Country trends 2022: 8 plants to create a trendy garden


In landscape design, as in the interior, there are fashion trends. In recent seasons, «natural» gardens have been popular. They look like you did absolutely nothing on your site. We have collected several options for filling a fashionable garden in 2022.

The video listed plants that you can plant in your garden and make it relevant

one astilba

A very spectacular, bright and large-scale plant, which will be one of the main characters in the garden. Multi-colored «panicles» form a powerful and at the same time quite light dome near the bush. They are perfect for arranging color accents in a «natural» landscape. There are different varieties of astilba, the largest are Chinese, Thunberg and Arends. All of them grow in height to a meter and even higher. The classic astilba inflorescence is cone-shaped and stretches upward with a sharp end, but there are exceptions. For example, Tuberg’s astilbe variety called «Straussenfeder» (translated as «ostrich feather») has a flower hanging with its tip down.


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2 Badan

Another fairly bright plant, but smaller. It has large green leaves collected in a bunch. During flowering, several shoots on long stems with bright pink (sometimes white and red) flowers are pulled out from the core. The shape of the inflorescence resembles bells. Badan is a low plant, it grows no more than 40 centimeters. Despite the fact that the flower is summer, it can decorate a flower bed in the fall, at this time of the year the leaves of bergenia turn beautifully red.


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3 Brunner

A delicate and delicate flower looks great in a natural landscape. Brunner is also called forget-me-not, for the similarity of inflorescences. The plant grows up to half a meter in length and forms beautiful bushes. Sometimes a brunner blooms not once, but twice a year, managing to throw out flower stalks even in the fall, if it turned out to be warm. The plant perfectly takes root both in the shade and in the sun, it can fill the voids next to the trees and the fence.


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four Buzulnik

A beautiful bright buzulnik is somewhat reminiscent of astilbe in shape — the same cone-shaped flowers growing from the center of the bush. Buzulnik is more “wild” in appearance, it looks as natural as possible and will add a little natural negligence to the flower bed. The flower grows more than a meter in height and looks very impressive. And this is a great option for decorating areas under trees.


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5 tenacious creeping

A rich blue flower of a small size in the garden looks bright and original. It does not rise high from the ground (hence the name). The tenacious is a ground cover plant, during flowering it fills a piece of land with itself and forms a beautiful cover of a deep blue hue (a variety with white flowers is less common). After the plant fades, some varieties continue to decorate the landscape with bright leaves.


6 Digitalis

A very beautiful plant with a peduncle, which seems to be assembled from a huge number of bells. Digitalis is usually pink in color and looks like a real color spot among natural nature. A tall (up to a meter) spectacular plant will decorate any landscape, whether it is a deliberately careless garden or a geometric flower bed adjusted to centimeters. But be careful, this plant is poisonous. Do not plant it where there are animals or children.


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7 Tiarella

Tiarella resembles a scattering of stars that have been collected in one flower. In shape, it is similar to both astilba and buzulnik, but the inflorescences, of course, are different. They are made up of many mini-flowers that resemble daisies, but with sharper petals. If you want to achieve brightness, plant many tiarellas together at once, when they bloom, they form a beautiful natural flower garden. Singly, the inflorescences of this plant look more neutral and delicate. In autumn, tiarella retains its decorative effect, as its leaves turn into a beautiful bronze hue.


eight hosta

Hosta blooms inactively, the main attraction of this plant is its leaves. Large hats of various colors (from plain green to variegated with white stripes) leaves will fill the garden with volume. With the help of the host, it is convenient to close all the voids that remain in the flower beds and under the trees. The plant looks very natural and natural, it grows luxuriantly even with minimal care.


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