Bosch Indego lawn mower review: MOYO does it all


Design and equipment

The model is very similar to a classic vacuum cleaner, but without a suction hose for debris. The robot looks very modern, reliable and practical. At the same time, it weighs just over 11 kg, and the noise level does not exceed the permissible limits.


The device uses a 3Ah lithium-ion battery for wireless operation. The charging time is 50 minutes, as is the battery life. The cutting width is 26 cm, but, unlike full-size lawn mowers, the model does not require constant operator intervention. Three blades are installed inside with the ability to adjust the height from 20 to 60 mm, but the height of the grass should not exceed 100 mm. The lawn mower will cope with processing of a lawn up to 1000 sq.m.

The speed of movement of the device is not the highest — 0.45 m / s, but the model can work on inclined sections.


The package includes a charging station, fixing pins, mounting brackets and a boundary wire.


The first thing you should pay attention to when installing Bosch Indego is charging from the docking station, which also powers the boundary wire. So you need to think about where the charging station will be placed. In this case, several rules must be taken into account. The mower can only leave the charging station backwards and then turns left, so the charging station must be placed on the right side of the plot. In addition, there must be a free space of at least 2 meters in front and behind the base station for the mower to maneuver.

After placing the base station, place the boundary wire. The distance from the wire to the edge of the site should be 35 cm, the distance between the mounting brackets should be 50 cm. If you are scrupulous about the appearance of the site, then the wire can be dug up to a depth of 5 cm.

Training and safety

Thanks to Logicut technology and a wired area, the mower creates a map of the area and builds the best route for mowing the grass. If the mower hits the boundary wire, it will turn 180°, move a few centimeters and drive back. Therefore, the model mows the grass very quickly and efficiently. In addition, the device is able to adjust the route for optimal passage of difficult sections, after 14 days of work, to be exact.


There are settings for the lawnmower to work according to a schedule in order to have time to remove toys and small household utensils from the lawn. The model does not know how to identify small objects on the grass, so it can successfully process them along with the lawn. At the same time, she knows how to bypass large obstacles, but she does not see low and thin objects, so it is worth making sure that there are no animals and children nearby.

In work

The Bosch Indego does its job well. It mows the grass with high quality, quickly and without a hitch. It will take about 20 minutes to mow a plot of 150 square meters. It is quiet and very compact, so it won’t disturb your neighbors.


Bosch offers a great all-round option for automatic lawn care. Indego does its job well and quickly. All thanks to a well-thought-out design and the Logicut system, which ensures high-quality mowing.


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