beautifully and for a long time until the first cold weather. «Eldorado» tolerates low temperatures down to -28˚С.

3. «Ingrid Bergman»

Compact, well-branched shrub. It grows up to 80 cm. During the flowering period, the whole is covered with buds that open into large red roses. The leaves are glossy, very hard, which protects them from some insect pests.


Blooms «Ingrid Bergman» from June to September. Refers to medium-winter-hardy varieties. Feels good in the suburbs.

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Climbing winter-hardy varieties of roses

These are decorative perennials with very long shoots that are mounted on a support or laid out on the ground.

1. Golden Gate


Vigorous plant with long strong shoots. It grows up to 250 cm. The foliage is matte, dark green. Large yellow double flowers are collected in brushes of five to nine pieces. The plant tends to re-bloom. In general, it lasts the entire warm season. The aroma of «Golden Gate» is very pleasant, medium saturation. The variety has high frost resistance and resistance to pathogens.

2. «John Cabot»


Vigorous climbing shrub. The length of the shoots is up to three meters. Creamy red roses bloom on them, which appear twice during the summer season. Foliage — light green, glossy. The variety is genetically resistant to most diseases. Tolerates frosts down to 30˚С without additional shelter.

3. «Pink Claude»

Winter-hardy variety of climbing rose blooming all summer. The length of the shoots is up to 250 cm. On each, from 5 to 15 pale pink semi-double flowers are simultaneously formed.


«Pink Claude» has a spicy aroma. She has an average resistance to spotting and powdery mildew, but frost resistance is high. Withstands frosts down to -40˚С.

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Hybrid of polyanthus and tea roses. These are low-growing, long-flowering varieties with beautiful large flowers.

1. «Freesia»


Compact shrub with bright yellow cupped flowers. They are collected in inflorescences-panicles of 6-8 copies each. The flowers have a very unusual, apple-like aroma. This is an unpretentious variety of roses. It grows equally well in the shade and in the sun, it is not too picky about the soil mixture. Tolerates frosts down to -28˚С, resistant to short-term return frosts.

2. «Black Cherry»


The rosette got its name for the dark red, cherry-like buds. They turn into bright scarlet flowers with a delicate aroma. Shrub — compact, no more than a meter in diameter. It blooms in waves, but for a long time: from the beginning of summer until the onset of frost. Resistant to most diseases, suitable for cutting. Medium winter-hardy, in cold regions it is better to cover it for the winter.

3. «Masquerade»


Srednerosly bush with flowers of unusual color: yellow with raspberry splashes. Moreover, at an early stage of flowering there is a pink color, which is then replaced by crimson. Blooms undulating and profusely. It starts in June and ends only in October. «Masquerade» is cold-resistant, but winters open only in the middle zone. In the northern regions it is covered.

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Bush or scrubs

Vigorous shrub with abundant and long flowering. It has good resistance to adverse conditions.

1. Fishermans Friend


A large bush up to 120 cm high. On the branches there are large densely double flowers up to 15 cm in diameter. They are dark red, becoming pinkish over time. The buds appear on the brushes, but there are also single ones. It blooms from the first summer days until frost. Fishermans Friend is genetically resistant to most diseases. Winters in the open, if the temperature does not fall below -26˚С.

2. Duchess de Montebello

Shrub up to 150 cm high with small rounded leaves, almost without thorns. The flower is a large rosette. Each has 90 to 100 petals. Color is pale pink.


Blooms «Duchess de Montebello» once a summer, but very plentifully. One peduncle gives two or three buds at a time. The bush is genetically resistant to spotting, does not tolerate waterlogging.

3. «Sternthaler»


The plant is vigorous, well branched. Grows up to 120 cm. Golden yellow buds open into large double flowers. They have a pronounced sweet aroma. Flowering — lush, continuous throughout the summer season. «Sterntaler» does not lose its decorative qualities even after heavy rains, successfully resists most diseases, tolerates cold down to -26˚С.

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ground cover species

Creeping bushes with densely leafy long shoots. Growing, they cover the ground, like a dense coating. Unpretentious, resistant to fungal diseases.

1. «Snow Ballet»


Compact bush no higher than 50-70 cm. The branches are flexible, easily stacked on a support, spread along the ground. They bear small bright white flowers with a faint fragrance. They retain their shape for a long time, suitable for cutting. Blooms for a long time: from June to October. «Snow Ballet» is frost-resistant, withstands up to -28˚С.

2. «Fairy»


Ground cover rose 60-70 cm high. As the branches grow, they droop, begin to spread along the ground. In July, it blooms with medium-sized double flowers, which are collected in brushes of three to five pieces. They have a very pretty pink color. Flowering — undulating, almost continuous. Ends in early to mid-October. Frost resistance — high, up to -28˚С.

3. «Red Velvet»


Compact bush with shoots up to 180 cm long. They are strewn with rather large bright red flowers. «Red Velvet» — continuously blooming. Blooms in early summer, blooms in early autumn. Resistant to most diseases, conditionally winter-hardy. When landing in cold regions, it must be covered for the winter. In the southern regions and the Moscow region winters open.

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park roses

A group of unpretentious shrubs that adapt well to adverse conditions. They bloom once and are rather short, but plentiful.

1. «Adelaide Hoodless»


Fast growing tall shrub of Canadian selection. It grows up to 150-200 cm. It needs support, otherwise the plant cannot hold its shape. The foliage is dark green and shiny. The flowers are collected in inflorescence brushes, each with 5 to 15 flowers. They are bright red, the aroma is not very strong. Flowering from mid-June to mid-August. The plant has good resistance to diseases, high frost resistance: up to -30˚С.

2. «Martin Frobisher»

A vigorous bush up to 150-180 cm in height, up to 100-120 cm in diameter. On the branches, inflorescence brushes are formed, 7-10 buds each. They bloom into pale pink double flowers.


The plant is unpretentious, easy to grow. Blooms from late May to September. It has a high resistance to most diseases and extreme cold. There is a significant drawback — in the heat it quickly loses petals.

3. «Alexander Mackenzie»

Tall powerful shrub up to 200 cm high and 150 cm in diameter. Upright plant with drooping branches. Foliage is glossy, bright green. The flowers are red, double, small in size, but there are a lot of them.


Blooms «Alexander Mackenzie» in waves and for a long time: from June to mid-September. Like all varieties of Canadian selection, it is unpretentious, equally easily tolerates heat and frost. Cold resistance — up to -35˚С.

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